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[The Legion] – How the Tiers Work!

Day 1,787, 09:40 Published in Poland United Kingdom by Carlini8

I presume you have just got here from reading “[The Legion] – Exciting Changes! 12 Q7 and £50 supplies!” I will be discussing the Tier changes here and telling you exactly how they are going to work.

How the tiers will be introduced:

For the next two weeks the supplies will stay exactly the same as they are now. That is because we are giving you two weeks from now to push yourself to try and go one tier higher than you normally would get. After two weeks we will be using a tracking system to see exactly how much exp you gained and how much damage you did. You will then be put in to a tier and that will be your tier for the next 14 days. At the end of those 14 days, we will again look at your stats and put you in to the correct tier for the next 14 days. This is done for a few reasons.

1) If we did it much shorter than 14 days it would take so much administration time that the system would eventually fizzle out because it would be bordering on an actual job.

2) Tiers are always subject to your last 14 days to try and push you. If everyone went all out in the first week and then just sat in the elite tier all the time who knows if you are going to continue to push or not!

Types of Tiers:

Elite Level – 12 Q7 + £50 a day.
High Level – 10 Q7 and £25 a day.
Medium Level – 8 Q7 and £10 a day.
Low Level – 6 Q7 and £10 a day.

Remember! You must have a commune job to get the supplies (this means you must work for someone in the Legion).


Elite is elite for a reason! Remember that Medium level is about the same as most MUs in the eUK currently!

Tier Thresholds:

All Tiers will have a damage threshold and an experience one. Only one of these conditions needs to be met, not both. The experience level will be changed to rank point percentage once it is statistically viable. This one is so that people are not left out, it isn’t all about damage. Younger players can’t hit as hard so their route in will be via activity. As long as they use lots of their energy, they will be getting better supplies. The more they fight, the more they get supplied. The future change is so that we know the extra activity is from fighting.

Elite Level – Over 3500 experience points or 2.5 million rank points
High Level – Over 2500 experience points or 1.5 million rank points
Medium Level – Over 1000 experience points or 500k rank points
Low Level – Above the booting level

Minimum Activity

I know this will be the subject that gets most disagreements. Most people will say, why kick when we can just let them be there at no cost to us?

The main issue is recently we really are moving in to the world of statistics. eGov is getting used all the time and its involvement, or things like it, will only continue to increase. If we have 200 people in the Legion but only 80 fighting that actually makes us look bad to other MUs. We want to show we are active, reward those active ones and that will entice the harder hitters and more active to join us.

Minimum Requirements:

These are the lowest limits people must meet to avoid activating the booting method. None of them are hard at all, they can be done in a day by many people.

Within two weeks:

Strength that must be gained: 25 strength. At the lowest level, this is only 5 days.
Experience that must be gained: 200 experience points. That is 20 hours of fighting. 20 hours isn’t really that much, the average player now has around 500 energy. So I am asking for 4 log ins every 14 days. Not hard at all.
Rank Points Gained: 20,000 (Once statistically feasible this will be a %age of peoples max hit to make it much better)

I hope this makes everything clear. If it doesn’t please post a question below and I will answer the question and edit the article.

Thank you!




Snugz Day 1,787, 10:15


Ando Calrissian
Ando Calrissian Day 1,787, 10:35

I like it!

CrispyDragon Day 1,787, 14:39

So basically, to stay Elite tier you need to get 3500 experience points every 2 weeks?

prostokreten Day 1,787, 15:16


Etheri Day 1,787, 18:05

Even at low level, an increase in supplies! Gogo legion.

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,788, 02:00

Are you still giving out the 12 Q6 for having a job? And then the rank/experience point increases give you the tiers rewards? Or is the 12 Q6 being cancelled? And before Etheri has a go at me, I am working, training and fighting EVERY day. The only thing I am having trouble working out is just which tier that would put me in as I don't really take note of how many points I get.

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,788, 02:12

Minimum requirements
Within 2 weeks
Experience that must be gained: 200 experience points. That is 20 hours of fighting.

How do you equate 200 points to 20 hours of fighting? Experience points accumulate at 1 every 10 health. Each kill uses an average of ~40 food, that means that each kill gives ~4 exp points. So 50 kills = 200 points. That is fighting on 2 days. Each kill takes ~10 seconds so 50 kills takes 500 seconds, less than 10 minutes.

nathaner Day 1,788, 08:06

20 hours of energy

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,788, 08:46

IfIWereARichMan (I really need a nickname for you!):

The 12 Q6 are being replaced by the tiers for all workers.

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,788, 17:08

I call myself MadJock on other games, if that's easier for you, darlin'.

Bigheaded Day 1,788, 17:51

Erm, do i really need to be getting all that experience, i will be honest and say i've been not fighting on purpose to keep myself in a lower tier so i can hunt down BH's and should it be necessary, deal several million damage in a fight we really need to win for division 2. I don't think very many other players can deal anywhere near that.
Although just looking at that, i can deal with being on low level, i don't need many Q7 tanks to do what i do.
Hope i dont get booted for looking inactive

Carlini8 Day 1,789, 03:08

@MadJock - Every hour you get 100 Energy. Ignore kills, they don't matter. You get 1 exp for every 10 Energy, so you get 10 exp per hour. 20 hours gives you 200 exp.

@BH - The Legion needs damage output, we can't reward people for not fighting because they want to stay in the same division. It seems you are already getting awarded enough personal gain with all the BHs!

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