[THC] Some of the ways I'd change the world...

Day 2,449, 03:46 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ullok

This is my response to this article:

Although I would like to see some old features and methods from previous incarnations of the game reintroduced, like the way congress used to be elected, here is what I’d do to the current one:

Divisions need realigning. They were implemented to give younger players a sense of achievement on the battlefield, and easy gold. However just because a player is old doesn’t mean they are strong, the way divisions should be is not with level but with rank and strength, meaning players with similar hit are pitted against one another, rewards would be redistributed more fairly in higher divisions and people would be more likely to fight more often as BHs would be actually achievable.
The rewards need not stop there, in the way that a campaign has its CH, why not a “Division Hero”?

Military Units
Having no experience of MU command here’s my 2c on the subject.
MUs should work more like orgs did in V1, they should be able to create companies, employ their members and donate the produced weapons or food to them easily. This would require the addition of a quartermaster role to the organisational structure.

Daily Orders
Even in the most well run MU there is always the risk for lapses, the ability to prioritise whatever the CotD is (or not should they choose) would mean there is an external failsafe.

Combat Orders
Why only have these paid in currency? Weapons and food could just as easily be offered.

Like most people with over a certain amount of strength, my storage is filled with hundreds of rusting bazooka parts that will never get used. As I see it there are three ways to sort this out:

1) Allow the trade of bazooka parts, redistributing them to lower divisions,
2) Let these parts be turned into bazooka boosters, making them useful for more people,
3) Remove the fixed damage per hit and make it subject to the same formulas all other weapons are, allowing all fighters to utilise them.

Let’s face it congress have little to actually do so I propose giving them something to do, and whilst maintaining a non-existent infrastructure would no doubt prove a little too RP for some people, trade would have a real impact.

Often nations have more of certain resources than they require, letting congresses decide to donate, trade, sell or buy these to/from their friends or tribute them to their enemies would add another facet to the game. Operating these trade routes in the same way as nations get their bonus, direct line through allied territories, would mean that even nations without borders could affect another directly by cutting or blocking supply routes. This however would probably lead to several small nations being removed from the map permanently.

Party newspapers
Every party should have one which the PP and their 4 appointed helpers can access/contribute to.

Personally I would rather spend the 20CC/zone than use an MT, they eat health for no reason and will use a q5 to move in the same zone. Either get rid of them AGAIN, or have them utilise durability.