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[SINERGIA] Military Module /// In the Battlefield (Chapter III)

Day 2,133, 20:30 Published in New Zealand Netherlands by pamadapa

First I want to make clear, this guide is not a "Dogma", is a personal appreciation of the game, where many may be agree or not. It aims to orient those players newer or recently that are in eRepublik and do not understand some issues. Thanks and I wish to be useful.


In this guide I want to explain how they operate the fighting, Divisions and points systems.
Wars generate wealth, but also consume it. For this reason, do it very carefully, put attention and apply the knowledge that you will achieve after reading this chapter.

In the battles we can win or lose. No doubt adversity is part of eLife most disturbed, and inevitably we shall encounter it from time to time. When that happens, the most important is the experience we had, learn from mistakes to avoid commit them again and improve on that aspect. 😉


Wars have campaigns in which two countries and possibly their allies fight for a region: one defends it and others try to conquer it. Campaigns have many battles. In each battle there are 4 divisions, decided by experience level. Each division fights their own "miniature" battle, separate from each other.

Campaigns are fights over region. Campaigns last from 12 hours to 30 hours depending on how many battles are needed to get enough points to win the campaign. The winner of a campaign is the side which first wins 83 points in total and will get to attack next in the war.

Every campaign has 8-15 battles which last from 1.5 hours to 2 hours depending on how dominant one combatant is.
Note: the battle is automatically closed after 2 hours, even if the sides don't reach 1800 points.
The winner of each divisional battle is the side that first reaches over 1800 points, or the one who has more points after 2 hours of battle. Every minute one side has over 50% control will award the side with “X” number of points, where is:

•0-30 minutes into the battle, 10 points at every minute
•31-60 minutes into the battle, 20 points at every minute
•61-90 minutes into the battle; 30 points at every minute
•91-120 minutes into the battle, 60 points at every minute

In order for a battle to end, every division needs a side to reach 1800 points. If one division finishes before the rest they must wait until all divisional battles are finished before the next one can begin. This way all divisions start at the same time each battle.
Each division is worth a different amount of points, it is scored as follows:

As seen in the table, once a division won a battle: are added points. And as explained above, once a country has 83 points: This wins the campaign.

ATTENTION: To make it more clear and as summary we can say, A Campaign (war) is the group of Battles (or rounds) which succeed until a country is victorious after reaching 83 points or more in the total score.

Battles or Rounds:
Objective: To achieve +1800 points of domination
Minimum Duration: 90 minutes (1:30 Hs)
Maximum Duration: 120 minutes (2:00 Hs)

Objective: To achieve +83 total points
Minimum Duration: 8 battles
Maximum Duration: 15 battles

MILITARY CAMPAIGNS is a list of all campaigns (and resistance wars). It can be viewed via the Info menu “Wars” or when you click on “Military Campaigns” below the the Campaign of the day on the homepage.
Here you can see the name and flag of the attacking and defending country.


Fight is a process that can be done by any citizen from the battlefield. Remember to check if your country has some battle orders for citizens.

Citizens can fight if:
> they are level 3 or more
> their energy is over 9
> they are in one of participating countries

When you fight in a battle you lose energy. So it's better to buy some food and Weapons (always do with Q7 weps) to increase your influence before rushing into the dangers of battle.

Battlefield is the place where battles take place. Every region can become a battlefield but only in one war at one time.
When you are ready, choose the battle you want to fight and then pressing the red/green button that says "Fight"

Battlefiel Interfase: When you arrive to the battlefield, you will see this kind of an interface.
Fighting itself is simple: Just need to click on the big red button "Fight" and when you need energy, click on the "Eat Food" button.
But due to the lot of informations that you can find there, I will split the screen shot in 2 parts

Every time the fight button is clicked:
» you will lose 10 points of energy for every hit to your opponent
» your weapon's durability will decrease by 1 for every hit to your opponent
» you will deal damage to your opponent

Once your enemy is defeated:
» your influence is added to the battle
» you get experience points (1 / hit needed to kill the enemy)
» you will get rank points (10% of your influence)

You will see a pop-up that tells you the effects of your fight. You can continue fighting by clicking "Add influence" button.
During the battle, both sides make a certain amount of damage. The percentage of damage each side produced, in relation to the total amount of damage produced by both sides, dictates who dominates the Domination Bar. Since during the battle, damage is being produced constantly, that Bar is updated every minute or so.

Campaign Details
To see click the "Campaign Details" button at the top of the Battlefiel screen, above the domination bar. Contain following information:

Battle Statistics
To see battle stats click the "Battle stats" button in the bottom-right corner. Battle stats will contain following information:

> Top 5 soldiers of each mini-battle and top 5 soldiers of whole battle with following information
Avatar, name and nationality
Number of enemies killed
Link to the profile.
> If you have reached the top 5, your row will be highlighted.

As default you will see the stats of the current Round. If you want to see stats of other ROunds or stats of whole battle, you can choose it from the drop-down menu.

Note: Battle stats are only available for battles that are active and if you're in a country involved in the battle


Even if you're not living in any country that is part of the battle, you will be able to watch the battle yourself. There will be a notice telling you that you're not in any participating countries and that if you wish to fight, you must move to one of them.

When you're not involved in a battle, the battlefield interface is limited. You can only see the following details of the battle:

> Attacker, defender and their allies
> Battles or Round won
> Points of both sides
> Battle heroes
> Round status Domination Bar (wall)
> Soldiers contributions to the battle


If you can't fight in the battle, you will see a notice telling you that you need to be located in one of the countries participating in the battle to join the fight. You will also be given a chance to move to one of these countries directly from the battlefield.

When you press the "Change location" you will see a similar interface to Change residence page. The only difference is that the list of countries you can move menu will only contain attacker and defender countries. Choose a country from the list and region where you want to move. The press "Move" button to do the action.
If you don't want to move to a country from which you can fight in that battle, you can press "No thanks" link. This will turn the battlefield interface to the familiar style you see when you're not involved in the battle (the image of battlefield above).

As a new player, knowing how to get the most from your limited wealth is very important, especially when it comes to moving to fight in another country. Depending on how far you travel, moving can cost you anywhere from $20 to $100. If you’re not careful, it is very easy to lose a lot of money for no good reason. To fight for other countries, it is paramount to find the most cost-efficient ways to travel.

Note: If there are allies in the battle, it might be more economical for you to move to one of these countries if the moving distance is smaller than moving to a country that's directly involved. To move to one of the allied countries you need to navigate to the change residence page.


► Fighting unarmed produce less influence (damage), consumes more energy and Also By fighting you recieve some XP (Experience Points). The amount of XP you gain by fighting differs dependeing on your weapon. Always use Q7 weapons. It's your own best interest to stay in the First Division as long as you can to gain more strength before moving up to the Second Division.
► Use whenever you can the system of "Guerrilla Fight", no matter where the Division you are
► To Add points of domination in battle, Influence bar should be over 50% for us. Nothing changes if you are in 51 or 90%. So if this 52% not fighting, as only will waste damage, which may be necessary in other Rounds.

► There are key moments in which we focus our greatest damage (influence), they receive specific names:

T30 >>> is the 30 minutes of battle. Due to the small number of points added per minute, it is convenient: only hit enough so that the enemy does not take much advantage.
T60 >>> is the 60 minutes of battle. At this time, you should start hitting in coordination with other soldiers, saving energy for later and should get a little advantage or to achieve infleuncia bar pairing (wall) and that the enemy does not take much difference.
T90 >>> is the 90 minutes of battle. For each minute added 60 points and is the time where you have to hit to control the wall in our favor. If the wall is even, may be the opportunity to use Bombs and Rockets.


For the next chapter is to explain the most recent battle mode, "Guerrilla Fight". I hope it is useful for beginners citizen. See you in the next publication of the Ministry of Education 😉

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If you have doubts, you can consult me or any other citizen that you want, and has experience in the game. o7

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