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[Treian] Congressional elections

Day 1,827, 14:14 Published in India Canada by Treian

Hello to all in eIndia

I am writing this to you all because congress elections are just around the corner and I've not seen any real activity in the media about it.

Perhaps I'm just not used to things here in eIndia yet, but I've been used to people telling me about themselves and why they deserve MY vote.

As an elected official, you have a responsibility to your voters and the nation as a whole to play an active role and contribute to debates and discussions in a positive manner to enhance the position of the nation and her people.....

Now being new, I don't know many people that well..... I know some, and I know OF some, but without all you congressional hopefuls letting me know what your goals are, and what you hope to do for the nation I can't give you my vote.

As a citizen of eIndia I have an obligation to vote for the candidate I feel will represent my interests and the nations interests best, to vote for someone who will be active in the role and be a positive force for eIndia.

So please, to one and all in every party, show me who you are and what you represent, because I do want to cast my vote for someone..... that being said I'd much rather NOT vote than to vote blindly.....




Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,827, 14:35

o7 Treian

Here, here!!!

Promising not to run for office really makes you appreciate the value of public office. Let's see some politicking and campaigning!!!

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,827, 14:40

o7 Treian!!

Well said! I would like to see some articles - tell people why they should vote for whom!!

klop123 Day 1,827, 15:39

Good Luck! o7

shreyash_wadiwala Day 1,827, 17:07


Lonqu Day 1,827, 17:26


ShockWavve Day 1,827, 18:50

ShockWavve is just passing by

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,827, 20:55

Treian ..i voted your article..u vote for me in the elections 🙂 ..i hope tis fair exchange of votes

Zinaa Day 1,827, 21:23

well said Treian o7

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,828, 23:27


B.Dimitrov Day 1,828, 02:56

@citizenneel Dude.. This is not exchange of votes.. if u take a min and read the article u will see that Treian wants to know something about the ppl and on which side are they standing for the election.

Article voted - nice work Treian o7
Best regards B.Dimitrov

SykoFk Day 1,828, 02:57

Atleast few ppl will b motivated by ur article..
i am gonna b one of dem 🙂
my article is coming out soon. please chk it every 1

BrknSword Day 1,828, 03:34


Fighter100 Day 1,828, 12:09

o7 : D

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