***¡Take us to Meh-hee-co!***

Day 464, 23:06 Published in USA USA by Uncle Sam
¡hola mis amigos en los Estados Unidos!

today, American takes a first step into improving our military power. I ask you all, isn't it about time America grew and became a larger force in the world of war? As you all know, this administration has been working hard to increase our military power, so why not give it a little test run? Since the USA went without battles for over 2 weeks, it's about time we got back into the fray.

Why, oh God, Why did you do This Uncle Sam?!
Well, lets face it, America could easily steamroll Mexico, and take all their regions if we wanted, but that's not what I had in mind. I want to say that this deceleration of war was based off of two things, the political takeover in Mexico, and the war games that I've been working so hard to bring to America.

So if we're attacking, it's not war games right? That is correct, we're going to be taking some regions, all without contracts, but still negotiable. America needs war, and actually experiencing the capture of land is something greatly desired. The only way to start, is to start small. In this regard, it is war for wars sake, which brings out the purpose of war games without actually bringing the actually process into play.

More importantly it is because of the Polish political takeover in Mexico. Now that Poland controls most of their congress, there would be no way that Mexico would declare war on us for war games anymore. So I've taken action into my own hands, loaded up my bazooka and started to march south. seriously though, we do this in an honest attempt to give Mexico a a majority of true congressman back to their government. By capturing regions, congressmen that won elections in that region will be removed from government. Thus by capturing region where only polish congressmen won, we'll be able to give Mexico their government back.

So while we're on our own little mission to "free" Mexico, have fun with this. I'm sure as hell going to cook up some burritos, since I never even get to leave this country to fight. Charge over the border, passing a few illegal immigrants, and explore these foreign lands! I hope your weapons are polished, as we're going to have a muy bueno time in our southern neighbors country. Mexico is the enemy (so to speak) so lets charge into battle with flags waiving, trumpets sounding and guns a blaze!

*Suddenly Uncle Sam drops some secret documents*

Plans of Occupation
The USA will steamroll right into Mexico, taking quite a few regions at a time. Only specific politically targeted lands will be attacked with the exception of a few border regions. USA will continue to attack Mexico until we have reached the more southern regions, at which point, the USA will halt any further conquest. Upon completion of conquest in Mexico, peace will be declared, and certain regions will be returned to Mexico via Resistance Wars. USA will most likely keep a few regions with no geographical, economical or political purpose, as to not cripple Mexico.

Oops, you weren't supposed to see that, but now that you know, understand the occupation of Mexico is not a priority. While keeping a region here or there may be viewed as imperialistic, we are already given that title by our alliance affiliation, so why not have fun with it. Because of these operations in Mexico, a new day is coming in eAmerican history, and a new trend will be started. America will now truly begin its growth to becoming a stronger nation!

Now that you've read all the political crap about war...

*Uncle Sam runs screaming like a madman in the direction that his compass indicates as south*
*Military gears up and marches south for the winter*
*Journalists stay at home and write about what they hear on the TV about the war*
*Business Owners rake in fat war profits and then sit on the couch at home*
*Government sits in quiet rooms arguing over whether this war is right or wrong*

Is it any wonder that politics can be a bore? Throw caution to the wind and prepare for War!
-Uncle Sam-
USA President