[TheSchuReport] Schubacca's Guide To A Federalist Roast

Day 3,237, 09:37 Published in USA Japan by Schubacca

Dateline: Day 3,237

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1. Schubacca's Guide To A Federalist Roast

Schubacca's Guide To A Federalist Roast

I have heard about the Federalist roasting Pfeiffer endorsers. Well now its my turn to lay it on the line to show you how to properly roast a Federalist. Some people need to get some tips how to do it right or its just going to fail.

First I must say the Federalists are like goats when they are roast treating their prey like roast beef. Like they are doing a weak napalm job on the whole roasting process. See below what that Federalists look like in action.

How it should properly be done is to do it like a mutant with claws attacking those ferocious tigers. You got nail them down good and.... HARD! Not of that sissy crap. Pfeiffer and his supporters are survivors. These Federalists need to stop fighting like goats and do it like Wolverine. Sink in the claws and let them know who is the boss. Just because your the top dog doesn't mean your top dog you have to get it right.

I will repeat it again that you have to do it right folks. Pfeiffer and his followers are like the walking dead because they keep coming back. Even so the Federalist roasting is just not enough. I suggest something way different. Perhaps something more buffet style. A little steak, chicken, pasta, a baked potato, broccoli and for desert a giant chocolate bomb milkshake. That sounds good right?

So dear Federalists please read my guide here to how to properly roast people and you will for sure they will come out tasting like chicken. Never leave'em hangin' on the line. Thank you!