[TR/USA/FR] The Market bot in TURKEY, USA and FRANCE !

Day 1,548, 15:29 Published in Turkey Serbia by Azor Ahai Reborn
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[TR/USA/FR] The Market bot in TURKEY, USA and FRANCE !

Dear citizens of the New World,

As you might know, the Admins have implemented a market bot, defined by Alexis Bonte as a "balancing tool". What we called "the bot" has became a hot topic in eRepublik, and many citizens have tried to understand how it was working. Is it active everyday ? Does it buy raws ? How many items are bought every day ? and many more questions about it are still unanswered...

If it is almost impossible to answer some of these questions, due to a numbers of parameters unknows too important, some researchs have learned us few facts about the bot.

The main important information we have, which was easy to find, is that the bot is buying products each hour at xh50min. It have allowed us to perform some researchs about the importance of the bot in our economy and to draw some early conclusions about it.

What i propose you today is only a sample of datas, presented in graphics... They have been built thanks to 58h of datas collected, which is not huge but which will allow you to give me first feedbacks about it to know if you would like more accurates informations, gathered weeks after weeks and not only for a few days.

For this first article, i have decided to focus my research on three countries : Turkey, United States of America, and France. If you want datas for your own country, feel free to comment this article !


The first graphic represent the amount of TRY injected by the bot in the Turkish economy each hour. We can notice that the bot is not active around the day change.

The second graphic represent the amount of TRY in the Turkish treasury. We can notice the daily donations of 99999 try...

The third graphic represent the part of the taxes paid by the bot and to compare it with the total income of taxes.

The last graphic is not very different, it only show the % of taxes paid by the bot and the % of taxes paid by the citizens.


Same graphics for the USA...


And same graphics for France. The last one might be altered by the recent french babyboom.

How these datas have been gathered ? We have checked the amount of local currency every hour for 58 hours : once at x h 47 and once at x h 53, then we made the difference between the two numbers obtained to get approximately the amount of CC injected by the bot. In big countries more than in small countries, 6 minutes can be important, and the amount i considered as bot action should be lowered a little bit as it can also contains citizen taxes (but in a small 😵.

These informations about our economies and the taxes revenues could be very usefull to review our taxes policies and adapt it to the current reality of the market. With game mechanics allowing us to take out of the treasury only 99999 CC per day, it is pretty useless to collect more taxes than this amount. Some countries could continue to want to protect their market from importantion, but income taxes could be lowered at is minimum level.

What should small and medium countries should do ? Should they try to raise their VAT to collect as much CC as possible until to reach 100k daily taxes income ? How to fight against the gold/cc rate ?

But i would like to hear from you your conclusions ! What do you think about these graphics ? What does it mean ? How do you interpret them ? I will publish the best analysis in this article...