[Swiss] Plan for Avio players!

Day 3,856, 08:35 Published in Switzerland Serbia by Murdersas

Strong aviation, for a strong Swiss

Conditions :
Swiss CS
You must be a member of this unitClick here to join in the Military unit
To participate in your project, your rank must not be greater than Chief Master Sergeant!

Every Tuesday, we will donate you some amount of food, to have for fight in avio battles, for all week. That amount will be not small and will be calculated from your contribute in the Air battles.

After completing the calculation , in new article you will get result's and how much country helped you.

There will also be a reward for the top five players in the number of kills

1. 5000cc + (q1 house)
2. 4000cc + (q1 house)
3. 3000cc + (q1 house) Every player can get a house only once!
4. 2000cc + (q1 house)
5. 1000cc + (q1 house)

Prizes for every player who reaches a new air rank!

We hope this project will bring some changes in Swiss community on air basis, we hope for more players to join our military unit and soon create strong AIR players

For any questions
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You can also join us at

Best regards,
Minister of Defense