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[SRS BUSINESS]Think of the Children! + New Neighbours?

Day 1,786, 22:32 Published in Austria USA by Kathee93

No b00bs!

For b00bs, watch porn! Now enjoy the game, and sub for my quality articles! Tomorrow we will be talking about... our new neighbour!

Friends? Or enemies? We will see!



hippie007 Day 1,786, 22:42

no boobs - is bad.
plz show boobs or we have to unsub

Schwrzwolf Day 1,787, 00:55

Immer diese übertriebene Aufmerksamkeit für Buben...

FaraoHun Day 1,787, 05:11

No boobs... Unsub : (

Vreath Day 1,787, 06:23

Unsub, still no boobs, I am very disappointed by your journalism.

Harzakc Day 1,787, 11:19

no boobs - no fun - unsub

lazo Day 1,787, 11:37

Americans instead of boobs? Mister President is very disappointed.

Kathee93 Day 1,787, 22:11

omg did you really unsub? : O

hippie007 Day 1,787, 22:19

of course we have unsub - but with the correct two arguments we can sub!!!

wschwabe Day 1,787, 23:27

You should keep your promises if you want our trust.

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