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[TWO] Can eIndia be seen there????

Day 2,132, 01:07 Published in India India by Isengard13

The above picture shows the current TWO members, and the ACT members in this eWorld, and can we consider a chance of eIndia's affiliation with this alliance. We have received support from TWO countries in the previous battles, and so we have decided to shake our hands with this leading alliance.

India has been previously establishing a good relationship with CoT, the no.2 alliance in the eWorld, and has made many serious friends like Bulgaria, Chile, macaedonia etc. However, most of the CoT countries had no past relationship with us, and neither did we have, so were restricted to these 3 friends for help out of the 15 members.

If we compare the above two maps, we might see that CoT occupies more part of the world than TWO. But this is because the countries that Cot comprises of are large in size..

This was the world map few days ago, and as we can see, the countries are far beyond their homelands, andif we see it properly, most of the eWorld is dominated by TWO.

And now that we have gained three regions, Bihar Jharkhand, and west bengal, we have come to make an important decision that mught change india's future. we are on the verge of starting a new history as an ACT member. Negotiations on alliance are still on.
TO CROATIA AND ALBANIA: Till where will you follow us cowards, and take us out???we have gone to EDEN, you pursued, we have gone to CoT, you came again and broke our friendship, now we are going to TWO, your enemy alliance, lets see whether you have the courage to follow us or no....coz, serbia IS WITH US!!
india started its struggle on day 1868, but we are soon going to free india. India is not a coward, as you all are, croatians and albanians, think twice before you strike india, because india has bulgaria, chile, macaedonia, and TWO to defend and response...... INDIA SHALL RULE!!!

Hail India,
Hail Bulgaria,
Hail TWO!!!!!!!!!!!



Maxi Tippkick Maximillian
Maxi Tippkick Maximillian Day 2,132, 04:45

Good article.Man wish I was in the cabinet

Isengard13 Day 2,132, 04:46

who said i am in the FA cabinet, i m in babyboom cabinet

Maxi Tippkick Maximillian
Maxi Tippkick Maximillian Day 2,132, 04:55

Atleast you are in some cabinet

Isengard13 Day 2,132, 04:56

oh, u didnt get any cabinet?????

Maxi Tippkick Maximillian
Maxi Tippkick Maximillian Day 2,132, 05:25

Sadly yes

Isengard13 Day 2,132, 05:27


Pradeepa Gopal
Pradeepa Gopal Day 2,132, 04:49

Hail India and its future

Broken1 Day 2,132, 04:51

Amazing article way to show ur patriotism o7

Jai Hind

Isengard13 Day 2,132, 04:53

thnx a lot bro!!!!!!!!

kvasztics Day 2,132, 05:19

I wish you succes in liberating your country!

Isengard13 Day 2,132, 05:22

thank you sir, currently we r having a rW in albania, Gujarat, help from ur country in this war wud be appreciated

Crusadercarl Day 2,132, 05:23

Turn to the dark side:D

Hail India!
Hail TWO!

Isengard13 Day 2,132, 05:28


Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 2,132, 10:42

Hail enz!

Sadhunath Day 2,132, 05:36

How can we trust a country when they themselves have done what Croats and Albanians are doing with us?
I mean CoT definitely look like a bunch of mercs. who are sitting over someone else's land, so are Serbs.

Isengard13 Day 2,132, 05:41

i dint say only CoT, all aliances are over another's land.....and it is the time that we trust in croatia's enemy, coz its one place where the croats cant follow us... our CP has trust in them, i have trust in them

Arrlo Day 2,132, 15:40

And I put trust in you and your CP.

Sadhunath Day 2,132, 22:18

Aaah, I get your point..
Let's hope for the best this time..

Crusadercarl Day 2,132, 05:50

But the Serbs don't say they come in peace. They at least aren't trying tricks, they just kick ass honestly.

iPSiArt Day 2,132, 09:19

Hail India!
Hail TWO!

Antich Bananich
Antich Bananich Day 2,133, 08:58

Hail India!
Down with TWO 😃

Metalni2 Day 2,133, 15:08

Guys don't be so naive.First of all if you had any knowledge about TWO,Fenix and all other Serbian attempts of forming efective allince you would see that TWO is actually helping you just out of hate towards Croatia and BiH.Many times we saw serbian players attack BiH while members of their alliance were strugling to hold down one teritory.

So now I am not advising cp and goverment to change their opinion,but to thing about their choice.No one wants to be a puppet even if that gives you some chance of holding teritory.Think about it.

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