[SOP] Socialist Oppression Party?

Day 2,939, 16:49 Published in USA USA by Kemal Ergenekon

> Fails to repeal the dictator law in the congress with a majority.
> Starts a rogue civil war to remove the dictator against the will of the majority.
> Tries to choke down a minority view on the remaining majority of the players by military force.

Socialist Freedom Party? Sounds more like Socialist Oppression Party.

But do not despair esteemed and loyal citizens of eUS! The Inquisition will save the day, and repel these tyrants and restore peace and order.

Protip: You cannot call others "elitists" when you try to ram your minority view down the throats of others.

Kemal Ergenekon
Grand Inquisitor of the Holy Inquisition
High Priest of Dio