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[SINERGIA] Military Module /// Basic Concepts (Chapter I)

Day 2,119, 13:11 Published in New Zealand Netherlands by pamadapa

First I want to make clear that this guide is not a "Dogma", is a personal appreciation of the game, where many may be agree or not. It aims to orient those players newer or recently that are in eRepublik and do not understand some issues. Thanks and I wish to be useful.


The Military Module is one of the most important and complex aspects of the game, since in this module may depend: Political and Economic stability of the countries. It also includes different strategy, such as the military sphere (the battles) and the diplomatic sphere (performance foreign relations)

We say that the Military Module is complex, because it contains strategy, coordination, and its success also depends on the economic available has the Country and the damage they can do the Allies, and that all those involved in the battle provide their influence (damage), trying to get them to win a round, and even the Campaign.
Wars are important and can be originated by different objectives, but basically Its importance is win Country regions of enemies, in order to obtain Natural Resources each region possesses and benefit the production bonus that these provide.

WOW...ok, time out !!!, beautiful phrase that Herodotus has given us, but fortunately this is a game, in eRepublik nobody will die in battle and We must never forget that we are here to have fun.

The Military Module is vast and richer in information, so take several journalistic publications. I hope not to bore and continue reading. I will try to explain it the best way for you can understand the general aspects of the wars. You know, make a good coffee and read it with patience 😃

In eRepublik, there are 4 types of Wars:

Normal or Direct Wars: Battles in a Country "A" attacks a Country "B". These are the Wars of Invasion, which are made to conquer territories. In this type of wars, the Allies through Mutual Protection Pacts (MPP) can participate without travel.

Attention: If you are located in an enemy country or its allies, you can fight on the wrong side, so be careful.

Resistance Wars (RW): These wars are made to recover a region conquered by the enemy, through a revolution. They can be differentiated because they have a fist, contained in a star. The current owner of a territory confronts the original owner of the land. Not taken into account the alliances of countries involved, or at least not directly. To participate in combat should be located in the country that is the current owner of the land.
For strategic reasons, they can be used only to drain damage.

War Games (WG): I can say it is only a type of fictitious war, as it is pre-agreed by the Governments. Wars planned to keep the troops active and / or get some monetary or strategy benefit, as well as take advantage of the Natural Enemy law and thereby for example get bonus damage. Can not identify, because NO have some feature because they look like the other.

Air Strike (AS): This kind of War is the most newest in eRepublik, has particular characteristics and requiring a detailed explanation, but for now I'll just explain that: Only countries that have NO borders with each other, is be selected as targets for air attack.


Normal or Direct Wars, Natural Enemy(NE), Mutual Protection Pacts(MPP) & Initiative:

A country can declare war on another country provided that there are borders between both. In eR there is what is called "Routes". In some cases you can attack another country being borderline but is not considered as such, because of the "Maritime or Air Routes" between both countries.

NE's proposal is made by the President or Congressman and accurate voting and approval of all members of Congress. The Country that first proposed the law of natural enemy wins the Initiative. To obtain as said before, is brought to a vote in Congress for a period of 24 hours.

If the Law of NE, is positive, it is said that this Country has the initiative and the President has the opportunity to attack a region (a border) for 24 hours. After that time and if not realize, eRepublik makes a random attack any region whenever it has border or having route.
Natural Enemy Law gives every citizen 10% more damage in battles against the enemy declared in that law.

A country can only attack one region at a time. The Country lost the campaign, lost the initiative. Having lost the original region, can start a Resistence War and try to regain their original territory.

Mutual Protection Pacts(MPP), these are agreements between Countries to defend and help in battle against an enemy country. They are useful in Normal or Direct Wars, but in the "War of Resistance" these have no effect.

President or Congress members can propose the law and voting takes over 24 hours. The MPP have a cost of 10000 NZD (money) each and expire after 30 days, so it must be renewed if you wish to continue with it. Some MPP to be approved, require prior approval by discussion and are in close relationship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is why some MPP for more to be brought to a vote, finally ending with negative results.

In the special case when there are no Congress, with only the vote of the President is enough for approval (the same applies to NE Law)

In some situations, there are alliances between groups of countries which share common ideals or strategies and therefore are grouped under name (TWO, CoT, ASGARD, among others). It is also the case where a country is not a direct or an official member and therefore does not participate in the decisions of these alliance, but nevertheless are considered with an affinity toward them, and is preceded by the prefix PRO (Pro-TWO, Pro-CoT, Pro-ASGARD)

Sometimes, it happens MPP are canceled due to indirect attacks. If the Country "X" has MPP with the Country "Z" and the country "Y" has also MPP with "Z", then "X" and "Y" lose MPP with the Country "Z".

Take it easy, let me give you a little more practical example:

Serbia >>>> MPP with >>>> New Zealand
Croatia >>>> MPP with >>>> New Zealand
Croatia >>>> Attacks >>>> Serbia
New Zealand >>>> Lose MPP with >>>> Croatia (but NZ keeps MPP with Serbia)

Resistance Wars (RW)

These are wars started by citizens to liberate a region under control of a Country invader. After 24 hours have finished the war in the region that you want to release, you can start a RW and need 10 people (whatever their nationality) and must provide 1000 NZD, being located in the Region involved that you want to liberate.

If the invader defends the region, I mean the RW is lost, the people who started this RWs can not organize another until after 7 days.
If the RW is won, the region becomes part of their original country and those who have contributed money to start, receive a medal “RH” or Resistance Hero (you can view the profile of citizen) and also a reward of 5 Gold. Besides these citizens are able to instantly start a new RW.

Attention: Keep in mind with these RW win is not as easy as it seems, so here you should be aware if you really want to release that region before contributing money or damage.

Air Strike (AS):

The Airstrike is a particular declaration of war that a country can use to attack other ones which the country has no border with.

An AS war can be started by proposing an Airstrike law by the Country President, once the requirements of the law are met and the majority of the congress validates it.
Only the countries that DO NOT have border with yours can be selected as targets for Airstrike.

The Airstrike had 2 requirements:
1)amount of Health Units (provided by Food items)
2)amount of currency

The amount of each requirement may fluctuate from country to country based on the wealth of each country.
Airstrike laws can be proposed only once every 14 days, but only Accepted laws are taken into consideration.
Each citizen above level 25 can contribute to the Airstrike requirements.

Health formula:

Health Units Required = (Country Citizenship Population + All Allies Population ) * 250

Donating a Q1 Food unit will provide 2 Health Units, Q2 will provide 4 Health Units and so on.

Currency formula:

Law Fee = (1.000.000 Currency + 100.000 Currency for each region owned that is not original ) * ( 1 + (25 * Number of distinct Food Resources Owned)/100))/15

Attacking: When the airstrike law is validated by the Congress, a new war is started. The initiator of the war has the initiative for 24 hours. If initiator of the war does not start a Battle in the first 24 hours of the War, a battle will automatically start in one of the attackable regions.

War mechanics: If attacking country wins the first campaign the rest of the war will continue with normal war rules. If attacking country loses the first Campaign, the war will be closed.

> A country with no regions cannot use an Airstrike.
> If a region was conquered, the bonus won't count because of the Transport routes rule.
> Unlike Natural enemy, you don't have to wait 7 days for propose a Peace treaty, it could be done at anytime.
> The required items (Food and Currency) can still be donated after the requirements were met, that way they could build up for further use of another airstrike.
> While a country is engaged in an Airstrike, if the country loses all its regions, the attack will be aborted and the resources will be lost.


You want to know more? So here is our first chapter. This was just the beginning, there is still much more to explain. To do so should continue reading the following Chapters. We are working to provide information so you understand the best way the thematic of eRepublik. I hope it is useful for beginners citizen. See you in the next publication of the Ministry of Education.

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If you have doubts, you can consult me or any other citizen that you want, and has experience in the game. o7

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