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[Sirius] The Corrupt Election + HQ

Day 2,395, 12:07 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by BigAnt
[Sirius] The Corrupt Election + HQ

Last month Sirius had a shocker.
Last month Iain Keers killed the Alliance.
Last month we saw Brazil, Italy and USA leave...



Well we all thought at first it was just Iain Keers being incapable, the worst SG Sirius has ever had.. Well that is all true and more. In-fact it turns out that Iain Keers is a lying corrupt cheater.

On the 6th of June I contacted "Spite" as he is know on IRC. To announce my intention to run for SG. My messages were ignored, but I continued to message him up until the election day.

Despite Iain ignoring my calls to run for Sirius SG.
I continued, I contacted all CP's of both FULL members and Pro-Sirius CP's. This is what they received.

So now every Sirius CP's were aware of my intention to RUN for Sirius SG.
Being active and keen, I contacted them all again with more details of my plan.

My manifesto is [url=]HERE[/url] to read.

So I have spent 3/4 days talking to CPs, getting feedback and giving my ideas and plans to improve Sirius. Get us some much needed support. The response had been positive and I was given some support.

Election Day, 10th @ Locations (Sirius HQ IRC Room)

So the scene is set around 8pm, CPs begin arriving for the HQ meeting. Usually at this stage Iain Keers would say ok.

"We have Two candidate running for SG.. BigAnt and Magic.."
That DOES NOT HAPPEN. See what really happened!

Keers pretends to not know my candidacy for SG, further more my own CP, Sir Humphrey Appleby hints about knowing my candidacy and ignores it to support Keers.

During the meeting I asked my CP and Iain to show my manifesto and declare my intention to run. Neither did so...


Now Iain Keers and his buddies are still running Sirius. Magic and Count Drakula. immediately after Magic was elected he tried to make Lord Farhan, A suspected multi of Iain Keers a dSG.


Sirius is dying, it needed change and new friends. Something I wanted to give to Sirius to try and save it. However we can see just how corrupt politics are in the eWorld. Iain Keers has controlled the UK for 5 years this way and now his tactics and methods have been exposed.

I want to thank the "unnamed CP" for giving me these screenshots.
The world needs to know Sirius HQ is corrupt and bent.
The world needs to know just how twisted and corrupt.

Because of these lies, CPs must have thought I pulled out of running for CP.
I hope Sirius FULL and PRO CP's question the conduct of this election and future elections.

Iain Keers - A Cheater, liar and a Crook. Make sure he doesn't run your alliance anytime soon to avoid corruption. You've been warned! He is power hungry and will step on anyone to get what he wants.

I have been cheated my RIGHT as a Sirius fighter to run for SG.
Sirius Fighters should know the truth!
Im truly gutted! But I know the state my country is in.. never knew just how far the corruption goes.

Smashing the Cheats!


BigAnt Day 2,395, 12:07

Iain Keers the CHEAT
Sirius HQ Corrupt

Ain't Apple the bad guy in this?... Just saying.

BigAnt Day 2,395, 12:29

Apple is yes, He will get his comeback in UK.

This is exposing the fact Sirius HQ lied to cover this.

CheetahCurtis Day 2,395, 12:31

BigAnt, nobody likes you. Please quit the game.

BigAnt Day 2,395, 12:39

Who are you cheetah? thats right 🙂

Well, technically they didn't lie... They just haven't supported you. Bummer, eh?

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,395, 23:17

no cheetah! i like him.

Mixliarder Day 2,395, 13:07

Friend, please... Logout.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 2,395, 14:36

Appleby and Keers caught in their corrupt acts,

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,395, 14:41

It's not corrupt to not propose someone. It's Appleby's right as the CP, just as it is the right of every other CP. By proposing a candidate they're basically recommending someone as good for the job.

Clearly no one thought BA was good for the job, And given he has bought votes for articles where he's slamming Sirius and clearly being pro Serbian can you blame them?

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 2,395, 14:46

Sounds like BigAnt asked how the elections worked and Iain ignored him because he is corrupt.

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,395, 14:48

It's not corrupt not to help someone who has been a constant irritation and aggressive towards you.

If this were reversed I'm sure BigAnt would have plenty to say back to Iain if he asked... and it wouldn't be 'yeah sure'

gsfdgfs Day 2,396, 06:08

Known for your war strategy??

FightAndProduce Day 2,395, 12:11


CD became MC, so you could not become SG.

Addaway. Day 2,395, 12:12

I guess you weren't sirius enough for them

Addaway. Day 2,395, 12:25

But yeah, as I gather each CP can only nom one person for either MC or SG.. looks like Appleby picked CD instead of you, so take it up with him 😛

Magic Day 2,395, 12:12

<MagicHereos> I heard that BigAnt was going to make an article
<MagicHereos> about some scams with HQ elections
<Appleby> news to me

I strongly believe that if any CP supported you, they'd have asked to put you in. Also, keep in mind that MC and SG can not be from same country, and UK proposed not you but Count Dracula. So you could not be candidate unless CD resigned, and UK supported him, not you.

BigAnt Day 2,395, 12:16

Doesn't stop the fact you cheated.

Iain Keers Lied and cheated to ensure only one candidate ran.

I hope Sirius fighters and CPs take a hard look at this and see you for what you are.

JiminyChristmas Day 2,395, 20:04

Can you explain how anyone cheated? From what I'm seeing, the rules of the alliance are that the eUK CP has the choice of who to put forward, and that since he chose to put CountDrakula forward for MC he couldn't have put you forward for SG even if he wanted to. Can you explain exactly what rules were broken and by whom?

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,395, 23:26

he can't read, jimmy. same as diaper.

Lionbeard Day 2,395, 12:46

Hi Magic. As your MoD (and a great one at that) when you were CP, can you give me a position in the higher echelons of the alliance?

Zaphod the Kinky Psychopath
Zaphod the Kinky Psychopath Day 2,395, 12:12


Zaphod the Kinky Psychopath
Zaphod the Kinky Psychopath Day 2,395, 12:14

CD couldn't command his own piss into the toilet, let alone a whole alliance.

Tangbod Day 2,396, 00:51

at least won't end having to be bailed out not unlike a 'successful' BA term, how I chuckled at his CV, people probably remembered that time with tears in their eyes

Tangbod Day 2,396, 00:52

and pass the popcorn you hogger

jensenn Day 2,395, 12:14


Magic Day 2,395, 12:15

Also, Lord Farhan is an advisor of mine, not dSG. USA did not leave; they were kicked on my request. And you want to be SG? You can not get basic facts together and you keep lying. Get facts straight: CD was much better candidate than you and you had no chance of becoming SG due to that.

BigAnt Day 2,395, 12:17

Very Defensive, I expected much from a cheat.

How are your buddies, you did come to UK

you were in same party as Iain keers and Count Drakula and Lord Farhan..

All 4 of you in one party, taking control of Sirius for another month!

Magic Day 2,395, 12:20

Lol, I was asked to run by my Country President because he needed someone reliable and with no bad intentions, like you are known for.

BigAnt Day 2,395, 12:22

Magic you intentions are clear for all sirius fighters to see.

A crook like Iain Keers.

Jaroslav Kolesnik
Jaroslav Kolesnik Day 2,395, 12:24

BigAnt, your actions can destroy or at least diminish alliance's credibility. Thank you for transparency but it's not needed in this case. Don't mix up country/party elections and SG election.
Try to resolve such controversies behind closed doors.
FYI: I'm not part of the HQ

BigAnt Day 2,395, 12:40

@ Jaroslav the very fact this is being "kept behind closed doors" is the reason the same people keep running our alliance

The same reason they keep failing. If someone threatens there power, they remove them.

Keers fell out with Serbia.
he went to USA until he lost support there.

He is a crook that needs exposing.

Jaroslav Kolesnik
Jaroslav Kolesnik Day 2,395, 13:01


I don't agree that "they keep failing". Yes, they protect decision-making circle from outsiders but it doesn't mean that they lack support among majority of players.
Somebody didn't like losing Serbia but for other players (eUkrainians for example) this action was an opportunity.
USA is another story with its own circumstances and choices.

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,395, 14:45

'If someone threatens there power'

This is your biggest problem right here BA, You only care about a personal vendetta, you only care to threaten because you see them having what you don't.

While instead you should be proving yourself as a consistent, hard working, calm and diplomatic person that wants to improve things. Not someone that just wants to kick up a fuss and shout loudly about it.

Unsurprisingly people don't think that's a safe set of character traits to run an alliance or be involved in foreign affairs/negotations at all.

Rob the Bruce
Rob the Bruce Day 2,395, 13:19

You're taking advice from Farhan?

God save us all

Tangbod Day 2,396, 00:55

at least it's not advice from Winnie or Dapper now that would be funny

Iord farhan
Iord farhan Day 2,396, 04:07

at least..............oh Tangbod. 😛

Jayxm Day 2,395, 12:16

Smashing the cheats?

It should be noted that any CP can nominate anyone from any nation in Sirius. That means that none of the other CP's were willing to nominate you either.

You have expressed, on countless occasions, your intent to try and disband Sirius and yet you think that it would be a prudent action of our own CP to propose you as a candidate for SG. Anyone with even a modicum of reason can see that would be unwise. If anything, by not nominating you, Appleby was acting entirely in the interest of the UK and the wider alliance.

You're not gutted because you knew this would happen. You only 'ran' with the intention of turning this into a scandal and the only mistake that the CP and Sirius made was not telling you to f**k off more publicly.

BigAnt Day 2,395, 12:18

Yes your right, I totally ran... knowing Iain Keers would cheat to hide my candidature 😃

Another TUppet

Jayxm Day 2,395, 12:19

Iain didn't hide your candidature. Appleby refused to nominate you. There are more people in the world than just Iain even if your clear psychosis refuses to let you believe that anyone who acts against your interest isn't just another imitation of Keers.

BigAnt Day 2,395, 12:21

I must be blind, Iain Keers clearly Says only "one" person has applied... are you blind? Corrupt too i think

Jayxm Day 2,395, 12:35

Iain cannot nominate candidates, even if you berated him about your desire for weeks before. Only CP's can nominate and none of them nominated you.

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,395, 14:47

"I must be blind, Iain Keers clearly Says only "one" person has applied... are you blind? Corrupt too i think"

Erm nope, He says 'candidate' not 'applied' there is a fair difference. You weren't proposed as a candidate by any nation and thus there was only one candidate for the position.

hollenboer Day 2,395, 12:16

lets leave sirius ASAP V!

CheetahCurtis Day 2,395, 12:25

Are you being Sirius!

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 2,395, 16:34


CptChazbeard. Day 2,395, 12:19

It's a pile of crap anyway so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Realistically the power is in the hands of the fighters so that's who you need to get your message across to.

Arrlo Day 2,395, 12:20

Nobody proposed you and no CP would have voted for you.

Try again next month.

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,396, 22:28

no matter how hard he tries, no matter how many times he tries, no matter what happens, no CPs will propose him.

Lazar Nikolic Nislija
Lazar Nikolic Nislija Day 2,395, 12:20

Vote o/ o7

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