[TWO] Brand new HQ & Song Contest

Day 2,028, 09:37 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Dear citizens of the eWorld,

A new month has arrived, and with it, TWO’s HQ elections. We are glad to bring you our new leadership, the one which will make the world ours!

Secretary General

Our new leader became Mittekemuis. She served as a CP 3 times in the past, served as a MoFA countless times. A true diplomat at heart, now TWO will be in her hands this month.

Her deputy is: aVie

Supreme Commander (EDIT)

Akashapeke has been working in Spain's MoD team for a long time. Former President, she will be able to control TWO's battles without problems.

Her deputy is Soulcraft

Secretary of Foreign Affairs

TWO's SOFA this month is Mininuns. He has served as a MoFA several times before this, which makes this position an excellent match for him. Not to mention, that he has already served on this position in the past, so it is going to be in good hands this month too.

His deputy is: Shiranui 94

With this magnificent HQ, TWO and ACT will continue to grow, as we have been doing this months. We will all do our best so that we continue to be the best, coolest and strongest alliance in game!

As everybody knows, the world war between CoT and TWO has begun. Lets look at our member states, how they have been doing so far.

Poland is staying out of the direct war at the moment. They are focusing on helping out other members of the alliance as much as they can. Their bonus are still 10/10.

Serbia fought against the US; they landed on american lands as well but they were forced to retreat because of the RWs they were suffering. They had no other choice, but to cut their war from the US. For this, they lost their rubber bonus.

Spain is also staying out of the direct war, to help the whole alliance. They are also keeping their bonus. Some CoT countries have signed a MPP with Canada, being this a clearly affront to Spain’s interests.

They signed a MPP with Greece and with Ukraine, two pro-TWO nations. They were also one of the first countries which signed with Taiwan or Lithuania, and that is something we really appreciate. Your help is always welcome!

Hungary started a war against Russia, together with Latvia and Lithuania. After some initial resistance from Russia, now they have almost reached the easternmost territories.

They also signed a Treaty with Ukraine.

The UK has been facing a war against Germany, which helped our Lithuanian friends. This was the perfect opportunity for their citizens to get some True Patriot medals and to have the chance of helping TWO.

Despite having Ireland conquered, they are managing to keep all their territories under control. The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark is doing pretty well!

Slovenia attacked Switzerland, with brilliant results. They are right now keeping Italy occupied and helping out their allies wherever they can.

Italy and Switzerland made its friendship official. Together with some help from CoT, they could represent a slightly problem (mainly in RWs). But, do not worry Slovenia, because you will be helped if necessary!

It is the turn for ACT countries!

Venezuela has been helping its allies from TWO. Although they didn't have a MPP with Latvia, they moved to Latvia and helped them against Russia. This was absolutely awesome.

Estonia has been helping TWO, and Latvia has been fighting against Russia, showing the world what they are capable of. Austria recently joined TWO. It was obvious Austria was going to be accepted in ACT, as they clearly stated their intentions since the beginning. Once again, welcome! Republic of China (Taiwan) was proposed by Japan as a NE, but it was a rough one. The situation in that part of Asia remains stable. Belarus, as Austria, has lately been helping TWO.

Lithuania is working very hard. They didn't think twice before helping TWO and they are not having many problems. Lithuania is holding the Asgard alliance off, and Latvia has recently NEed Sweden in order to help them. Keep on rocking!

Montenegro has been helping Serbia a lot, Slovakia attacked the Czech Republic and Thailand, which has a prepared AS, continues to help out ACT and TWO.

Yes! TWO’s HQ is organizing a Song Contest. The idea is to gather some people from the HQ, citizens and even animals and sing. But, we will not do this with an ordinary song; YOU will be in charge of writing the lyrics.

But, in order to this, we need an original song for it to be the base. The song we have chosen is Euphoria, from Loreen. Why? Well, this is a message to our Swedish friends, who are occupied by Lithuania. We feel we must express them our thankfulness for their null resistance, and this is the best way to do so!

The original lyrics are:

Why, why can’t this moment last forevermore?
Tonight, tonight eternity’s an open door…
No, don’t ever stop doing the things you do.
Don’t go, in every breath I take I’m breathing you…

Forever, ’till the end of time
From now on, only you and I
We’re going up-up-up-up-up-up-up
An everlasting piece of art
A beating love within my heart
We’re going up-up-up-up-up-up-up

We are here, we’re all alone in our own Universe,
We are free, where everything’s allowed and love comes first,
Forever and ever together, we sail into infinity,
We’re higher and higher and higher, we’re reaching for divinity.

Forever, ’till the end of time
From now on, only you and I
We’re going up-up-up-up-up-up-up
An everlasting piece of art
A beating love within my heart
We’re going up-up-up-up-up-up-up

Forever we sail into infinity,
We’re higher, we’re reaching for divinity…

Euphoria, euphoria
We’re going up-up-up-up-up-up-up
An everlasting piece of art
A beating love within my heart
We’re going up-up-up-up-up-up-up
Euphoria, euphoria
We’re going up-up-up-up-up-up-up

You will only have to change its meaning for it to be related to our alliance: TWO, and it has to be written in English. These are the only requirements. When you are finished, send Mininuns an ingame private message. The author with the best lyrics will be given a nice reward. What are you waiting for?

You have 10 days to write it. June 19th is the deadline!

I am sure it will be a very nice term. TWOgether we stand, divided we fall!

Hail Hungary
Hail Poland
Hail Serbia
Hail Slovenia
Hail Spain
Hail United Kingdom
Hail Estonia
Hail Latvia
Hail Venezuela
Hail Thailand
Hail Montenegro
Hail Slovakia
Hail Lithuania
Hail Republic of China (Taiwan)
Hail Austria
Hail Belarus


TWO’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs & Official Cat

With the cooperation of Shiranui 94