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[Tutorial] Monetary Market

Day 1,533, 23:12 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irasian

Sorry for the spam but one was for my own personal interest and the other is for MUFC92

The monetary market can be an interesting of earning money. To access the monetary market there is a tab called Monetary Market which is under the market place tab.

The basic method for using the monetary market is:

1. Put gold on the market for a number of IEP that is greater than the amount it costs to buy IEP from the market. (Make sure to keep an eye on the exchange rate for how much IEP is being charged per gold as if too much IEP is being asked for the gold that has been posted won’t sell)

Picture detailing points of interest on the monetary market. The red box surrounding the “post new offer” takes the user to the picture below. The red box around the exchange rate is to highlight the importance of noticing it as this is a rather large factor in the use of the monetary market.

The picture below is an example of posting an offer. Currently the player is selling gold for IEP at the exchange rate of 1 gold = 1149.50 IEP and this is done for 5 gold. Make sure to double check what is being bought and sold as per the top left red box. The first time I tried to use the monetary market I sold 5g for 0.005 IEP of something of the like. The top right red box shows how much currency the user has available.

2. Wait until the gold that was put up on the market is bought.

The picture below shows the alert received when some currency or gold has been bought from the monetary market

3. When there is a fairly large number of IEP in the account that is trying to ply the monetary market put the IEP back on the market and sell it for more than the gold was worth.

The picture below shows an example of selling IEP back to the monetary market for gold. In this case the exchange rate is 1 IEP = 0.001 Gold or 1 gold = 1000 IEP

4. Continue until satisfied with the amount of cash that has been earned.

The drawbacks to this are that selling the gold tends to be fairly quick but selling the IEP for gold can take a very long time.



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