[Swiss] Avio players 4week giveaway!

Day 3,885, 14:55 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Dep. of Defence

As I have said in previous artice [Swiss] Plan for Avio players! , Swiss players who fight in Avio battles will also be benefited from our country.

First of all, as a Swiss Avio player, you will need to join to country Military Unit
Click here to join in the Military Unit

Every Tuesday, we will donate you some amount of food, to have for fight in avio batlles, for all week. That amount will be calculated from your contribution in the battles.

After completing the calculation , in new article you will get the results and how much did you help yout country.

How we will calculate?

Like member in the Swiss Military Academy , every Tuesday, we will have reset on Weekly Leaderboards, there we will see how much damage you made for 1 week in avio battles, and by that damage, you will get amount of food.

Also, there are awards for the highest number of kills. And there is q1 house, which can be obtained only once.

List of donation's:
Borgogian 19500 q1 food + 5000cc

Vincent Rekdal
5400 q1 food + 3000cc

2300 q1 food + 2000cc

Andrew Manst
6300 q1 food + 4000cc

29700 q1 food, without money, at his request.

I hope this project, will made some change's in Swiss community on avio plan,and we will have a lot of member's in Military Unit, and soon strong Avio player's also.

Again i will remmember our community players, to join our discord channel.

For any question, please
click here

Best regards,
Country president

Minister of Defense