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[The Call] The Players' Suggestions to Save eRepublik (Vote !)

Day 1,362, 08:42 Published in Ireland Ireland by Sean MacDiarmata

-VOTE THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE please 🙂 And the other ones too: FRANCE - USA - UK - New Zealand - Croatia - Montenegro - Slovenia - Russia - Romania - Austria - Bulgaria - Spain - Brazil - Poland - Ireland
-OPEN SOURCE ARTICLE :: Copy the Source code of this article HERE and Publish it in your country ! More visibility, more chance to be seen by Plato, more chance to see these suggestions implemented. Please don’t remove the credits (at the end of the article).
-SHOUT CALL :: Shout to make all players read and vote this article 😉
The Players' Suggestions to Save eRepublik (Source code)


-OPEN SOURCE ARTICLE :: Copy the Source code of this article HERE and Publish it in your country ! More visibility, more chance to be seen by Plato, more chance to see these suggestions implemented. Please don’t remove the credits (at the end of the article).
-SHOUT CALL :: Shout to make all players read and vote this article 😉
THE PLAYERS SUGGESTIONS TO SAVE EREPUBLIK: Read, Vote, Sub and Shout ! Chain Shout !
I asked to many players during the last month what they would like to have in the next game update. These are the most frequent suggestions, this is intended for you, admins 😉

= Changes that if they aren’t taken them into consideration, everyone will die and the admins will end up poor and unemployed on the streets. The mayan prophecy of 2012 will come true 😨

1)SAVING MEDIA MODULE :: Bring back the Old Top Articles Display
Due to the new display of the top voted articles on the home page, the media module is dying really fast, no one reads the articles anymore, that results in less votes, less media activity and thus less social interactions between the players. The category idea was nice though.
Let’s mix the categories with the old display !

2) SAVING POLITICAL MODULE :: Show all political parties in Rankings
The new Ranking is pretty but the idea to show only the 10 biggest parties (and the 5 biggest newspapers) is dooming the small ones to die because no one can see them anymore. And thus, no one joins them anymore.
Let’s show more than 10 political parties in the Rankings (and same for the Newspapers).

3) SAVING MILITARY MODULE :: Bring Back Walls, Overtime and real damage display
The idea to divide a war in 10 mini-battles is fine, but it makes the war module less captivating.
Every player that has known the V1 will remember the battles where you had to keep your damage till the very last moment, the times you had to wake up earlier to whiteness the end of an important battle, the breathtaking Overtimes where both armies were unleashed and were tanks just blew up the counter...
So bring the Wall back (wall points based on population, it is great for tactics by moving the population to defend a specific region), make it again 1 big battle and show real damages and not % or Country Points ! It is far more captivating.
BUT, the idea to give one BH each 1h30 is good, it doesn't require to be a World Class Force*** anymore to get BHs, so why not put make it a 24h battle but continue to give 1 BH each 1h30?

Click to enlarge picture !

= Changes that would satisfy all players, attract new players and bring the old ones back !
1) Limiting Health Packs
Health Packs? No problem. One guy defeating an entire army? Problem.
Let’s put a limitation to the use of Health Packs, why not max 50?

2) Bringing back the V1 Hospital System
Permanent hospitals with different quality levels that can be build by the government makes tactics possible again and will give the players a reason to defend a region more than another (if the region is conquered, the hospital is destroyed).

3) Implementing Ministries
Ministries have always existed and will always existed, players would love to see these roles ingame. Easier to find the current government (displayed on the country page), easier to get access to official newspapers (the minister gets automatically access to the official newspaper of his ministry), easier for governmental money management (each ministry would have an own official ministry, whom access is automatically given to the minister).
At least for the 3 major ministries:
- Ministry of Finances
- Ministry of Defence
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFa)
(+ Ministry of Youth?)

4) Bringing back the Retreat Button
Retreating is part of the military tactics (inexistant currently), it can be used to exchange regions (for example to make a safety belt to defend a weaker country or to attack a country that is far away - will avoid having all the time the same boring wars with your neighbours...) or to avoid draining damage.
Of course, to prevent abusive use there would be max 2 to 5 retreats allowed each day.

5) Rethink the MPP rule
The new MPP rule (when you attack a country, your allies can help you) killed a great part of the strategy in the game. Now, small countries are easy preys for bigger countries. This results in a state of endless, and meaningless war.
The old MPP system (when you attack a country, you haven't your allies to help you, and it triggers the defender's MPPs) wasn't perfect either in my opinion, countries were scared to attack and there were days were there was no battle at all in your country or its allies. But it's definately necessary to rethink the rule to create a system in which declaring war is at least a bit risky again.
(Edit: Multiple RWs, based on feedback I removed this suggestion)
7) Giving better rewards for the Missions
The mission-idea is amazing, but the rewards are lousy ! Give between 0.2 and 3 golds (regarding the difficulty of the mission) as reward, instant of a power bar or 2 experience points (😑”).
😎 Making it possible for official organizations to have friends and shout again
It is very useful for official organizations to shout short messages to the community, it doesn’t bother anyone and you just have to remove the org from your friends if you don’t want to see the shouts anymore.
9) Bringing Back the Forum
Without the forum, there is no communication possible with players in other countries or with the admins (or at least it’s a lot more difficult). The forum is the place for social interactions.
10) Making a Suggestion page
A real suggestion page like, where you can vote up the suggestions you like the most. And not a lousy Wiki page...

11) Introducing a 5-day betatesting for each major update
It could be really fantastic to be warned 5 days earlier that an update is coming and during these 5 days, the update could be betatested on another server (like you did for eRepublik Rising) to correct the bugs and gather constructive opinions on it. This way the players won't be caught completely off-guard when there is a new major update.

= These changes aren’t really necessary, and that won't change our entire way of playing the game but nonetheless, they would be really nice changes that the players will certainly love.
1) Making it possible to edit the Country Status with battle orders
Players would love to see the current battle orders displayed on their home page when they connect to the game, instead of having to check your subscriptions for the battle orders’ newspaper.
2) Implementing Rewarded Damage Battles
Give the possibility to the government to reward the players that make damage in a specific battle (for example, you get 0.003FRF for each damage point)

2) Implementing Governors
Implement the Governor Role beside the Congress. The Congress is for national chores, the governor would have to manage the Regional Bank accounts (filled through taxes from the citizens located in the region) to promote civil initiative and such. This would take the political module to a whole new level: the regional one !
Of course when you vote, you vote only for the governor of your own region and it would be impossible for the Governor to donate money from the Regional Bank Account to himself or his organizations.

4) Giving Newspapers’ stats to journalists
Journalists would love to have a page where they can see their 5 most voted articles, the last comments on their articles and a list of their subscribers.

From Nanotik’s old article about Media Module V3
5) Implement Referendums on presidential proposal
It’s interesting to have the opinion of the community for many different things like alliances, etc.
Of course, to prevent abuse there would be max 2 or 3 referendums allowed each month.

6) Bring back the Trackbacks and Subscribe to Comments
That were nice features, why remove them? 🙂

7) Introduce Military Unit owned Companies
It could be great to be able to create companies with your military unit, you could also choose which members of the MU can manage the company.
😎 Remove citizenship requiry to enter a MU
This would allow supranational Military Units.
9) Implementing Progressive Levelup rewards
It would be great to thank the older players for their fidelity by introducing progressive rewards. At each levelup you would win a little more gold. For example:
- Lvl 20: 2 golds, Lvl 25: 5 golds, lvl 30: 10 golds, lvl 35: 20 golds
10) Introducing alliances in game
It could be great to create Alliance-pages similar to country pages with a little info, number of citizens, number of regions, members, links to newspaper, etc.

+) Detail: Don’t erase smileys in the articles’ comments
It's kinda useless to erase them, isn't it?.

1) Maybe implement a “Productivity based on experience points”
Players love to see their salary increase by being an active and experienced player. Give experience a role in the productivity formula to replace the Work Skill
2) Maybe implement a “Justice Module”
To avoid PTO’s and thiefs, a player could be tried by the congress (if proposal is approved), 10 random citizens (no-congress members) would be picked up to be in the jury. The one that proposed the trial would be able to give the reasons of the accusations and propose a punishment (a fine up to 10 golds or citizenship exclusion). The tried players would be able to defend itself and the one that proposed the trial to give the accusations reasons. After a 5 day-delay, the 10 random players vote guilty or not and if they agree with the proposed punishment or not.
3) Maybe bring back the “Contracts”
It was a really amazing feature, but I understand that you had to remove it because it demanded too much time and effort. Why not brainstorm to implement a new type of contracts, to make it possible to create alliances with concrete punishments if you break the alliance terms or non-agression pacts that aren’t just a joke, …
4) Maybe implement an “International Bank”
You could store your money in a “bank”, you indicate before storing it how much you want to store and how long. How longer, how better the interest rate. If you want your money back earlier, you have to pay to get it back and the interest rate is 0%.
5) Maybe give the choice between "Wall-Fighting and Turn-by-Turn PVP fighting"
It could be nice to choose between fighting against a wall/influence bar (like nowadays), for 2clickers, and fighting in a real Turn-By-Turn PVP fight.
You would then be assigned a random opponent (with almost the same strenght as you) that also choosed to fight in PVP. Randomly, the game would choose who hits first. When it's your turn to hit, choose your weapon, and a booster and click on "Fight". There would be a part of random in de damage calculation, anyway how stronger you hit him, how more health he will lose.
Anyway, this is an idea but it could be a good start to brainstorm 🙂
6) Maybe give the possibility to change Flag & Country Name by Referendum
Role Play is a nice side of the game, being able to change the country’s name would increase the way players can change the eWorld. It would make fusion-countries and custom empires appear.

Admins, not all your decisions were great, in fact many of them were total bulls***. But in a way, some of them showed that you care about our opinion and suggestions. And I know you get mostly ingratitude from the players as feedback, so this part is just to thank you for the good changes you made 😃.
1) Thanks for the 5golds medals
Treasure Maps that gave you 2 or 3 gold? Lame, thanks for bringing back the 5golds medals.
2) Thanks for improving the Article-writing module
The lame article-editing method with custom commands and no preview buttom? Lame, thanks for improving it and making it a nice thing for sure.
3) Thanks for having removed Instant Kills
Kill your opponent for 1 gold? Lame, thanks for having removed it.
4) Thanks for the Citizen Feeds
Personal opinion, but seriously the citizen feeds? Great thing, a lot better than the shouts.
5) Thanks for the Military Units
Best new feature you’ve implemented? In my opinion the Military Units ! A special feed, applications, a logo and so on? Amazing !
And for the rest, that I can’t remember right now.
But it's still not enough 😉 These are the suggestions of your players, take them into consideration please.
Orango (The White Fang).


Dishmcds Day 1,362, 08:46

All they'd have to do is introduce more missions, and this article would more or less disappear again.

pantel Day 1,362, 09:32

great ideas most of them and many votes BUT i remember an article against Lana when admins first introduced payed training

votes? 10k
result? 😛

F. Castro
F. Castro Day 1,362, 14:04

These are great thoughts but i think the writer hasn't realised yet the obvious truth: admins just want money. Some of the proposed changes would give gold to people=less money for the admins=no chance these changes take place.

S1lv3r M4X
S1lv3r M4X Day 1,362, 14:06

ZOMG I VOTED SOOOO HARD and i think i jizzed while reading...

Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman Day 1,363, 12:11

This is a really great article. Voted for some well thought out ideas - even if the Admin just uses one of them, it was worth creating the article.

Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 1,363, 12:47

Nice ideas. If only some were implemented it would be great. All is probably way to much to ask for.

D-Glennon Day 1,363, 15:17

voted tis great

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