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[Thomas] Howly speaks to the people - Interview with Howly!

Day 1,798, 13:11 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Thomas765

Hello there eUK and the world!
Today’s article will be of an interview with Howly, as I mentioned in my previous article. So who is Howly?

Howly is a former seven time country president of Slovenia, who currently plays under the alias of Ice Killa as a result of the eRepublik rebellion of February 2011.

A history on our relationship with Slovenia...
Slovenia have been our allies since PEACE GC, an alliance that we joined after the dissolution of ATLANTIS. Ever since then we have considered Slovenia as one of our closest allies and we have supported each other on many occasions. Slovenia is located near the mediterranean, with natural borders with Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. Currently, Slovenia is occupying parts of Italy and Switzerland for resources.

On the map: Slovenia

So begins the interview...

How is Slovenia these days?
Slovenia is a grim place filled with people unaware of what they seek for. Their only goal is to fight for the sake of fighting, no deeper thoughts are being given to the current problems we are facing. Slovenians are often interpreted as wise, yet I believe that is far from being the case. Some are, let's not do injustice to those. But for those who aren't in the eyes of the public, for those who do not express what they seek for and what they believe in, the reality steps in. The community itself is half dead, with main action being caused by people fighting over which party shall get its place in the top 5. I find that as a tragicomical way on how Slovenia could be described. We seek for action in the most banal things, yet do not even ask ourselves why that is the case. I might get negated by some individuals, but I have experienced things and how they were when Slovenia was at its peak, the golden age. The buoyant and vivid Slovenia in the eyes of the international community. A strong player, but although we were never of key importance. Only on rare occasions did our importance turn to far more than just key – let me remind you on Slovenia's participation in taking Rhone Alps, at the time most glorious Polish fortress. A truly remarkable succuess, and to add that Slovenians hugely contributed to that gains another value to it. Another tragic point would be most of Slovenians forgot about it, I could almost shed some tears to that.

Our goals, our goals. I had to really think that through. There are none. Our essence is to create enemies out of pure nothingness, but I suppose that may as well be the case in every other country throughout eRepublik. Slovenia sits on its resources and later on we proclaim ourselves as a prosperous country – words filled with nothing less but pure propaganda. Slovenia is not what it is, as it is depicted in the global media. Slovenia is not me, I am just a single individual of whom only rare individuals think well of in the Slovenian community. I am in no regard respected amongst my fellow countrymen. It was even said that in the eyes of others I am the one who creates a negative point of view on my homeland. To that I do not agree.

Slovenia is doing well. See, I am learning my grip on British humour?

Now, we know that Slovenia has had some bumpy months with Macedonia, a long term ally of your nation, what's your views on the cancellation of that MPP?

I am the one who strongly supported Macedonia, and due to that I was publicly mocked by fellow countrymen, even our government stated in a government article the opinion of me is not the opinion of Slovenia. I made several articles regarding our attitude, our friendship with Macedonia, where I called for things to normalise, I was blatantly refused by Slovenians. I gained some respect amongst Macedonians, as I stood for what I believed in, wanted the relations to get back to what they used to be.

And as that isn't ironical enough. After those articles of mine, the Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Smooth Ziga decided to write an article where he was calling Slovenia and Macedonia for once more to become friends. A few days earlier or a week ago he had been saying how he would pack his suitcases and leave for Poland if we were to end in the same alliance with Macedonians. I with much pride stated »fuck off, the only thing I can say to you«.

The cancellation of the MPP was pure stupidity, although nothing surprising, can't expect anything else from foolish Slovenians? Only recently have we gained some sense back into us.

I do not support folly, only folly in me is what I fancy. I found the move to be truly humiliating as it proved who we were. Rejecting the need for a friendship when Macedonia was almost on its knees versus USA – and now to think about it. There was some mentioning Slovenia might be included in the offensive against Americans. I wonder how happily will Macedonians react to that. Oh, I wonder. Macedonia would have every right to have a grudge on us. But let's not forget the previous disputes over Switzerland where Macedonians one sidedly claimed hegemony over Swiss regions – previously belonging to us and were lost during the war with Croatia. As far as I recall well.

I very much would like to keep the friendship with Macedonia open, as it only allows both countries to mutually prosper.

Which alliance bloc do you currently support? (or do you support CTRL?)
Certainly, CTRL is what I support. Poland and USA, two countries with the exact same characteristics. I believe most of them are positive.

I support the exONE block of countries, I would actually prefer if an alliance which would base on Balkan countries be formed. Instead of repeating ONE. Poland deemed us as unworthy, who says the Balkans are not to deem Poles as unworthy too. The addition of countries where humour is almost a disease, for example UK, would be good as well from my point of view.

I very much dislike countries creating small alliances, as that only brings to country's isolation or inability to have open diplomatic ways.

What are your views on your nearby enemy, Croatia?
Our views are most likely the following; they are the most evil, treacherous and dirty country out there. They have to be killed!

I myself have nothing against them, I wouldn't mind asking them to rent their regions so both countries could be better off. As a matter of fact Croatia is in comparison to other eRepublik countries very honorable, has some noble things in her. Specially assisting her allies in need is what I really admire.

What is your opinion on Italy?
Only good at creating problems, horrible at resolving them. They seem to demand things even if they are the ones on the brink of deletion. Who is to understand them.

Pasta is good though.

What do you think of the United Kingdom these days?
Oddly enough I have always shared much respect for UK. As you were always a lone strider, never in a hurry with anything. Or you could say a lone rider too. You are comparable to real life UK, isolated, at the divide between one alliance and another. You always found it hard to decide to whom you should align yourselves. I completely understand that.

But there's this something unexplainable that has always made UK stand out from the rest of similarly sized countries. Probably your strong inclusion in talks regarding your future, strong presence in the things that were a key part of who you are and whom you are to become.

UK has always had individuals that stood out from the average, I could as well mention Iain Keers, Woldy, Thatcher, you(Thomas), jamesw. These indviduals are renown throughout eRepublik, in comparison to Slovenia, most of you know only Ice Killa/Howly, which could reflect on some things very clearly. May that be the fact that Brits in general tend to be more active and not pasive than Slovenians, or the fact that you are capable of doing things with quality.

Do you have anything to say to the citizens of the UK?
Apparently I very much like learning English. Considering I am somewhat young in comparison to others, great knowledge of English language is yet to befill me.

Like I said before, I very much like UK. Beside Slovenia, ha, I am kidding. Slovenia was never my favourite country. I could as well say UK and Macedonia would be one of the two favourite countries I'd have to pick between. And due to the fact I most often dislike the barbaric Balkan mentality, I'd go for UK. No flattery intended, just honesty.

Do you feel that the next tranche of alliances will finally moved to 3 blocks, or are we doomed to polarisation?
We are doomed to polarisation, as the attempts to create a whole new alliance by Poland and USA have turned out unsuccessful. I was optimistic in a way the third block would arise, as that would create much more diversity in otherwise dead game. Hard to say why it didn't succeed. Probably unskillful diplomacy by the superpower in the west – USA. Not to mention the indecisiveness from Poland not willing to get rid of the Balkan alliances. That sealed it. After that the only logical thing followed from USA; a demand for things to clear up. Us or Europe. The results that we have are clear to everyone.

Best country on eRepublik?
I have stated it, UK. I do dislike your complex forums, reminding me on the real life UK. Complexity is often perceived as a bad thing.

The other thing I like is British humour. You can hardly say when they are telling the truth or are saying things sarcasticly. I warn you, nonBritish readers, British are one sick people trying to get the worst out of you! I give kindness most often to British when they are testing me with their (un)sophisticated use of snobby words.

Although when you mention it, I do share some ties to Slovenia as well, as I have nevertheless been 7 times president back here. But for that I am given no respect, only your good deeds get forgotten.

People you admire on eRep?
Thatcher, nowadays Arrlo. Iain Keers, Lunatic2903, exohoritis(what a wonderful guy, I have never seen so much altroism in anyone). I suppose I should mention you too, Thomas, so you do not feel offended? And let's say if no one is to admire me, I shall admire myself.

Cider, Beer or Vodka?
Since I'm no heavy drinker, I'd have to pick beer. Vodka is good for those rare moments when your goal in life is to die – for a day. Cider is good for girls, as far as I'm aware.

Favourite place in the UK?
Midst of nowhere between Bath and Bristol.

Tea or coffee?
Coffee, although camomile tea is really great.

What has been your favourite moment in eRepublik?
Having debates with different people on hours at end, most noticable individual would be Thatcher. I have to praise him for his noble virtues. He's a great individual, even if for now he has decided to side with EDEN and Croatia. Some things are greater than this game.

Do you have anything else to add?
Yes, of coure I do. Be who you are, and do things that make you happy in eRepublik. Share your thoughts, speak freely. Do not feel the burden from others, think freely for your own sake. As that is the only think that will bring you to greater discoveries of who you really are. Trust me. And take this game for the sake of learning more about other cultures, it may as well help you greatly in real life. Nothing is better than free discovery of things.

Mirth is present from my side that I was able to speak my mind.

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klop123 Day 1,798, 13:17

Nice Interview

Plainswalker Day 1,798, 13:21


Dracon Day 1,798, 13:45

Great insights from a good man.

SmoothZiga Day 1,798, 13:46

I should know Howly will write a LOT. Now my interview will look lame = (


Matrix Pegaz
Matrix Pegaz Day 1,798, 13:50

Let mew remind you. eSlovenia is the only country, who hasnt been erased in v2 module, menas cca. 1,5 year.

Erik-Ero Day 1,798, 13:57

I hope next interview is with Ice Killa ; )

MACEDONIAN 9 Day 1,798, 14:01


SIKARSI Day 1,798, 14:02

vote, good interview

B a z e
B a z e Day 1,798, 14:08


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,798, 14:14

"great knowledge of English language is yet to befill me."

Even if it is a bit wrong, it sounds cool : )

OSA-KILLER-SLO Day 1,798, 14:15

nice, vote

Arrlo Day 1,798, 14:40

I love you Howly!

The Ghazi
The Ghazi Day 1,798, 14:45

özet yok mu panpa

Tophaneli AlemdaR
Tophaneli AlemdaR Day 1,798, 14:47

Türkçe yazda anlayak.

Niemand Day 1,798, 15:11

Nice interview. Good to see things not only in black and white.

Boban Mitrovski
Boban Mitrovski Day 1,798, 18:33

Lived in Bath for 2 years....How small this world can be 😁

Red Tornado
Red Tornado Day 1,798, 18:54

Great interview ! o7

eMacedon Day 1,798, 19:10

Nice, o7

Superferro Day 1,798, 22:07

good stuff

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,799, 02:28


Rawdon Day 1,799, 05:16

Very nice 🙂

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,799, 05:25

Howly \o/

FraneSLO Day 1,799, 05:55

vote 😉

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,799, 07:25

"What are your views on your nearby enemy, Croatia?
Our views are most likely the following; they are the most evil, treacherous and dirty country out there. They have to be killed!"

WOT? How old r u boy?

Thomas765 Day 1,799, 08:35

He did say that he was developing his "British" humour 😛

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 1,799, 10:01

Poor reading of things might lead you to poor understanding, Lord Marlock. I believe I did then go on and state my own opinion how I have nothing against Croatia.

Alex Zvezdev
Alex Zvezdev Day 1,799, 11:15

95 338 one minute ago
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f3rd0 Day 1,799, 11:16

kok jim pa placas

PatriotASR Day 1,799, 11:35

Pozdrav od bivšega eslovenca. Rule Britannia! 🙂

El Che G
El Che G Day 1,799, 14:23


IfIWereARichMan Day 1,799, 15:59

Favourite place in the UK?
Midst of nowhere between Bath and Bristol.

What? Keynsham?

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