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[Swiss Embassy in Japan] Government, Congress, Economy /RD\

Day 1,845, 12:01 Published in Switzerland Serbia by Rik Daphnee


I have been appointed to be the ambassador to eJapan. I'm really happy to get this job and I hope I can further strengthen our good relationship.

In this, my first embassy article, I’ll present structure of their Government, plans and publish some information about Japan. There aren't many RL Japanese citizens. It’s multinational Country. There are many Hungarians, Americans, Ukrainians... They chose Koppanyi Ferenc as a Country President second time.

In first term, he is saying about JP liberations. I think that Brazil and USA are responsible for that. They started offensive on eRepublic of China (Taiwan). It was very interesting attack with a lot tactical moves... But, doesn't matter, Japan has Congress!

I'm sorry about this screenshot picture, I installed my new OS few days ago...

Also, they have multi economical problems. Their daily income is very low. In last two months, two national organizations are banned. National bank is banned during DEN 007 term. Last month, one more organization is banned. Development Bank of Japan is banned "for creating or administrating multiple accounts".Here you can read about that... (More information about JP Economy in next report of our Embassy in Japan)

Structure of Japanese Government is very ‘simply’. Here it is:

Country President - Koppanyi Ferenc
Vice president - Akki
Prime minister - Geezus
Minister of Finance - Darshu
Minister of Defense - ardishabutaro
Minister of Homeland security - Tom Medelsvensson
Minister of Education - Kitsune Usureki

Koppanyi asked Squibeel to represent Japan in the CoT, and still waiting his answer.

This is all for my first report. Expect new article very soon...

Swiss ambassador to Japan,
Rik Daphnee o/


bancho22 Day 1,845, 12:11

o7 respect for fellow ambassadors (:

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,845, 12:19


Rican Day 1,845, 12:25

Thank you Ambassador Rik

great article

arhangellord Day 1,845, 12:55

veoma dobro napisano
v + s

Fronte Anarchico eItaliano
Fronte Anarchico eItaliano Day 1,845, 13:09

Thank you Ambassador!!!!



emexico Day 1,845, 16:18

Voted o/

MadelineJoshua Day 1,846, 23:19

hihihihi : D

Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Day 1,846, 03:16

Thanks Rik for this nice overview (:

Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 1,846, 03:53

v + s

Patrick Stella
Patrick Stella Day 1,846, 14:08

Good job! Thank you!

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