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Day 1,880, 07:42 Published in Pakistan Serbia by Shin Gouki

Dear Citizens of ePakistan,

It is unfortunate that with the departure of TheJakal, the ePakistani unemployment rate has risen so high that it is hard for some players to survive. I previously had jobs put up on the market, however with so many multiple accounts trying to exploit the situation I have cut down the salary to 5 PKR for trial members, if you apply for a job kindly prove that you are not a multiple account and your salary will be automatically upgraded to 10 PKR. All employees but one have been verified and have a reference. I suggest all members applying for jobs with me to do the same.


Shin Gouki



Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,880, 09:43

Voted Hard

St0L3n1 Day 1,880, 10:48

Yah true i also struggle with multies 😕

unar Day 1,881, 02:39


untrusty Day 1,881, 12:20

good work done, best wishes for u

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