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[tBRE] The military strenght of CoT countries - day 1780

Day 1,782, 05:13 Published in Belgium Belgium by Tony Clifford

A new snapshot on CoT situation for day 1780.
Mexico entered the alliance in day 1771 and it is now the third country of CoT by influence (9.2% of the alliance).
As an alliance, with the addition of Mexico, CoT grew from 8.9% in 1766 (see: to 11.3% of eWorld influence.
Bulgaria remains the most powerful member with 41.2%, Chile reached (thanks to missions which were more important for youngest players) the 31.2%, the remaining 9 countries constitutes the 27.7%.
Here you are the total and the weighted influence of CoT:


Chile is the most powerful country in div1 and div2, Bulgaria in div3 and div4:


by Tony Clifford



Gyantse Day 1,782, 05:17


MCKitkat Day 1,782, 05:27

Voted good job


Backwards Day 1,782, 06:06

Question is: how much of this power is actually done for CoT purposes.

thanks for the info

BrunoCND Day 1,782, 06:11

Voted xD

Backwards Day 1,782, 06:17

So, Mr MoD.

Any plans on a training war or anything of that kind in the next month? Loose from the mission fact.

Just curious what to expect in the coming month.

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,782, 06:25

No, it is the influence done by each country.
Yeah, I know that in some countries there are some people who do damage against the interests of their respective country. In Belgium it is easy to find out who they are, in other countries it is impossible.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,782, 06:28

Fail Belgium
Fail COT

shadowukcs Day 1,782, 08:11

Fail Belgium
Fail COT

Kaad Day 1,782, 08:54

COT 4 Ever

Let us prove that eBelgium is stronger then that!

Ely.nea Day 1,782, 14:14


Jeiry Day 1,782, 17:09

"In Belgium it is easy to find out who they are, in other countries it is impossible."
I don't understand that part of your comment. How ? What do you mean ?

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,783, 10:09

I mean that I know the eBelgians who don't like CoT.

shadowukcs Day 1,784, 02:15

If you want to know the true strenght of eBelgium in CoT you don't have to look at our daily damanges. A huge chunk of that is either damage done against CoT (like I and several others do) or damage done in the wrong battles (like new players do)

It's not representative really.

In order to get a real view of our damage you have to look at the eBelgian damage in certain battles over the course of a few days than take the average of that. You will probably find much lower numbers than then

el xenxan
el xenxan Day 1,789, 10:01


CriMsoNFuRY Day 1,789, 14:53

the most beatiful alliance

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