[TWO] A New HQ and Statement about Spain

Day 2,184, 09:14 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Hello all TWO, ACT and proTWO citizens.

After the other alliance collapsed, no need to hide that we remain as the main Erepublik alliance. Our name clearly mentions what is happening : THE WORLD IS OURS. Our goal remains the same : Keep resources for our economy and help our members in need. It never changed and we have no plan to change our values.

Also, on these last days : we elected a new HQ for the following 30 days.

Our new Secretary General is Cookies Crisp

Coming from Serbia, Cookies Crisp is once again Secretary General (after a first term in the year). He is one of our founders and was our first dSoFA. In Serbia, he was mainly involved in foreign affairs where he was 9 times MoFA. On the former alliance ONE, he was dSG and also DIR (Director of international affairs).

His deputy is Ice Killa (aka Howly)

It is the first time that Howly joins TWO HQ but Howly is well known in Slovenia. Current Slovenian CP (it is also his 9th term), he also occupied almost every available job (MoD - MoFA, …) on his country.

Our returning Supreme Commander is Aradjanski Branko

After a brilliant first term as SC, he was re-elected for another 30 days. He was the guy who give us victory against CoT.
He was focused within the Defence team, mainly involved in their MoD team, he gained experience to be their main MoD on his country. He was once vCP too.

His deputies are Bohemond4 and Sathan

Bohemond4 joins HQ for the first on his e-life. But his eCV is quite complete. 2x UK CP, Former UK MoFA and UK MoD. He proposed to help TWO on the military part. His wish is accomplished and he is ready to help our current SC

Sathan arrived in UK during 2013. Before that, he was 7x dMoD and 2x MoFa on his native country. Some months after joining UK,he took part on the military team before being main MoD there. It is the first time that he joins TWO HQ. In the past, he was apprentice MC on a former alliance and also dMoD in Iran.

Our New Secretary of Foreign Affairs is Ap4rTheAd

It can’t be possible that you don’t know him but he is famous in Slovenia where he is the current MoFA. Hardly involved in diplomacy (4 terms as MoFA). It is also the first time that he joins TWO HQ.

His deputy is Kravenn

Yep, It’s me. After 2 months as SoFA, Ap4rTheAd selected me to be his deputy. Former UK CP, 6x UK MoFA and 3x UK MoD. I was also elected 5 times as TWO SoFA. This month, not on the main spot, I will be there to help our new SoFA.

Statement about Spain

TWO HQ knows that Spain is directly involved in a war with Portugal and has several Resistance wars to manage. These last ones are clearly launched by Spanish enemies. TWO and ACT members clearly support Spain (who has some difficult days) and TWO HQ's goal is to help our members to have as soon as possible all the integrity of their core regions before helping them to have back colonies that they lost.

Spain is one of the 6 TWO founding members. In the past, they showed the strength of their troops to our members. Today, they need TWO and ACT help especially since their core regions and resources are under threat. All of our troops are there to help them. We never let someone behind, and it won’t begin now. All our swords are directed against Spanish opponents.

Hail Poland
Hail Serbia
Hail Spain
Hail Hungary
Hail United Kingdom
Hail Slovenia
Hail Greece
Hail Estonia
Hail Latvia
Hail Venezuela
Hail Thailand
Hail Montenegro
Hail Slovakia
Hail Lithuania
Hail Republic of China (Taiwan)
Hail Austria
Hail Belarus
Hail Australia
Hail New Zealand


On behalf of TWO HQ,
TWO’s Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs