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[State] Thank you Poland! Thank you Latvia!

Day 3,292, 04:56 Published in USA USA by Department of State

It’s a special day in America today. A day to eat so much food you hate yourself, and a day to say thank you for the important things in life. We’re a big fan of tradition in the eUSA government. So to keep this grand tradition of giving thanks alive, please read on!

Please, give thanks to our Pacifica ally and friend, Poland.

Poland has been a solid friend in our goal to wipe Indonesia. In the battle for Karataka (lovingly narrated by Yui here), Indonesia’s bolt-hole in India, the Polish came through for us. Their combat orders and night-damage (from our perspective) were the deciding factor in a closely contested resistance war.

Thank you, Poland!

Please also give thanks to our old friends, Latvia.

You might not always hear of the Latvians, but you can be 100% certain that they are always in our corner and working for our mutual best interests. In this particular case, give thanks that Latvia have filled our airstrike meter.

Thank you, Latvia!



Department of State
Department of State Day 3,292, 04:57

[State] Thank you Poland! Thank you Latvia!

wwenigma Day 3,292, 06:01

Thank you USA. Awwww, nothing to thank you...

Severrus Snape
Severrus Snape Day 3,292, 05:06

Thats all?

Ilene Dover
Ilene Dover Day 3,292, 05:08

No vote, no content! 🙂

Black Panther II
Black Panther II Day 3,292, 05:13


Kherehabath Day 3,292, 05:43


Jasher Day 3,292, 05:53

Thank you to our Pacifica allies.

Don Care Leone
Don Care Leone Day 3,292, 07:30


Zmajeviti Day 3,292, 07:56

eREP REWARDS + FREE RW INFO, November 24th!

fingerguns Day 3,292, 10:28

Way to crush it!!

John Gregorson
John Gregorson Day 3,292, 12:52

Hail Pacifica!

WageRudolfSoepratman Day 3,293, 03:25

good, try harder. cause we'll not go down. #MerdekaAtauMati

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