[TWO] New HQ for a new month

Day 2,153, 09:15 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Hello all TWO, ACT and proTWO citizens.

After, an excellent last month for our members and friends : We are ready to begin a new month stronger than ever. We will need secure our resources and also continue our crusade against our opponents. We have already shown that whatever the size of our members, we will give the same support to help them to protect their regions, find a good economy, and find themselves a CoT skull to bash.

Over the last few days, an important meeting was organised and a new HQ was elected. It’s time to present you with our new team for the next 30 days

Our new Secretary General is jamesw

Unless you started to play 3 days ago, it is basically impossible to never heard his name. For his country, he was elected 6 times as country president (and he served 6.5 terms) and was also was involved in most other jobs in several cabinets. On the international scene: he was twice Supreme Commander in Phoenix. For Terra, he was their first Secretary General and more recently, twice deputy Supreme Commander in TWO. With a lot of success in our alliance (and a huge amount of experience) : I’m sure that he will give us a lot of victories

His deputy is MisziPL

Coming from Poland, he was their CP for the latter half of last month. Before that, he won their presidential election too. But his experience doesn’t stop there : He also occupied MoD and MoFA spot on his own country.
Last month, he was elected TWO Supreme Commander and gave us lots of victories. This month, he will help jamesw too, in his hard job.

Our New Supreme commander is Aradjanski Branko

It is the first time that Aradjanski Branko joins an alliance HQ but he isn’t unknown at all in Serbia. Mainly focused within the Defence team, mainly involved in their MoD team, he gained experience to be their main MoD and lead all serbian troops. More recently, he was also prime minister there (vCP).

His deputy is MrCaCkO

He is from Slovenia and finding him as deputy Supreme Commander isn’t a surprise. Former MoD in his country where he proved his skills. Some months ago, he was also involved in Alliance HQ as deputy Supreme commander. He is recognised for his qualities and he will be doing all he can to secure future victories.

Our returning Secretary of Foreign Affairs is Kravenn

Yes, it is me. Like I already said : it’s hard to write a small summary of myself. Well, Former UK CP, MoFA and MoD. For a couple of months, I’m involved in alliance HQ. In the past, I was ONE dDIR (dMoFA) and also TWO SoFA last month.

My Deputy is Flatty

He is the first Australian citizen to be involved in the HQ of our alliance. But he is well known in his country where he was 3x Australian CP but also MoFA and MoD there. Coming from the other side of the globe : he will also contribute to an SoFA team available almost 24/7.

Now, time to check what happened for our members since the last time.
As usual, I will begin with TWO members and continue with ACT ones.

Poland made it. Even if currently one of these states isn’t on their possession (I will talk later about that). They were able to have “United States of Poland”. Clearly a great exploit. Something that almost nobody should be able to think that it could happen. But Poland made it. All the 50 USA states were under Pole banner. Congrats to Poland. A long and impressive job was accomplished there.

Since they got back their last resource (rubber) in Aquitaine. Serbia is quiet. It is a good point for us because it means that their troops can help other TWO and ACT members.

On last TWO article, our spanish friends had back almost all of their resources (only Aluminium was missing). Just after Poland wiped USA. These last ones had back Maine (Alu resource) and Spain decided to attack that region. Hopefully, Maine is linked Spanish capital. Now : We have a 3rd country with all resources.

Hungary, even if they keep 9 resources : their opponents are trying to annoy them (and mainly in Resistance wars). During the last week, Ukraine was able to have back Donbas. Which has the consequence that a new war was launched and Hungary was forced to lose 4 MPPs.
Yesterday, a huge RW was launched in Volga but Hungary managed to win the campaign. Not easy but a good achievement for all of TWO.

About Slovenia, the good news is they keep their 8 resources. Also protecting them is good. That why, a recent treaty was signed with Switzerland. The good thing is that they cover their back in case of a potential enemy attack.

Last month, United Kingdom was involved in several wars. After a small hiatus, hostilities were launched against Norway (who has 1 region “Vestlandet”). But Norway shield is quite strong. After 2 tries, British players are thinking that the 3rd one could be the ticket.

Like I already said : Greece is a well respected country, always here to help our members. Last month, their help was quite impressive in Australia and New Zealand to remove Fyrom from Oceania. These last few days, Fyrom was able to have back one of their original regions (Eastern Macedonia) and as usual a Natural Enemy law was launched. Currently, Macedonia is under attack : Greek players are defending hard their own region. A great victory will be celebrated and soon Eastern Macedonia will be also under their possession

Most of the time, I begin with our baltic members (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania);and it needs to be mentione😨 for once, they aren’t directly involved in wars. After being in the centre of several wars : maybe some calm here at last. Don’t forget that with Romania, our 3 baltic friends almost wiped Scandinavia (only Finland and Norway have a region).

Unlike last month, where Venezuela was quiet. It recently changed. Following the Mexican attack on Spain (where these last ones were able to win and close the war). Venezuela attacked Mexico and we can say that it is a great success. Our latin american ally currently removed Mexico from the map and are able to manage resistance wars where they received some help from Colombia (who isn’t a great mexican fan). Good job !!!

About our other European members (Austria, Belarus, Montenegro, Slovakia): it was relatively quiet. Only Belarus could have some Resistance wars to manage (against Russia). The main issue there is Moscow and central russia. On a side : Belarus needs to keep it to connect their bonus. On the other : Romania could be interested by a fruit region. HQ goal is to find an agreement and keep that region under Belarus control as long as possible.

In Asia (where we have 2 members), Thailand is quiet but there was some moves around Republic of China (Taiwan). These last days, China released the South Korean region Jeju. However, our ACT member was faster than South Korea. Even if Republic of China has more MPP than their enemies. They needed to break their shield. First rounds weren’t so easy but at last they are victorious : Congrats !!!

I finish with Oceania. Last time: They were victorious when Fyrom was removed from their regions (via Argentina attacking them and also successful Resistance wars). On a side note, Australia took the decision to remove Indonesia from their core regions. That initiative is almost complete (even if there was a small problem on Tasmania). Currently, they are winning in Western Australia and are ready to have back their core regions.
On the other hand, New Zealand is now involved on a training war with Chile. We are keeping an eye on this war and hope that it won’t regress into a real war.

See you soon for another news

Hail Poland
Hail Serbia
Hail Spain
Hail Hungary
Hail United Kingdom
Hail Slovenia
Hail Greece
Hail Estonia
Hail Latvia
Hail Venezuela
Hail Thailand
Hail Montenegro
Hail Slovakia
Hail Lithuania
Hail Republic of China (Taiwan)
Hail Austria
Hail Belarus
Hail Australia
Hail New Zealand


On behalf of TWO HQ,
TWO’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs

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