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[State] Interview with Free Area, CP - Serbia

Day 3,491, 07:44 Published in USA USA by Department of State

I sat down with the President of eSerbia, Free Area. This is a man with some pretty dramatic history here in the eUS, and based on the fact that he was couped shortly after being elected, it doesn’t look like the drama has stopped.

dmjohnston: I think the last time we spoke, I was CP in eUSA and we were working on the relations with the newly formed Cuba. How long have you been back in eSerbia?

Free Area: Your memory serves you very well! It was great time on Cuba, but after some time I just lost interest in eRepublik and left the game for some time, around 3 years and went to travel around the world working on a cruise ship. Two months ago when I returned to the game I decided to get eSerbian CS and start making some fun ingame.

DMJ: You, probably more than most other eSerbs, have a long history with the eUS. Do you ever miss your time in our country?

Free Area: Sometimes I really miss eUS times. I enjoyed being there more than anything else in this game. Sometimes I regret doing what I did with AMP, but we can’t change our past, only improve future. AMPs are great people and deserve nothing but respect!

DMJ: So you got elected CP this month, but now you've been couped. That's gotta be a good story, right? Tell me what happened.

Free Area: When I returned in game I realized that someone in eSerbia is using hundreds of multi accounts on botnet to vote on elections. I decided to side with parties on the opposite side of those multi voter parties and started fighting for political power and banning multies.There is history of hatred between those two political blocks in Serbia with what I don’t have anything to do, but during elections I somehow managed to remove multi votes from opposite candidate's score(banned 93 multies) and won elections. That culminated and they just couldn’t take fair results and my victory so they abused army and their pack buyer status and started coup which happened yesterday. Now we are putting all our efforts to liberate eSerbia and restore modern civilization heritage such as democracy.

DMJ: I'm amazed that people still bother with multis to maintain control with the game population dwindling so heavily. Do you think eSerbia's politics are more intense than the eUS at this point in terms of wanting to stay in power and being willing to cheat to do it?

Free Area: Me too! Serbia has big problem with multi accounts, but as you could see in my inauguration article, we have banned over 120 for just a month which I assume a damn great job! I think eSerbian politics are just more dirty, not really more intense. People invested a lot in those multies and they can’t afford losing them.

DMJ: Do you think you'll regain control of the executive power before the month is out?

Free Area: I think dictatorship occupation can’t be held for long period. It is very expensive even for eSerbia. Country will lose all its money this way before month ends. I will put all my power in restoring liberty and democracy. Power to the people!

DMJ: Got any secret plans for continuing to erode the opposition's power base?

Free Area: Be sure that we do, however they wouldn’t be secret plan if I reveal them in public haha 🙂

DMJ: How much do you love Derphoof?

Free Area: I have special someone and that is Derphoof's mum, therefore Derphoof and me are BFF (Best Friends Forever).

DMJ: What do you think of eUS-eSerbia relations right now? They are certainly better than they were back in the day, but do you think there is a limit to how close our nations will ever become?

Free Area: Back in the day we had much worse relations, now they are getting better, especially when my BFF is CP of USA! Who knows what tomorrow brings, limits move every day. I am looking forward building healthy relations between our great nations and I will send emissary to your country as soon as I solve out internal problems within my country.

DMJ: What are your feelings on God Emperor Dio Brando?

Free Area: In this game I choose to be an atheist!

Things were going very well in the interview, but at this point, I left him with a copy of the Book of Dio and returned to the eUS on my Steamroller.

Free Area did ask me to send his best regards to the eUS.



Department of State
Department of State Day 3,491, 07:46

Interview Conducted by DMJohnston of the State Media Team.

State thanks Free Area for the interview, and wishes the best for Serbia and her people.

Marcus Nerva Traianus
Marcus Nerva Traianus Day 3,491, 07:57

He forgot to tell you, he wants to support again AFA or whatsoever that PTO party is calling now 🙂

eRevenant Day 3,491, 08:01

good job

Citizen 8942290
Citizen 8942290 Day 3,491, 08:02

I was told your political fraction in eSerbia had plans to attack the eUSA after coming to power.
Care to comment?


Citizen 8942290
Citizen 8942290 Day 3,491, 12:30

I've asked for a comment, not a vote 😉

Ace Viper
Ace Viper Day 3,491, 08:04


nikol000 Day 3,491, 08:13

Very bad move,

Internal things of Serbia is not your business

Derphoof Day 3,491, 08:32

The US is conducting a series of interviews with CPs and officials around the world. This is being done to inform Americans on the issues in the world. This interview does not contain anything that was not already public, and Serbia is the most powerful nation in the game. We'd like our citizens to stay informed.

Thank you for your interest in American media.

The.Hound Day 3,491, 16:04

But he is not a cp, he is just a flower pot with delusions of grandeur 😃

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 3,491, 08:57

Oh wow, from PP of AMP party to CP of Serbia in just three years. Well done!

AlexEstrella Day 3,491, 09:12


Pony do Inferno
Pony do Inferno Day 3,491, 10:17

Nice interview, voted and congratulations for the initiative!

Gnpeps Day 3,491, 10:41


pierrotmon Day 3,491, 15:25

This guy was and is a famous PTOer and in interview you seem to stand at his side or at least take neutral stance (which is absurd). Are you aware that he tried to take over USA as well few years ago? And, you know, when PTOer blames someone for having multies and plays victim role it's like if a prostitute would blame some random girl for getting into marriage without her innocence.

We actually used the only legitimate mechanism that this game offers (dictatorship) to remove this creature from power (CP position) of eSerbia because there is no other way to fight his hundreds of well hidden multies. Aside other reasons for dictatorship like his temp ban from few days ago, sabotages in congress and so on (the list is long).This game is a business for that kind of people, a way to obtain RL money, so please don't be stupid to swallow their lies and manipulations.

This interview is certainly not something that normal part of Serbia (the one that actually matters on the battlefield and does not try to steal virtual money to sell it for real money) appreciates. It's like spitting directly into our eyes.

Free Area
Free Area Day 3,491, 16:06

I just must say that you are well buthurted and there is no way to help you! Im sorry mate, keep living in fairy tales!

Goxi HN
Goxi HN Day 3,494, 01:48


Goxi HN
Goxi HN Day 3,494, 01:48

and more

dmjohnston Day 3,491, 16:43

I was around back when Free Area was in the eUS, and as I mentioned in the interview, I dealt with him when I was a CP here and he was in Cuba.

I don't see anywhere that I took his side, though. I'm well aware of his history and never agree with PTO as a means of getting your way.

But if he got a bunch of multis removed, I'm fine with that.

Derphoof Day 3,491, 17:00

We are very aware that this guy was a part of the PTO. DMJ chose the questions, and the direction of the interview.

This is not an endorsement of Free Area, or his actions. This is part of an educational series, giving information to the American people on the events in the world. Considering Free Area's history in the USA, it made for a compelling start to this series.

There will be an interview soon with the new Dictator/Leader of Serbia, and possibly other officials. You're more than welcome to be a part of that interview, if you'd like.

Citizen 8942290
Citizen 8942290 Day 3,492, 18:50

Free Area is a double agent and spy.
Give him more money and he will switch sides.

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 3,494, 02:14

a spy and/or double agent? lol lol ...He is neither one nor the other. He is one of the best trolls in this game.

Citizen 8942290
Citizen 8942290 Day 3,494, 04:35

How would you know he isn't?
And yes, his trolling abilities are above average.

Niemand Day 3,491, 15:45

"In this game I choose to be an atheist!"
Very well said.

Gambino_SSSS Day 3,491, 16:12

Dictators are the most uncontrollable PTO-ers

Jd Jack Serenade
Jd Jack Serenade Day 3,491, 20:42


Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock Day 3,492, 01:52

what a pile of shite... dmj and fa talking of multies!!! lol i must be damned.
can actually anyone trust in the honesty of this interview (from either side)!!

dmjohnston Day 3,492, 22:02


Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 3,493, 03:33

Believe he is saying that one multi-user -you- is interviewing another multi-user (FreeArea) whoPTOed the AMP and then tried to do the same to America. The only education needed is that FreeArea is a PTOer and enemy of America....

dmjohnston Day 3,493, 17:30

Comment deleted

Citizen 8942290
Citizen 8942290 Day 3,493, 23:06

Frank, I can literally feel the love dmj has for you! 😃

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 3,494, 03:10

According to you and the Meta-Congress simply claiming a citizen is this or that needs no proof. You simply point your finger at them and make some outlandish are a rump kissing brown nosing lap dog....

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 3,492, 15:07


Free Area
Free Area Day 3,492, 15:53

baby booooo

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 3,494, 03:11


RF Williams
RF Williams Day 3,492, 17:16

Power to the people, right on.

Goxi HN
Goxi HN Day 3,494, 01:49

just to make it clear, eserbia is dioist nation

Free Area
Free Area Day 3,494, 04:13


Arrden Day 3,494, 13:18

A State Department article interview with a mole traitor, who took over an eAmerican T5 party to fill the congress list with foreign hostiles. Good job DMJ.

Citizen 8942290
Citizen 8942290 Day 3,494, 14:47

Soon DMJ will provide him eUS citizenship, just wait!

dmjohnston Day 3,496, 17:16

Step on a Lego.

dmjohnston Day 3,496, 17:17

He's a CP of a foreign nation. Chill out, dingus.

Warllook Day 3,500, 03:44

Kentucky nikad neće biti Milanovac!

Citizen NegaN
Citizen NegaN Day 3,500, 19:56

so, he is PTO-er, eh? cool

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