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[TC]Proud Military Preperation since '08

Day 1,868, 00:03 Published in USA USA by blondeninja

The United States Training Corps is the training and preparation branch of the eUnited States Military. Most, when they hear Training Corps,think of a branch dedicated to serving the sole purpose of escorting new players through the modules of the game. While we do this, we also serve returning players, as well as preparing other players for membership in the other branches of the eUnited States Military: National Guard, Mobile Infantry, Army, Airborne, and Marines.

The Training Corps has had a proud past of maintaining the military as a whole with fresh recruits, prepared battle ready soldiers, and capable leaders since it’s standing as the 2nd Division of the National Guard (TD or Training Division). You will get the choice, from day 1, of where you want to eventually transfer to, as well as the necessary supplies to advance in, in game rank, as well as to participate in battles and military campaigns for the eUnited States. Once you complete your preparation you will be able to, with the requirements met, transfer to the branch of your choice. Now not all soldiers pass through TC to apply to other branches, however besides missing out on preparation, they will be facing more requirements to apply. For example the United States Marine Corps holds the requirement of 15 thousand strength, however to all USTC graduates that requirement is 10 thousand strength. This is because the soldiers from TC that apply to other branches are that much more ready, strong, and effective.

The United States Training Corps has been known for an amazing community, superb teaching of new players and it’s battle exploits as a branch. However Training Corps is much more than a branch for brand new players, we exist to prepare, teach, train all applicants for the battles we fight for the eUnited States. The USTC has endured many a campaign and we have trained many great leaders. We invite you to join the eUnited States Military and serve your country in the proudest and most effective Military Organization yet!!


Lieutenant General Blondeninja
Branch Executive Officer
United States Training Corps



Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,868, 01:04

< 3 TC

xy2set Day 1,868, 01:09

V for Voted
V for Victory

ligtreb Day 1,868, 01:16

Go TC!

Voted and subbed.

stewy Day 1,868, 01:44

TC o7

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Day 1,868, 01:52

Lovessssssss TC

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,868, 03:02



Haselrig Day 1,868, 04:23


Candor Day 1,868, 04:36

Voted hard!

Deepchill Day 1,868, 05:18

/me TC grad


Xeja1 Day 1,868, 06:44

TC is the place to be. I remember it well

Unum Day 1,868, 07:25

Training Corps rocks!

Infinite One
Infinite One Day 1,868, 08:44

I so voted hard right now

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,868, 09:02


29HEK Day 1,868, 10:21


Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,868, 16:43

Voted. In TC a lot of great soldiers were born !

Ruthain Day 1,868, 17:40

o7 TC

kitmen Day 1,868, 20:00

TC is evil, they like cookies and cake. I will tolerate them for now since they are so awesome 😛

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 1,868, 21:57

Voted. : )

redbirdusa Day 1,869, 01:36


Barracuda1 Day 1,869, 14:01

Voted 🙂

Verdugo22 Day 1,870, 04:28


Samoht Resyk
Samoht Resyk Day 1,870, 06:04

We do love cookies!

stephen s
stephen s Day 1,874, 18:48

Very nice:D

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