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[Shakerr] Update-Nomination for congress in Red Sea Coast - Canceled!

Day 1,307, 08:44 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Netherlands by Shakerr

Dear citizens of Red Sea Coast and other parts of the eMacedonia Empire,

Today i would have liked to announce my nomination for congress in the region Red Sea Coast. Unfortunately this region will be given away to Egypt, my dream to become the farao of Red Sea Coast faded away.
All i can say is that it was a pleasant stay here!

The following photograph is a warning to all people living there! This is what could happen to you by not accepting me as your devine ruler and new Farao, governor of Red Sea Coast.

"I am sad to live under Egypt rule again.."

But don't be sad my friends, i learned that The Red Sea Coast is a wonderfull area. A very fruitful area as the following images will show you:

"Thank you for everything eMacedonia and farewell!"

"And please do not forget to subscribe Shakerr's newspaper!"



Persisian Day 1,307, 12:29


ProbPLayer Day 1,340, 12:49

nice, great article!


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