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Day 1,900, 08:17 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by D I W

We are Tank Nation. A Family Military Unit in the eUK who strike hard and strike fast. We are politically neutral and consist of members from a range of different parties.

Tank Nation was 166th most powerful MU in TWO we are proud of this and hope to continue to go up the ranks.

Command Team

FragUK - Commander Father of the Unit
D I W - Second in Command Brother of FragUK
Keep Calm - Clam - Captain Son of D I W

Division - 4 Tanks

Sigfred Zachariasen - Sigfred FragUK’s cool Brother
missingno - Grandfather
TheRover - D I W Long Lost Brother
Matt Scazza - FragUK’s Long Lost Son
Deepfryedmarsbar - Frag UK’s 2nd Nephew

Division - 3 Special Forces

Count Drakula - CDKelly’s Child Minder
Kamikaze Kelvin - Kelly FragUK’s Oldest Son
Cygnus X1 - Cyg D I W’s illegitimate Son
Cindy021 - FragUK’s American Cousin
Steve021s - FragUK’s Youngest Son
Mary Hinge - Missingno’s Neice
Sexagenarian - FragUK’s Cousin

Division - 2 Soldiers

Vezhven - Cyg’s Cousin
PTWO - Missingno’s God Son
T White II - D I W’s Brother in Law
Fritz179 - FragUK’s Nephew
david whittam - D I W’s Cousin
surferdude - FragUK’s Cousin
Yurigavin - FragUK’s God Son

Division - 1 National Guard

Steven Riding - Cyg’s Cousin
Morgrath - D I W's Canadian Cousin
balder88 - FragUK’s Cousin
DearWatson T - White’s Cousin
John H Watson - Cyg’s Cousin


Strike will be on Saturday, you can hit at any time and any map,
but to reserve your Q7 tanks you need to fill in the forum.

Strike Form

Maximum tanks you can claim is limited to 13.

We're hoping to improve on influence from defending the UK with over 50 Mill from 17 members so congratulations to everyone.

At Tank Nation if you increase your Military Rank, your XP level,
get a TP medal or you win a CH-BH medal post on the wall to receive your Q7 Tanks and Q5 food.

We've changed these to include are growing Division 4 members

Division (1) National Guard - 10 Q7 Tanks

Division (2) Soldiers - 15 Q7 Tanks

Division (3) Special Forces - 20 Q7 Tanks

Division (4) Tanks - 20 Q7 Tanks

We give no conventional daily supplies, however we help each other when we can.
Our members are very generous and do random food and weapon drops.
Just post in the MU shoutbox and some 1 will send you your needs.
We are always looking for players that can help us out to expand the generosity.

We have a daily food drop.

This may change 1 day if all goes well, but we never set out to be a MU all about supplies, its the brotherhood and friendship that Tank Nation was built on.

Interested in joining message our commander FragUK. Upstanding man Hero of the UK and has been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross and also Minister of Defence making sure we have up-to-date DO’s and knowledge of all CTA and Strikes. Along with Count Drakula who has also been rewarded Conspicuous Gallantry Cross two years ago and is also the deputy Minister of Defence and eUK military overlord we always have up-to-date DO’s.

This means that when a battle it opened our members are there and starting hitting together as can be seen in the recent Norway battle

Join us on IRC! channel - #TankNation, there is always one or two of us on so come for some information, for a Chat or just some help.

Where with Teh-EvilCode we can keep an eye on how the unit is doing, and here we have Teh-EvilCode showing our highest amount of damage so far achieved on day 1884

And the day we reached our highest kill count.



T White II
T White II Day 1,900, 08:21

Tank Nation o7

Cindy021 Day 1,900, 08:24

v 2 nice that I will be here for the strike o7

Keep Calm
Keep Calm Day 1,900, 08:38

Tank Nation! o7

FragUK Day 1,900, 09:15

Tank Nation o7

On Guard

Deepfryedmarsbar Day 1,900, 09:52

Tank Nation o7

Sexagenarian Day 1,900, 10:47


Fritz179 Day 1,900, 13:06


surferdude Day 1,900, 15:39


klop123 Day 1,901, 08:40

This is a fine MU if I ever saw one. o7

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