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[STATE] Come on, baby, light my fire

Day 3,249, 17:22 Published in USA USA by Department of State

US Department of State keeps working to ensure America is aware of the latest world affairs developments and safe and glorious home and overseas. I'll once again copy the October list of US Government officials for the foreign FA officers to make sure they're following one of most diverse and energetic communities around and the people who represent it.

The United States of America continues pursuing its agenda: a safe, stable, responsible Pacifica helping its partners and allies, where every country member is prosperous, safe, and ready to help his allies.
In the meantime, we'll be looking for more True Patriot wars to have our knuckles in business. This will include reinvigoration of some of the American wars, of course. For now, a return of the Indonesian war to a more lively mode is incoming to reinforce our strategic position in that region.

The world remains in relative turmoil, meanwhile; we see Syndicate countries, some of them our allies, losing vital battles to their foes in the Eastern Europe region. Given the current situation, the conflict referred to as another World War is somewhat reduced to the Balkan theatre for now, though new developments are expected to come this month.
In the meantime. Pacifica members are largely safe, involved in holding their colonies or training wars. But that doesn't mean we won't be able to GET DANGEROUS WHEN NECESSARY, right?

And now, speaking shortly and avoiding exquisite diplomatic speech. The State keeps its promise. We're keen to get new people on. I've asked one of our fresh officers who volunteered to help remake our FA into a more inclusive notion to help me collect ideas from Top6 Party Presidents on who could make a good new FA world class player someday. She will contact you soon, fellow party leaders, if she didn't already.

Those who are members to these parties, don't fear or hesitate to enlist: your party presidents will get the message accross to you hopefully, and the 3 entry questions are very simple. Anyone else, including non-party citizens and those who weren't selected: just contact me directly. I'll see if I get you in.

Anyhow, I want a whole new regardless-what-party-of bunch of FA rookies by the end of this week already completing easy tasks. Those who comply with them swiftly will soon discover themselves digging deep in real FA business.

Remember that America and the New World itself are going to enter a vivid period of turbulence, no matter how safe and stable things right now. We'll need fresh people who should be aware of FA matters and ready to go into ranks soon anyway. It's time we act modern, readapt, and be the most lively arena of that good old game that is on its knees, where any of you smart and enthusiastic enough could become a part of its last generation of leaders. And ensure that while the game kneels down, America doesn't.

Let's all have that damn fun.
Enlist and light that fire!

US Secretary of state


it is just khotko
it is just khotko Day 3,249, 17:28

[STATE] Come on, baby, light my fire

Shout and Enlist for US FA team!

P.S. I'll be trying to get more State articles around, as well as WO-style blurbs for WHPR's. In a funny coincidence, I've been promoted RL and also have a Department to care for (this leaving me with no more than 2-3 hours to sleep daily), so can't often catch up and post articles on my prefered schedule.
As we get more people in, that situation will improve.

Orikfricai Day 3,249, 17:43

I like State articles!

Ilene Dover
Ilene Dover Day 3,249, 17:47

That's because there's substance! 🙂

Tom Cauchon
Tom Cauchon Day 3,249, 19:57

Nice! I like this

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Day 3,249, 20:06

Too drunk to read, but Khotko is bro.

PimpDollaz Day 3,249, 22:03


Zadarski Osvetnik
Zadarski Osvetnik Day 3,249, 23:05


myrevenge Day 3,250, 02:50

make tomatoes catchup again

it is just khotko
it is just khotko Day 3,250, 11:45

Make ketchup tomatoes again

myrevenge Day 3,250, 12:18

не, это банально и очень уж по сандерски

Ilene Dover
Ilene Dover Day 3,250, 16:54

Lettuce, pray for the light.

Gabrielz_Horn Day 3,250, 06:46

The 3 enlistment questions are!

1. how many zombies have you killed?

2. how many people have you killed?

3. WHY?

it is just khotko
it is just khotko Day 3,250, 11:44

Kind of.

Nothos Day 3,250, 12:38


little.d Day 3,250, 15:13

I am the future of USA
Allah bless America o7

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 3,251, 13:15

good stuff.
kudos to your ghost writer, as well.

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