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[SUGGESTION] Monetary Market - Tracking your offer

Day 1,744, 12:27 Published in Portugal United Kingdom by Senhor Coisinho

Hey guys, tired of looking through 500 pages of offers just to see how far down the list you are in the Monetary Market?
I know I am!

So I've decided to send the admins a little ticket with my suggestion.

Hi there, it came to me that there is currently no way to track an offer that a player has posted on the Monetary Market. If we want to check on which page our offer is (say in the current scenario where there are over 500 pages of offers for 1CC=0.002G) we have to skip through all of them.

Wouldn't it be more convenient to add a simple counter to the "My offers" tab?
Just a small number indicating the page in which the player's offer is at the moment?

I hope this really gets through to you guys 😉

Best regards,
Senhor Coisinho

I'm sure that if they get enough of these they'll really considere it.
So please; send a copy of that text via ticket ( -- Click on "Submit a ticket" and choose "Game Support" then "Game Mechanics" as a subject) leave a vote, shout it out, be a part of the community 😉



v.I.v Day 1,744, 13:42


TomSawyerPT Day 1,744, 17:11


x4them Day 1,744, 18:50

Só me das trabalho! 😃

The Anaconda
The Anaconda Day 1,746, 10:17

Tenho ideia que o MM é aleatório........

Senhor Coisinho
Senhor Coisinho Day 1,747, 21:12

Malagueta, desde já as minhas desculpas pela resposta tardia.
O MM não funciona aleatoriamente. As ofertas têm uma ordem de acordo com o valor da oferta e a hora a que foram colocadas.

Se seguires de perto uma oferta (e isto vê-se mais facilmente no caso da venda de cc por gold) podes reparar que ela aparecerá nas últimas páginas e irá progredindo com o passar do tempo para as páginas da frente.

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