[TWO] Excellent news for an excellent month !

Day 1,928, 09:01 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Hello my friends and every TWO (and ACT) citizens

Well, around 10 days ago, we published our last article and you received main informations from our alliance.

It was planned that I write an article during the week-end but we decided to delay it for good reasons : We have a new ACT member and also it was congress elections.

First of all, TWO and ACT members welcome another member in our family. This new member will be join our ACT brothers. Since Admins added that country on Erepublik, they always been near from countries like Serbia, Hungary, … For that country, Join ACT was something natural. Now, we are proud to welcome our 5th ACT Member : Montenegro

Last month, I explained that TWO alliance offer a special pack. In fact, we know that congress elections request to invest a lot of time, … and we know that some countries have problems there. We simply propose to save them some time by remove congress. Last month, our offer was a great success and we decided to continue our promo.

This month: Albania, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Canada, Colombia, Finland, France, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and Uruguay successfully received our help.
Last month, 5 countries were interested by our offer. This month, they were 14.

Countries like Canada, Portugal, Albania, Bosnia and Israel were wiped by Spain and Serbia (the first two by Spain and other ones by Serbia).
Those like Finland and France had their regions under the control of 2 of our members (Estonia and Poland for Finland. Poland and Serbia for France).
About Ukraine : Hungary made the job to remove their congress and kept their regions under protection.

No need to hide it : it was a great success for us.

Now is the time of war review

About Poland, their troops continued to be involved in Scandinavia and they helped 2 of our ACT members (Estonia and Latvia). By this way : these 3 countries were able to remove congress in Finland and Sweden.
Also, a peace treaty was signed between Poland and France. Poland will give back 3 frenchs regions in exchange of 40k per month (60k for the first one).
To see all details, I suggest you to read the following article : http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-mofa-pl-agreement-between-efrance-eserbia-and-epoland-en-pl-1-2219366/1/20

Last saturday, hostile forces launched 6 Resistance wars on the same time. No need to hide that it is almost impossible to win all of them. Especially when several were strongly supported by Serbian opponents. Despite that, Serbia was able to keep save all of their resources but unfortunately, 2 of these resistance wars were successful. Bosnian one wasn’t so important, because they were already without congress. The other one was the croatian one but good news for our troops : Serbian CP was able to launch a Natural enemy law before croatian congress was able to do it. By this way, Croatia only remained in europa during around 48h before being back to their right place : In Asia

A Good week for Serbia

Well, a good week for Hungary. Hungarian campaign against Ukraine was a great success because these last ones were out of the map. Even if the last Ukrainian region was took by Moldova : Damages were mainly from TWO troops with the goal to wipe Ukraine to avoid them to have a congress

Excellent job Hungary

Spanish domination is still on. Even if Canada took back some regions via resistance wars (in coordination with Portugal to launch RW on the same time) : Spain easily took back these regions via a Natural enemy law.

A very quiet week in Slovenia, Nothing really special happened there, so they helped our other members to fight against hostile forces

Not a lot of things to mention in UK : With France having 3 regions, there will be a border between these 2 countries. But to avoid any potential conflict : a NAP was added into the treaty.
Click here to see all details http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-mofa-pl-agreement-between-efrance-eserbia-and-epoland-en-pl-1-2219366/1/20

Except that : it was a quiet week in UK

Our ACT baltic members (Estonia and Latvia) were mainly involved against Asgard troops. Latvian troops were focused on Sweden and Estonian ones on Finland. Even if it wasn’t so easy, Estonia was able to take the last finnish region before official congress results were published.
An excellent work from them, even if Poland was a bit involved.
About Thailand : They just launched a war with Malaysia, trying to catch a 3rd Weapons resource (oil)

After the colombian babyboom, it was very important for us to see that country as weak as possible. Venezuela made a good job there by taking several colombian regions. They weren’t alone and a CoT country was also involved but Venezuela took a good part of their regions.

To finish this article : Congrats on everybody, we are proud of you. it is you with your strength and your courage who made TWO as the current dominant force in erepublik.

Now, the traditional formula

Hail Hungary
Hail Poland
Hail Serbia
Hail Slovenia
Hail Spain
Hail United Kingdom
Hail Estonia
Hail Latvia
Hail Thailand
Hail Venezuela
Hail Montenegro


TWO Secretary of Foreign Affairs