[SFP] State of the Proletariat - 17 June 15

Day 2,766, 09:39 Published in USA Peru by Jude Connors

Greetings and Salutations, Comrades:

I want to open this article by thanking you for once again electing me to serve as Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee and President of the Socialist Freedom Party. It is with gratitude that I once again accept the responsibility of directing the heading of the party into the future.This is my 7th term as party president, historically tying the number of terms of a late, great legend of the party, Mark Valshannar. Thank you.

This month's Revolutionary Committee is also historic. The THIRTY MEMBER leadership group is the largest in the seven year history of the party. Never have so many different people have so many different voices in SFP leadership. Hell, I'm willing to bet that no other party - currently or historically - has or has had a leadership group as large as ours this month. This is a testament of the growth, opportunities, and inclusive nature of the Socialist Freedom Party. It is good to see.

Aside from myself, there are eight voting members of the Revolutionary Committee, as directed by our party's Constitution. They are:

☑ shiloh13,

☑ PilotPhil,

☑ Artela,

☑ hoss1965,

☑ EddieA,

☑ Captain Recks,

☑ Fart Bender, and

☑ Xander Wilson.

There are twenty-one non-voting members of the Revolutionary Committee, that serve as the Advisory group:

☐ Niemand,

☐ Phoenix Quinn,


☐ Whiskey Jack,

☐ TheNorm,

☐ MaryamQ,

☐ Waysted,

☐ Illiguy,

☐ Wooky Jack,

☐ Jaden A.,

☐ Tom Cauchon,

☐ 11austin,

☐ Franklin Stone,

☐ Whiskey Go Go,

☐ as George sTrolls,

☐ Nothos,

☐ Kevin Spacehead,

☐ Lucy Barnes,

☐ Ghost of Tom Joad, and

☐ KennyCee18.

Department Heads, overseeing the various programs of the Socialist Freedom Party, are as follows:

Operations: PilotPhil - basically a Chief of Staff

Bear Cavalry Commander: shiloh13

Housing: hoss1965

Treasury: Captain Recks

Rainy Day Supply: Fart Bender

Recruiting: Xander Wilson

Moving Tickets: Lucy Barnes

Writers' Guild: GOTJ

Congressional Whip: Artela - This may be changed after Congress elections and shall be a Congressperson.

As per order of the Constitution of the Socialist Freedom Party, Section 12, subsection 3a, the Revolutionary Committee of the Socialist Freedom Party officially opens the Call for Congressional Candidates for the upcoming June through July 2015 term.
1. After the new SFP Chairman is in office (16th of the month), s/he or a representative from the SFP Revolutionary Committee should open a Call for Congress Candidates in the forums.

2. Interested SFP members should answer this Call by stating is desire to be a Congress candidate and a manifesto on why people should vote him/her.

3. On the 20th of every month, the Call thread should be locked and a new thread opened for voting on the candidates. Voting will last until the 22nd of the month.

4. The member who receives the most votes in the Congress Candidate election will be the SFP Congress Candidate and then leave the party and join the sponsoring Top Five party and candidate for Congress. After the election, the candidate leaves the sponsoring Top Five party and returns to SFP to serve as the SFP Congressional Delegate.

5. If the SFP is given more candidate slots with the sponsoring Top Five party, they will be filled in order of votes received in the Candidate election.

6. Any ties in the Congress Candidate Election will be broken by a vote of the SFP Chairman.

- Constitution of the Socialist Freedom Party, Section 12, subsection 3a: Congressional Candidate Procedures

If you are interested in competing for a spot in the Congressional Congress vote next week, please state your intent here and provide a manifesto.

This Call shall be opened until June 20th, at which time, Voting will commence to democratically selected our Congressional Candidate(s).

Good luck to all interested Comrades.

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UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who gave me the Comments I needed to finish that damn Sr. Journalist mission (again)

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