[tBRE] Alliances of the eWorld - Day 1858

Day 1,859, 07:15 Published in Belgium Belgium by Tony Clifford

My beloved Belgian readers, the biweekly update on the eWorld's MPPs is here!
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We get a decline in the numer of MPPs
In day 1858, the number of MPPs is to 381, 45 MPPs less than in day 1844

Day 1858 MPPs situation

As you can see, the World remains essentially divided in two big groups.

On the left there are CoT (light blue), ex-ABC (orange), TWO (violet) countries, with some other countries.
On the right we have EDEN (dark green), Asgard (yellow) and ex-TERRA (light green) countries and some others.
4 small nations remains without MPPs: among them there is Belgium, because of the Training War with the United Kingdom.

No big changes in these last two weeks.

Brazil is now definitevely in the left cluster, whereas the USA stopped their movement and they're now equidistant from the two big clusters in the center of the playground.

On the right group, countries are compacted around EDEN MPPs, with the exception of Russia, Belarus, and South Africa.

Some events of these two weeks were :
- the joining of Lithuania to CoT (as a trial member)
- the exit of Ireland from EDEN(but it remains in the cluster of nations on the right)

Thanks to the update of egov4you.info, i can show you the strenght of the alliances in day 1858.
EDEN/GEA is the most powerful alliance with 34.6% of weighted influence.
But TWO (with 26.0😵 and CoT (with 18.5😵 together have the 44.5% of eWorld's influence.
USA and their friends Brazil and Russia, reach the 10.2% of eWorld's influence.

Pie chart

Day 1844 MPPs situation

by Tony Clifford