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Day 1,903, 18:19 Published in Canada Canada by Mary Chan

If I had to vote in tomorrow's CP election, out of the current proposed candidates (Colonel Sanders, Rolo Tahmasee, wmzMoney, James R Bond), I'd vote for Rolo.

Based on history, Rolo has been proven to be great on both sides-- good and bad.

Yeah, we know his theft, his "thank"-giveaways, negative propaganda, whatever. It's all the same. "His-story" doesn't change unless the story teller changes it.

Regardless, he knows his in-game mechanics like no other, the eCan forum role-play, etc. Basically, he knows his eCan/eRep s**t. This is the candidate that knows how it works.
When Rylde unexpectedly left in his second term during the CAN-AM II war, Rolo kept it going, he didn't pull any funny business. He can keep his s**t together too.

Rolo is the candidate I see for potential of both sides: greatness and disaster. As CP, he could rock this term or turn eCanada upside down. Whatever he chooses, if he wishes, if he is elected.

Rolo knows his s**t, can keep his s**t together, and can fling s**t at you too. I see Rolo as an extremist candidate: he has the potential to be better than the rest of the candidates, or the worst of them.

If I had to vote in tomorrow's CP election, I'd vote for the "better" candidate that has actually accomplished s**t on a larger scale within eCanada: Rolo Tahmasee.

But I don't have to vote.

I still have every option, every right to click that button. But I don't have to.

Thus, I will not be voting. Quite frankly because I don't back any of the candidates for this month. As great and not-so-great as the candidates are, I don't feel compelled to place my faith and support on any of them.

To the future CP of February, regardless of who you are: if you need assistance in running eCanada, I offer my advice and my time if you're offering an ear.



Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,903, 18:19

what a load of crap.

Shoi12 Day 1,903, 18:23


chewytaz Day 1,903, 18:35

Rylde knows he has no competition. I bet he'll do a good job for a portion of the month, and then might F&%$ something up.

just My prediction. He can do whatever he wants as long he doesn't disturb congress.

Ralph Kline
Ralph Kline Day 1,903, 18:37


Muglack Day 1,903, 19:00

"Rylde knows he has no competition. I bet he'll do a good job for a portion of the month, and then might F&%$ something up"

Rylde's not on the ballot. Way to pay attention. 😛

chewytaz Day 1,903, 19:04

-.- meant to write Rolo, sorriez

TheBurningMan Day 1,903, 19:09

Elections can't get any better than this.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,903, 19:28

It's a perfect storm of lulz and brainfarts.

Treian Day 1,903, 19:34

Wow.... that's all eCanada has to offer???

Slim pickens indeed........ best of luck to you this month..... you'll need it.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,903, 20:13

A vote for "none of the above" is a vote for a tie at nil and that would go the the candidate with the highest XP. Check that out before you abstain.

Oinyo Day 1,903, 21:38

We will see what tomorrow brings... Nothing really to do now but wait and see.

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,903, 21:47

im legitimately thinking of voting bond... james bond.

Zinaa Day 1,904, 23:32

ecanada soap series?!!!

crisfire Day 1,904, 08:53

I bet you voted

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,904, 16:03

No vote from me. I'm not even gonna click that vote banner.

Septimius Maximinus
Septimius Maximinus Day 1,916, 13:58

I see you as a mental kid

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