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[UKGov] The IRC - What is it? How do I use it? Why is it useful?

Day 1,676, 11:19 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by eUK Home Office

What is the IRC?

IRC stands for internet relay chat. The IRC is used for instant chat, and it operates like a free text message system where everyone in the 'room' can see and communicate with the group. Each separate room is known as a channel and all channels begin with a ' # '.

How do I use the IRC?

There are many different IRC providers, but I suggest starting off with Mibbit. If you want to explore different IRC's once you are up and running that is up to you.

Getting on the IRC (essential basics)

- Go to
- Select 'Rizon' from the dropdown menu (on the top).
- Enter your erepublik nickname into the box titled 'nick' (no spaces).
- Enter the channel you wish to join in the 'channel' box (#MoD and #euk are basic UK channels).

If your nick is already registered click 'auth' and put in your NickServ password, this will allow you to be granted access to private channels.

Registering your name (non-essential)

I strongly recommend using your erepublik name as your IRC name. If your name has spaces in it use a ' _ ' to connect the words, as spaces are not allowed.

- Log onto the IRC (see above for instructions).
- In the text bar type: /msg NickServ REGISTER *thepasswordyouwant* *youremailaddress*

*thepasswordyouwant* should be the password you want the IRC to use.
*youremailaddress* should be a valid email address, as you need to confirm the ownership of your IRC name via email.

- Some email providers are blocked, gmail works fine.
- Go to your email and recover the confirmation code.
- In the IRC text bar enter: /msg nickserv CONFIRM *confirmationcode*

*confirmationcode* should be the code you were sent in the email.[/quote]

Should you ever need to reset your password (non-essential)

- Log on (you don't have to provide the password).
- In the text bar type: /msg nickserv resetpass nickname
- You will then get an email with instructions on how to change your password.

Why is it useful?

The IRC provides instant communication between people and groups. This is important for discussions and passing on current events and the like. Almost every single country in erepublik has its own IRC channel and this is a great way to pass on information and to chat.

Political parties use IRC's, military units do, governments have channels, there are national 'general' channels and there are channels that issue supplies for fighting in military battles (supplies = free weapons, for specific battles).

Keep an eye out for UK government articles. You can spot government articles by the [UKGov] tag. Be sure to vote for any articles you see with that, and subscribe to the newspaper, as these will keep you informed and on top of the game.

Thanks for reading!

Max Blue
Minister of Home Affairs

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BigAnt Day 1,676, 12:09

easy as pie and well worth it for free supplies/tanks etc


Niemand Day 1,676, 12:20


FragUK Day 1,676, 12:21

voted, o7

Rican Day 1,676, 12:27

easy as pie and well worth it for making friends.

Andrej.M Day 1,676, 12:31


Kronos Q
Kronos Q Day 1,676, 13:40

Alternative browser-based IRC client (it's actually specifically for Rizon):

Stefan1992 Day 1,678, 00:08


Celicen Day 1,825, 17:15


DFlore Day 1,851, 23:51

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