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[Tech PP] Last Day for a While

Day 1,790, 12:53 Published in USA USA by Jdohring3

My fellow Techs,

It is down to my final hours as party president. Possibly the coolest thing to happen during this past month was the fact that my post on the forum obtained 60 views apparently, although no comments or anything were made. So this shows some people still go on the forums or maybe its just an error. But im the optimistic type so i hope we will start to use the forum and return to the metagame

[redbox for extra coolness]

Sadly our unofficial/official IRC was taken down after a very long time of inactivity vice me idling for days in it. When I return I hope to start one up for us. Now I will be shortly leaving and returning to the state of 2/no clicking while I am away in the Far East for eight months. Ill be checking in from time to time keeping in touch all my good Tech friends and letting you all know that I am alive.

So as far as my return to eRep. Whether ya'll know it or not my little baby brother started playing eRep with me a while back. Upon my return he is planning to return to the Tech party and begin to build up an MU or continue on with our current MU but adding in a supply and commune option. As well as I'll have him spamming people to get more people into the party. So all and all if ya'll are still here when I get back fun things should be occurring in 8 months. But sadly I fear that, like last time, I come back and there are like 3 people left in the party. So with that Ill be updating ya'll via PMs so if you want in on the life of me outside of here PM me and await approval to get to know the real me.

Lastly I will give a shout out to my favorite Youtube celebrity Ajay Bruno. Please watch, subscribe and dislike. On a side note, you do look like you've lost some weight there Ajay so looking good.

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