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[SPQR] Du Statu Mentis

Day 1,885, 08:41 Published in USA USA by Derphoof

Unity in America is a tricky issue, especially when under the threat of a PTO. Between the 25th and 5th of every month, we tout “Unity” as a necessity in our land, in order to defeat those that wish to undermine the nation as a whole. The media is flooded with information about unity elections and American unity as a whole, but it is just a facade. Behind the mask of unity, we find ourselves divided on many fronts, with many labels and various factions. Our current foreign policy divides people on all levels. Our feelings towards prominent citizens of the country divides us, as well. Many facets of our society could be cited as factors of this division. Yet, on the 5th of every month, we come together, disregard our divisions, slap on a happy mask of unity, and we play a charade wherein we all support a single candidate because it is a sad necessity.

However, there is a new, well publicized faction that has arisen to combat the stale state of the 24/7 PTO-ATO media, our politics as a whole, and possibly present a different form of unity.

Senatus Populusque Romanus (The Senate and People of Rome) is an inter-party movement that has a legitimate shot at helping our ailing country. It is, for some people and understandably, just an attempt for those of prominence to keep their status and grip on the American political scene. Those people will tell you that those at the helm are simply the same old people from which you will get the same old results. Then there are those that look to this new roleplay as a beacon of light in the darkness that can provide fun and intrigue to this game once more. This is all without the SPQR movement really doing anything at all. These are simply the initial gut reactions of the onlookers of this saga. When those of SPQR do produce something, it will surely be criticized by those who like it and those who don’t. There will be opposition, and there will be no true unity achieved amongst the populous. However, there is something about this movement that everyone should notice and take a chance on embracing.

The SPQR State of Mind.

For many, the glory days of America likely seem to be in the past. After all, our foreign policy has not gone so well in the recent past (some would say CoT is a continuation of bad foreign policy), we have dropped many of our bonuses, and our political system is crippled by a PTO that controls one-third of our government. Yet, those who promote SPQR hold that our best days are just ahead of us, right around the corner. To them we are at the cusp of a renaissance that only the people can ignite, and we are knocking on the door of a new American Empire. Those of SPQR dream of America being great. They dream of an Empire akin to Rome. They wish to see borders that rival what Dio Brando was able to do for Pakistan. They see a Gilded Age on the horizon and they invite you to join in helping to create it.

There is something that we can take away from all of the SPQR hooplah, whether you support them or not. It is the thinking that America’s best days are ahead of itself and that there is still greatness within us yet. For in thinking that America’s best days are behind itself, you limit that which our country can still achieve. You become stuck in the past. We must always be thinking ahead, working with the hand that has been dealt to us, looking out onto the horizon and envisioning an America that is better than ever before. With that frame of mind, we can achieve great things.

It is this state of mind that SPQR brings to the table that can truly help America. Only when we believe we are great and capable of doing great things, can such deeds be accomplished. It doesn’t matter what you think of the people at the top. It matters not what you think of the slogans and the roleplay. What matters is believing in America. In today’s day and age, such idealism and hope seems lost and spurned. Bringing it back can give us some much needed revitalization. It can bring us that renaissance.

I doubt it would bring unity. There was no unity of that fashion in Rome, and you can bet there won’t be in “Nova Roma” either. We will have hotly contested elections, and debates about foreign policy and military strategy. However, we can all agree on one thing: America can still be great. Understandably, you may not want to hail Publius as some eGod or savior. However, SPQR lays the groundwork for the mindset that Americans should have in this game. The mindset that with hard work, a clear vision, and the determination to do great things, we can become a great nation.

Will this movement unite America? No. We will still have to put up that facade every month on the 5th. Yet, we can be unified in what we envision America’s future to be. We can have hope that our best days are yet to come. Hope for a vast empire. Hope for a renaissance. Hope that a Gilded Age truly is on the horizon. The SPQR state of mind embraces all of the above. Even if you don’t like SPQR or those behind it, its mindset is good for the country to embrace.

So, don’t harp on the days of yore. Change your mindset. Yearn for the days yet to come.

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Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,885, 08:51

I see SPQR, I hear SPQR, I understand ~hyuu~.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,885, 09:08

Well written.

Derphoof Day 1,885, 09:09

@Mary: Everything arises from the ~hyuu~ as it is the essence of all existence.

Therefore, everyone should understand ~hyuu~

@Bia: Thanks!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,885, 10:27

u gonna take our treasury too like Canada?

Storki Day 1,885, 11:47

Great article as always ElPatoDiablo 😉

fingerguns Day 1,886, 08:46

Good read

Gnilraps Day 1,886, 09:31


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