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[taco bell for dinner?]Chile vs eUSA[don't forget the beano]

Day 1,814, 13:45 Published in USA USA by RebelBlood
CHILE (supposed country, confirmed delicious)

--- VS ---

AMERICA (home of the all american badass, no not Cerb, Chuck Norris)



This epic public service announcement & total lulz brought to you by:
Rebel Whiskey Smack Talkin LLC
Que es tu papa? Productions

"As always my friends, top self cheers, now lets kick us some Chilean rear!"

Comments Day 1,814, 14:31

v + s

chuck norris once ate the whole burrito, puked and created south america ...... google it, its a fact

Helldarr Day 1,814, 15:09

Gael Cavannari wrote 11 minutes ago

★- Friends fight for NZ in OTAGO
★- Please DON´T fight for Chile against USA in California

yeah it must have been hard....

RebelBlood Day 1,814, 17:33

After invading only to find Chuck Norris beating down rays of sunshine on the shores of a California sandy beach......and of course TB'ing dolphins .... can't really blame them for dropping their ponchos and hanging their sombreros in shame

O7 - Hail Chuck "The All American Badass" Norris - O7

aravanal Day 1,814, 18:08

Meanwhile in Chile, before the attack

aravanal Day 1,814, 18:10

US, we are southamerican ,

we aren`t mexican

RAPHS0N Day 1,814, 21:17

no entiendo porque nos representan con la imagen de mexicano gringos idiotas...

Marcelo16 Day 1,815, 07:45

hahah es pura ignorancia

Helldarr Day 1,816, 00:48

such arrogance , such ignorance

butarch Day 1,816, 11:34

guys, they are american 1/3 of their population is fat, chile isnt a shit country, chile has a bigger % of white people than us, such ignorance, they say that the 9/11 is the worst day in history what happens whit nagasaky and hiroshima?? america isnt the center of the world, dont arge whit an ashole (american) they will won for the experience

RebelBlood Day 1,816, 12:30

fact: 1/2 of the american population is fat ..... fact: chile is a sh*t country
fact: 9/11 is the worst day in US history ....... fact: nagasaky/hiroshima is the worst day in Japans history
fact: center of the world is full of lava ......... fact: everyone has an a-hole, check yours it sounds plugged

I'm just funning around (@ your chilean expense), read your comments butarch, who's the arrogant, ignorant racist?

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,819, 06:53

I lol'd

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