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[TNP] That Awesome Article

Day 1,889, 14:03 Published in Japan Japan by Squibeel

Isn't this being a fun month? I'm sure everyone can agree with this statement because we have, after a long time, some drama to read when we get home and log onto eRepublik and, if that isn't enough for you, the Forums has some of it as well.

If I hadn't spent so much time in eJapan I would probably be going nuts right now or running around everywhere to try and find out dafuq is going on. Let's face it, it's hard to find in recent history a time where this country has been even one bit united and without drama, it's like that Event that exists in a strategy game that can't be achieved even if you bring up the Cheat Console and type the Event code.

Quoting on recent article on the topic:
"When I became an eJapanese citizen I noticed one thing right away, there is a great divide among citizens."

After reading our media, forums and spending some time on our IRC channel it's hard not to get tired at the amount of drama, hatred, lies, information and propaganda that's trying to get inside your head.

We are a eCountry with lots of beliefs and people from various places in real life.
We have Americans, Europeans and Asians which either have common ur uncommon reasons with each other to have gathered in eJapan. Most people I've seen joined because of their opinion about Japan IRL and the most recent players to join did it because they want to rebuild the country.

Quoting yet again the same article as above.
"There is (...) only some writings about anime."

We all know one of the things that initially attracts people to eJapan is Anime so what's wrong with that? It's still better than IRL Serbia articles (no offense intended, I have the right to have an opinion). So just join the Dark Side, we have lolis.

Being of various beliefs it's not surprising if we accept people from various places without regarding their current alliance in game is it? I don't think so. Well, our latest drama is just about that.

We accepted Serbians.
We accepted Turks.

Dear eSerbians,
Shut up....seriously. How many of you would actually defend eJapan if eSerbia decided to airstrike us? I can probably guess how many and I probably wouldn't need fingers to count. We accepted you because you told us you wanted to help eJapan so you can't just come in here and start telling us who to accept and who not to reject.

Do you really think creating more divide is helping eJapan?
Should I request the admins to regress eJapan back to the Warring States Period so we can fight it out?

"I think that only RL Japanese have the right to rule this country."
Seriously? You know how many times of my miserable eLife I've heard this bull from people who just want to step on the players that have given their time and sweat to this country? I lost count.
Believe me when I say that we've tried to bring RL Japanese into this game and failed miserably but if they want to join and fight for it, they can be my guests.

Lets see....Oh, it seems Circle of Trust and Bulgaria are worried about the recent 5 CS approvals we gave to some eTurks. We really don't need carrier pigeons so stop bringing others into your own fights and man up.

Like every country, we have official communication channels where CoT and Bulgaria can present their worries if they have any.

eJapan has a great community and the divide wasn't making it any less greater. We disagreed and fought each other and maybe it was more than others, but there was balance and we could still reason with each other and find other ways to work it out together. You blew it all.

So just so I close this already too big article, either you contribute or I respectfully invite you to leave.

I’ll be writing at least one more article soon so I can complete this one, until then!

I’m told newspaper sometimes feature humor so lets try some random quotes that came to be in our very own IRC channel #nippon on Rizon.



Squibeel Day 1,889, 14:03

first denied.

ArisaChan Day 1,889, 14:07

dont denie ur own articles fuuuu

Lucifel Day 1,889, 14:36

One thing is certain: to all the eJapanese out there that may read this, forget in this game about your RL origins and try to understand that importance of all rowing to the same side in eJapan.

Great article Squibeel!

3rd denied!

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,889, 14:37

Should I request the admins to regress eJapan back to the Warring States Period so we can fight it out?
^actually...that could turn out really cool when I think of it.
Also nice thing you put your name pronounciation finally , I always thought it was more スクイベル....
or スキービール~ 
スキベル is nice ・ω・

bobbySAURON Day 1,889, 14:37

This article lacks HUE HUE HUE HUE.


Well, I couldn't agree more. You just forgot to put some emphazis on the whole "Serbians shut up" part, because it's an important one.

Eupasos Day 1,889, 14:43

Great article, Voted!
I just hope that the day this drama will end is near.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,889, 14:44

In the future, please send me PM with your fresh articles when i publish my own, soo i can put your's link inside, like a comercial, for free. I have a lot of efriends and i come fast to TOP5 even when i don't deserve it, i see top quality articles that don't have readers, it's a shame. (you can do that and with current article too).

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 1,889, 14:45


Gospodin Admiral
Gospodin Admiral Day 1,889, 14:46

Hmmm....Very good article!

Squibeel Day 1,889, 14:54

If I don't get to TOP5 then I don't deserve it but thanks for the offer Veprina 22.

DankChronic Day 1,889, 14:56

Voted, great article Squibeel.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,889, 15:04

eSerbia will never airstrike eJapan for ocupation or similar, in the worst case they don't have interest in doing that. Only for liberation, or tactical issues, starting position for attacking eChina or eROC, with previous arrangement with COT HQ and eJapanese officials.

Minami Saki
Minami Saki Day 1,889, 15:05


Squibeel Day 1,889, 15:06

It was a hypothetical situation. It still leaves the question, how many of you would fight for us in this hypothetical scenario?

I've already gotten answers from a couple of people in Constantine saying they would leave eJapan if it happened. (names and logs are for my eyes-only as I don't want them to come under fire).

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,889, 15:18

Admins, Let eJapan have "eWarring State" !

I'll unite eJapan under My Banner! (Evil Laughs)

C. Guaicaipuro
C. Guaicaipuro Day 1,889, 15:24

Why isn't your hypothesis: What would you do if eTurkey decided to airstrike eJapan?

Squibeel Day 1,889, 15:35

Milutin: This article was directed at the eSerbians, what's the point of putting a question directed at eTurks in here? Just because that question isn't featured it doesn't mean it wasn't or isn't being asked as well.

If you aren't going to answer the question why avoid it?

C. Guaicaipuro
C. Guaicaipuro Day 1,889, 15:38

I don't think it's a coincidence that you are asking this hypothetical question now. And I find it really insulting.

Has Serbia ever airstriked anyone before, and do you honestly belive that a country that we have a signed MPP with, and whose players have fought in numerous battles for our country will ever think of such a thing?

And the very reason I asked why this was your hypothesis is because it is much more likely that an enemy country would airstrike us, then the country we are friends with, don't you agree?

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,889, 15:44

Well , how do you know eSerbia and eJapan will be in allied alliances? Maybe after EDEN is gone, it will be soo boring that a new war between CoT and TWO shall arise?

Squibeel Day 1,889, 15:45

I don't really care if you find it insulting, it's your own fault when clearly the objective of my question isn't to insult anyone.

I honestly believe that anything can happen in this game. Allies and Enemies can change at any time for the smallest of things.

I agree on the last part but my answer to your question remains. An article directed at the eSerbian side doesn't need to have questions for the eTurkish side. (that's for another day at another time).

Greatmoff Day 1,889, 15:47

Because Japan and Serbia aren't in the same alliance (although they are in alliances which co-operate and fight together right now) there is always the potential that they could end up on the opposite sides to each other.

Part of being eJapanese or belonging to any country is essentially forsaking all others. If you end up at war with your rl nation you must fight against them or leave the country. If your answer to that question is you would undermine and bring Japan down from the inside then you aren't loyal to Japan.

You can be a RL sere and eJapanese, but you cannot be an eSerb and eJapanese, one eNation at a time.

C. Guaicaipuro
C. Guaicaipuro Day 1,889, 15:48

I didn't have any single question for the Turks, this question was intended for you only. And I understand that you really don't care if you insult us or not, I've seen it for myself now. I'm glad to know what I can expect from you. No hard feelings, it's much easier now when I know what you think of us.

Best of luck in game.

Oraizan Day 1,889, 15:51

I have asked the Jan's that question, and I have seen people ask them it as well. Obviously it concerns me, as it should. There is no need to be defensive about it.

Squibeel Day 1,889, 15:55

You really didn't read my comment right.
I told you that I will give the same scenario to the Turks at another day and time on another article. Not in an article that is directed at your side. That was and is my answer.

Did you expect an apology for a question that wasn't supposed to be meant as an insult but insulted you? Please, it's a game about war, hypothetical scenarios are everywhere....
Maybe you got insulted because I was right but we'll never know and I'll respect your intention not to answer my question.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,889, 15:58

Milutin the current scenario is "Serbs complaining about Turks joining". That's why He's just asking serbs because you, serbs, are the ones who already said that Turks will fight first for Turkey than for eJapan.

Sophia Forrester
Sophia Forrester Day 1,889, 16:02

Of course we fight for Japan instead of our RL home country. I am American, but I spent my own RL money to defend Japan against eUSA in the Battle of Kyushu. Why? Because I am a loyal eJapanese.

To be fair, I think that the RL Serbian citizens probably understand this just as well; they simply don't say it as articulately. Naturally if eSerbia were to attack eJapan, they would side with us. Otherwise they would not be here. I'm willing to believe it.

Akki Day 1,889, 16:26

16:22 (Squibeel) after sophia commented
16:22 (Squibeel) no one else commented
16:22 (Squibeel) and no one else voted
16:22 (Squibeel) its a curse....
16 :22(Eupasos) persistent troll is persistent

This must be fixed. Commented.

Squibeel Day 1,889, 16:29

<@Akki> though, I wish sophia had more positivism towards me 😛

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,889, 16:31

Not this again 😕///

Squibeel Day 1,889, 16:34

Not this again? What?

cuihao Day 1,889, 16:37


Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,889, 16:45

arguing, it will lead us nowhere ;/

Squibeel Day 1,889, 16:51

Not like I started it Veprina 22. I took the trouble of answering his questions while he avoided answering mine so I did my best to be nice.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,889, 16:55

Squibeel, congrats for hitting media top 5.

JDisBack Day 1,889, 16:57


Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,889, 16:59


Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,889, 17:01

I didn't say that you started(why do you allways think that i am against you?), or that Milutin started, but i really don't see a point of talking about that anymore while we have bigger issues in the moment.

Sophie :"Naturally if eSerbia were to attack eJapan, they would side with us. Otherwise they would not be here. I'm willing to believe it."
You are right, i would like to add, that, if we would prefere to fight against eJapan in that conflict(hipotetical), we would leave eJapan.
But that will not happend, it's almost inpossible.

Hourai Day 1,889, 17:11

Personally, I believe that the intent of this article was to call for greater communication between the already divided groups within eJapan. Every group has their own opinion on what would be best for eJapan, but it does not do eJapan any good for all groups to distrust each other. This distrust only leads to endless arguments over who is the most loyal, but these loyalty contests only serve to promote greater distrust and miscommunication! So in light of all that, I would like to call for all eJapanese to stop fighting each other, stop treating each other as suspicious, and be less secretive in general! There are avenues for communication that remain unused even when they are needed the most, and the only ones to blame for that are those who don't want to talk and discuss the issues. No matter what your reasoning is; whether it's because you think one group is a group of traitors or fifth columns, or because you suspect a group just isn't trustworthy or loyal enough, you are still making the choice to not talk, still making the choice to allow the divide to increase. When people don't talk, society stands still. eJapan needs to move forward instead of staying still, but it is up to every eJapanese to make it move.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,889, 17:16

Hourai x2

Clopoyaur Day 1,889, 17:20

Voted... with a dash of nostalgia!

ardishabutaro Day 1,889, 17:33

/me find my popcorn.
/me watching new drama

Albert tseng
Albert tseng Day 1,889, 17:55


find ur own voice is better than to accept other's without doubt.

Five To Nine
Five To Nine Day 1,889, 18:48


JingYuxIn Day 1,889, 20:45


Vilar47 Day 1,889, 20:51

V 63

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Day 1,890, 01:33

Really lets be honest i cant stop u in inviting any people here i just bring out oppinion a personal one
and my perspective of the game and that u must wake up
Accept Martians as u like but i will choose to not agree with it!

I see that u like it so
Show must go on!!!

ArisaChan Day 1,890, 03:10

IF you present your view you should restrain from using sentences like:

"I know what RL Japanese wants"
"I know this will blabla"
"I know that will blabla"
"Random Accusing others of random negative things"

And as you got it right, the show must keep rolling ♥

Squibeel Day 1,890, 04:53

Clopoyaur: o7

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