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[Siddy Article] Siddy is Demokrasy

Day 2,111, 14:12 Published in USA USA by Paul Proteus

This is article was written by Siddy and is being published in my newspaper because, tragically, anti-Demokrasy citizen laws prevent him from doing so himself.

As a true American it is my duty to post this article for him, also the picture of Evry is hawt.

-Paul Proteus

5 Reasons to vote Siddy in the upcoming PotUS elections.

Greetings! I am Siddy, and after my successful last run, which was thwarted by the forces of UNDEMOKRASY...

I'm now running again for PotUS, and as such, I expect to win again, but this time, the forces of undemokrasy will not be able to stop me, no matter what, because my campaign will be like an elephant squashing ants... or whales, for that matter.

So, I bring up 5 reasons why you should vote Siddy.

1. I'm not a Washington insider

I'm not one of these elite cabal guys who have been in government and president forever. I have never been in eUS congress. I'm not in the govt. I'm not in the secret elite cabal of any major or minor party in eUS. I'm not even in your country! (In the case of getting elected, I promise to be in your country. Probably).

That makes me the perfect neural bystander to solve the problems of this nation, when I get to know which problems this nation faces (besides having a multicolored map and Texas not being free yet)

Here you have, gratuitious American Flags

2. I'm a hot, swarthy, non-spaniard

What does it mean?

Imagine we got Pfeiffer as candidate. Ajay likes to deride him saying that he's fat. (Oblige is even worse, he is a whale) But I'm thinner than Ajay. So I could attack him with his own weapons! After this, either the universe or Ajay's head will implode. Are you willing to take the risk? I AM!

And then the explosion will turn into AMERICAN FLAGS!!!!

3. I can kick our enemies

I know very well our enemies in TWO, I even have a meeting with them tonight. And after all, if I was able to kick the Secretary General of TWO from all ONE channels some month ago, I can kick him again, in the groin out of OUR HOMELAND!

This type of kick, I mean.

4. I can unite the country

Some people have said there is a big rift between MU leaders like DMV and the Elite Cabal.

Well, I can end those problems. Both the Elite Cabal and those MU leaders love me

Ok, I have Oblige's vCP and the annoying who hates him the most in line. Now I only need Kemal and Drew Blood

and this definitely proves I'm not Spaniard

I was suggested to post chick's photos in the article to have more reader. Since we all know that Evry's a chick, I'll post her avatar picture.

5. I'm going to win anyway

Yep. I have undemokrasy on my side now.

Resistance is futile

You might just jump into the bandwagon.

Stay tuned for more articles, and join us on #Siddy4PotusHeIsNotAnEnemySpaniardIPromise and you will get nice things.


Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Day 2,111, 14:13

I'm Siddy and I approve this message.

cLaw eagLe
cLaw eagLe Day 2,111, 14:24


The Mike
The Mike Day 2,111, 14:53

/me votes Siddy \ o /

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,111, 17:16

Hey Siddy, what's your plan for all those anal-phabets in the slums of our big cities?
Will you teach them how to use their tongue properly?

Oblige Day 2,112, 00:29


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 2,112, 06:36


Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Day 2,112, 10:35


Jonatanhdq Day 2,112, 10:45

Votado Y suscrito!! Este es mi primer diario pasen a dar un vistazo. Desde eArgentina Abrazos!

trckoT Day 2,112, 11:53

Comment deleted

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 2,112, 16:55

No lo pillo 8/

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 2,112, 20:13


Viarizi Day 2,113, 01:09

Kill all eSpaniards!

Siddy we are not eSpanish sheeps, go back to your fetid, flea infested, bunch of realms you call country.

Kill all eSpaniards!

Gregory Hinds
Gregory Hinds Day 2,113, 04:17

hahaha you use "we" as if you were american when in fact you're just from ePortugal, spreading your QQ all around the globe.

Viarizi Day 2,113, 05:33

Kisses, with love from eUSA, u PTOer!

Kishvier Day 2,113, 14:04


Tanishq Day 2,115, 09:23

#Siddy4PotusHeIsNotAnEnemySpaniardIPromise \o/

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