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Day 2,038, 13:50 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Dear citizens of the eWorld,

Today is a very special day. We have been working very hard in order to achieve this, and we are honoured to announce you the following:

eGreece, welcome to The World is Ours alliance!

We have been cooperating a lot these days; making sure our not-so-old friendship came to fruition. Greece’s acceptance is a huge step for our alliance; but it is nothing in comparison to what remains without being witnessed!

Greece has been accepted by every single TWO country. Our relations keep improving every single day, and we appreciate all their efforts. They are right now a full member, with all the privileges it implies.

We will -for sure- continue to share our common objectives. We will always be opened to new brothers, being Greece a perfect example; a nation which has demonstrated numerous times its commitment and good vibes.

As said, welcome! You are a country which we really admire, and we already know about your population’s loyalty. It is a pleasure for us to share our paths, which will certainly lead us to victory.


However, this is not the only thing we have to tell you about! Today we are also welcoming two new members in ACT, being these the overstanding countries of Australia and New Zealand.

Australia is a country which has been looking for its appropriate place at the eWorld for a very long time. Although they thought some time ago they were protected by some countries they considered to be their most closest allies, it was clearly found this was not true.

It will be the beginning of a new friendship, in which we will be able to fight together against those who would cause us harm. As said, they have been without real allies for a long time, and so we hope they do find their correct role in this game at TWO.

We feel it is of great importance to mention their assistance provided to one of our members; the United Kingdom. It was grand gesture, and we will not forget it!

Australia, let us welcome you with open arms!

Isn't it beautiful?

New Zealand is our second incorporation to ACT. A small but brave nation near Australia, they frequently experience training wars against each other, but, from now on, they will be able to use their power in the bloody World War we are currently passing through!

Our relations with New Zealand have always been great. TWO always had a nice relation with New Zealand, in spite of their stay in a different alliance. We are proud to have you in ACT; it is great to know we will be able to keep our relations at a fine level.

The World is Ours; and Oceania could not be an exception!

We will keep on working, do not worry! The World is Ours.

Hail Hungary o/
Hail Poland \o
Hail Serbia \o/
Hail Spain ~o~
Hail Greece 😃
Hail Slovenia :3
Hail United Kingdom 😶
Hail Estonia 😳
Hail Latvia 🙂
Hail Venezuela 😁
Hail Thailand :}
Hail Montenegro 😛
Hail Slovakia 🙂
Hail Lithuania 😃
Hail Republic of China (Taiwan) 😉
Hail Austria 😘
Hail Belarus :’)
Hail Australia :-]
Hail New Zealand 🙂


Mitte & Mininuns
TWO’s SG and TWO’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs & Official Cat

With the cooperation of Shiranui 94