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[tBRE] The military strenght of CoT countries - day 1766

Day 1,769, 01:21 Published in Belgium Belgium by Tony Clifford

I already did an analysis of the military strength of Cot countries in day 1753.
But now there is a new member of CoT to add: Moldova.

Div1 and Div2
As shown in the last analysis, the strongest country in div1 and div2 continues to be Chile.
Belgium constitutes the 0.3% of the alliance in div1 and the 0.7% in div2.

div1 and div2 graphs


Div3 and Div4
The strongest country in div3 and div4 is Bulgaria
Belgium constitutes the 2.2% of the alliance in div3 and the 2.9% in div4.

div3 and div4 graphs


Combined influence
The combined influence (weigthed) shows that the strongest country is Bulgaria with 45.1%, the second one is Chile with 28.9%, while the remaining 9 Countries combined count for only the 26%.
Belgium constitutes the 1.8% of the alliance.

weighted influence graph


The alliance
CoT, as an alliance, constitutes the 13.6% of the eWorld in div1, the 13.2% in div2. the 8.3% in div3 and the 6.6% in div4. Combined the weighted influence of CoT in the eWorld is 8.9%.

by Tony Clifford



BrunoCND Day 1,769, 01:36

nICE Article

tarbuh Day 1,769, 01:37

nice artile, v+s : )

shadowukcs Day 1,769, 02:10

conclusion: we suck

not because we have poorly equipped soldiers, but because we have too little people due to a poor immigration policy and a repressive forum regime. We should be opening our borders for new citizens, and until people will realize than, we will always be weak

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,769, 02:51

I entered eBelgium despite being unactive for 1 year and despite having been banned from the Swiss forum (an ally).
That is the restrictive immigration policy of eBelgium.

GoopyPants Day 1,769, 04:36

also, many of the CoT countries have something to fight for, while eBelgium fighters can't work on TP medals, no NE bonus, and no reason to fight. So, for example, my 2.5M/day div3 damage isn't included on your chart, meaning eBel's damage output is under-reported.

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,769, 04:46

It's not included because you don't fight, goopy. And your damage output is potential, not real.
(I have millions of div2 damage stockpiled, too).

tommot Day 1,769, 06:38

Useful statistics.

Viridi Day 1,769, 08:39

I think the huge gap in dmg done per country will effectively mean we'll all be relying on Bulgaria and Chile for help, which isn't a good idea.

shadowukcs Day 1,769, 12:42

spot on Viridi

GoopyPants Day 1,769, 15:16

"It's not included because you don't fight, goopy. And your damage output is potential, not real."

Right, but if I had a reason to fight I would. That is my point, that folks in eBE don't fight because there isn't a reason for it, relative to countries that are occupied or fighting legitimate wars.

Nohjis Day 1,770, 03:19

You could choose to support our allies GoopyPants but apparently you believe it's only meaningfull to fight for eBelgium, this is not going to happen any time soon because we are surrounded by Poland and the UK (two friendly countries). What would you define as a legitimate war ? (The liberation of our occupied allies, the protection of the development of the new generation in eChile ?)

P.S.: @Tony Clifford, since this weekend, Mexico is also an official member, do add it in next time.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,770, 05:27

Fail Belgium
Fail COT

ChewChewShoe Day 1,775, 04:54

Hail CoT!

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