[Stats] Commodores and Legends - January 2023

Day 5,539, 11:13 Published in Italy Italy by Feliks Edmundovic

Following previous articles, I collected data from erepublik.tools about the number of Legend XX, and Air Commodores or higher ranks that each country can field in January 2023. You can find the results in the table below.

The first column represents the country ranking in January, you can find the change during the last month in brackets. Then you have country names, their political alignment and the respective totals of Commodores and LegendXX. In the further two columns there is the overall total and the change that happened in the last month.

The country ranking is based on the total number of Legends XX and Commodores+, which is highlighted in bold. The number doesn't correspond to the actual players, because LegXX are often also Air Commodores, but I think it gives an idea of the maximum number of tanks that a country can commit to battle. Clearly, it is not a precise figure of the countries' military might, as data don't tell about sleepy players, protector bonuses of other nations, or simple guests, with Legends and bonuses in other countries. However, it should still give an overall idea.

Lastly there is a bonus with the totals organized by alliance.

And here are the tables, enjoy!

Ps: Data was collected on January 18th, ED 5538.