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[Secret ONE log] Quo vadis America!?

Day 1,694, 14:56 Published in USA Ukraine by Ukrainian Dream

No. 89. - Day 1,694
Country: eUSA

Where are we going my fellow eAmericans!?

As you can read in this article smee again got the proof for what we, many eUSA Congressmen, have claimed all the time! eUSA elite guided by USWP leading officials have pushed eUSA into "new alliance" with not only Poland and Spain, but with other ONE acountries as well.

This log is from Friday, July 6th, 2012.

21:15 *** Cookies_Crisp joined #Rhual
Topic set by Rhual on Wed Jul 04 2012 16:21:37 GMT+0200 (Central Europe Daylight Time)
21:16 <Rhual> so whats up?
21:16 <Cookies_Crisp> oh god
21:16 <Cookies_Crisp> really
21:16 <Cookies_Crisp> you spammed me for this ;_;
21:16 <prophet009> meeting it is
21:16 <PierreDzoncy> hmmmm
21:17 <prophet009> wanna see poland out of one?
21:17 <prophet009> so listen
21:17 <prophet009> we might get MPP with USA and Brazil
21:17 <prophet009> the purpose for this is to destroy bonds between teden and usa and brazil

21:17 <prophet009> you will see how incredibly they will start complaining about it
21:18 <Cookies_Crisp> i count on Cromania to cry the most
21:18 <Rhual> Croatia in the first case
21:18 <Cookies_Crisp> it will be so annoying they will be happy to let them go
21:18 <prophet009> of course
21:18 <prophet009> thats why
21:18 <prophet009> it is so ***** important to get you know
21:18 <prophet009> let you know*
21:19 <prophet009> my engrish ;_;
21:19 <Cookies_Crisp> yeah of course
21:19 <prophet009> all of us have to be calm
21:19 <prophet009> and don't get provoked
21:19 <prophet009> while our foes will do otherwise
21:19 <Cookies_Crisp> well we need a good excuse i guess for our public or smth
21:19 <Cookies_Crisp> so they keep quiet
21:19 <prophet009> yup
21:20 <PierreDzoncy> well relax, cromania will cry louder
21:20 <Cookies_Crisp> ^^
21:20 <PierreDzoncy> and they will attack Poland for sure
21:20 <Cookies_Crisp> im counting on it
21:20 <Rhual> not the first ime
21:20 <Cookies_Crisp> hell no
21:20 <Cookies_Crisp>
21:20 <Rhual> time
21:20 <Cookies_Crisp> they cry for everyone that want's to leave
21:20 <PierreDzoncy> anyway we just want you guys
21:20 <Cookies_Crisp> and somehow they only make the process faster
21:21 <PierreDzoncy> to improve hun-srb relations with usbr
21:21 <Rhual> yep
21:21 <Cookies_Crisp> of course
21:21 <Rhual> we have to start to build the good relations asap
21:21 <PierreDzoncy> cause now they have problems
21:21 <Cookies_Crisp> did you mention the possibility of Serhun joining ?
21:21 <PierreDzoncy> but as only PL will be attacked by Cro
21:21 <PierreDzoncy> they wont have any excuse for you to join
21:22 <Cookies_Crisp> well, i mean do they mind it ?
21:22 <Cookies_Crisp> i know they dont like us of course
21:22 <PierreDzoncy> yes, and the thing is that brazil have some problems to you from past which now you just have to simply solve a bit
21:22 <Cookies_Crisp> well Serbia can play on the old brotherhood card
21:22 <PierreDzoncy> well brazil: Hungary for pTO of SA as i remember
21:22 <Rhual> yea
21:23 <Rhual> 2 yo conflict
21:23 <Rhual> our common goal is Romania atm
21:23 <Cookies_Crisp>
21:23 <Rhual> afaik they wanna eliminate them, Chile and Indos
21:23 <Rhual> Brazil I mean
21:24 <Rhual> they can use Hungary to kill Romania via MPP ^^
21:24 <Rhual> and Serbia too
21:24 <Cookies_Crisp>
21:25 <Rhual> it can be a good beginning
21:25 <Rhual> my problem is Jazar
21:25 <Rhual> i dunno his attitude
21:26 <Rhual> he didnt like Hungary in the past
21:26 <Cookies_Crisp> well
21:26 <Cookies_Crisp> he didn't win
21:26 <Cookies_Crisp> in Brazil
21:26 <Rhual> oh
21:26 <Cookies_Crisp> not sure if he is anything in the gvt. though
21:26 <Rhual> i didnt check it out
21:27 <Rhual> wow
21:27 <Rhual> it was close
21:27 <Cookies_Crisp> very
21:27 <Rhual> ok
21:27 <Cookies_Crisp> and a good thing too, i never liked him
21:27 <Rhual> what about the US?
21:28 <Rhual> PierreDzoncy prophet009
21:28 <Cookies_Crisp> Evry won
21:28 <Rhual> i see
21:28 <Cookies_Crisp> pro new alliance candidate
21:28 <Cookies_Crisp> as i understood
21:28 <Rhual> dunno him/her
21:28 <Cookies_Crisp> while Glove was against the idea
21:29 <PierreDzoncy> yup
21:29 <Rhual> so the elections became fine to us

21:29 <Cookies_Crisp> yeah
21:29 <PierreDzoncy> in us yes
21:30 <PierreDzoncy> in brazil vigoncalves
21:30 <PierreDzoncy> anyway as i said
21:30 <PierreDzoncy> srb and hun will have to work a 300% in diplomacy
21:31 <Cookies_Crisp> yeah
21:31 <Cookies_Crisp> we were always good at that
21:32 <Cookies_Crisp> we will do everything we can
21:32 <prophet009> guys i'm on 4 meetings so far, anyways do you know what to do to calm ppl
21:32 <prophet009> IF this mpps gonna be signed?
21:32 <prophet009> if not we have to invent something
21:32 <Cookies_Crisp> well
21:32 <Cookies_Crisp> depends
21:33 <Cookies_Crisp> on when you sing the MPP
21:33 <PierreDzoncy> soon
21:33 <Rhual> uhm
21:34 <Rhual> dunno about Hungary exactly
21:34 <Rhual> they did talk about Brazil
21:34 <Rhual> long time ago
21:34 <Cookies_Crisp> what troubles me PierreDzoncy
21:34 <Rhual> im sure some of them wanna see them erased
21:34 <Cookies_Crisp> is what comes after
21:35 <Rhual> but if we say so
21:35 <Cookies_Crisp> would you exit ONE
21:35 <Rhual> they would help in the Romanian war
21:35 <Cookies_Crisp> and then sing it
21:35 <Cookies_Crisp> or sing it while in ONE?
21:35 <Rhual> would be acceptable
21:35 <Rhual> maybe
21:36 <prophet009> signing it while of being in ONE
21:37 <prophet009> thats why its so important to calm ppl down
21:37 <Cookies_Crisp> well
21:37 <Cookies_Crisp> we can make it seem
21:37 <Cookies_Crisp> like we are bringing Brazil and the US
21:37 <Cookies_Crisp> to ONE
21:37 <Cookies_Crisp> or rather proONE
21:37 <Cookies_Crisp> that could calm people down
21:37 <Cookies_Crisp> until we continue with he planned
21:38 <Cookies_Crisp> the *
21:40 <Rhual> well
21:40 <Rhual> we didnt have problem with the US, except that 2 journey on their cores
21:40 <Rhual> but nothing via politics or diplomatic
21:41 <Rhual> but dont know atm what would be that thing, we should convince the citizens with
21:42 <Rhual> Brazil is given, the Rom war
21:42 <Cookies_Crisp> well
21:42 <Cookies_Crisp> tbh
21:42 <Cookies_Crisp> the citizens are not pleased about Poland and Spain
21:42 <Cookies_Crisp> we need the US gvt
21:42 <Cookies_Crisp> and the Brazilian population
21:42 <Cookies_Crisp>
21:43 <Rhual> UES is ready?
21:43 <Cookies_Crisp> ues ?
21:45 <Rhual> nvm
21:46 <Rhual> from Serbia who will negiotate?
21:48 <Cookies_Crisp> well i most likely
21:48 <Cookies_Crisp> and someone from the current gvt
21:49 <Cookies_Crisp> and i will try to get gid
21:49 <prophet009> orrr
21:49 <prophet009> just **** this new alliance
21:49 <prophet009> and start rebuilding ONE

21:49 <prophet009> .__.
21:50 <prophet009> it is a 2nd option
21:50 <Cookies_Crisp> for Serhun ?
21:50 <prophet009> for all of us
21:50 <Cookies_Crisp> or for all of us
21:50 <Cookies_Crisp> well
21:50 <Cookies_Crisp> like i siad
21:50 <Cookies_Crisp> said *
21:50 <prophet009> tbh we have no obligation of being in weak alliance
21:50 <Cookies_Crisp> a lot of times
21:50 <Cookies_Crisp> Serhun want's to be with Spoland
21:53 <Rhual> atm from Hungary Im alone
21:54 <prophet009> Poland won't leave you

21:54 <Rhual> every other trustable ****** are away, im the only idiot here during the summer
21:54 <prophet009> ;p
21:55 <Rhual> well
21:55 <Rhual> rebulding the ONE with the 4 founder?
21:55 <Rhual> i think it wouldnt be a solution
21:55 <Cookies_Crisp> prophet009
21:55 <Cookies_Crisp> ^^
21:55 <Rhual> or who knows
21:56 <prophet009> just
21:56 <prophet009> start working from the basis guys
21:56 <prophet009> it is unacceptable of having same ppl on same seats, or being friend of friend of friend
21:56 <prophet009> we have no long term goals
21:56 <prophet009> since long long time
21:56 <prophet009> we are focusing on balkans, rest countries has to close its fronts
21:57 <prophet009> like poland spain
21:57 <prophet009> sweden also has to sit and watch
21:57 <prophet009> this is not an alliance
21:57 <prophet009> this is just bunch of countries
21:57 <prophet009> doing what they want
21:57 <prophet009> without common sense
21:57 <prophet009> and this is from my over 6months observation
21:57 <Cookies_Crisp> i said it countless times
21:58 <Cookies_Crisp> adding other countries to ONE
21:58 <Cookies_Crisp> besides the original 4
21:58 <Cookies_Crisp> was our biggest mistake
21:58 <prophet009> how DedaSRB could be dDiR for example while he threatened me by Polish - Serbian war
21:58 <prophet009> how AFD could has seat while he simply dislike some countries and prefer others
21:59 <prophet009> after all of this don't wonder why SPoland is looking for options
21:59 <prophet009> also why if we want to get some help
21:59 <prophet009> we have to using threats
21:59 <prophet009> each time
22:00 <prophet009> because both indo and mkd doesn't care about anything
22:00 <prophet009> how can we make plans together when SPoland were fighting on 2 fronts while Serbia
22:00 <prophet009> NEd Italy
22:00 <prophet009> Bosnia
22:00 <prophet009> Albania
22:01 <Cookies_Crisp> Albania NEd us
22:01 <prophet009> wow
22:01 <Cookies_Crisp> tvh
22:01 <Cookies_Crisp> tbh*
22:01 <prophet009> and USA + France and Canada NEd us
22:01 <Cookies_Crisp> we are giving them to MKD
22:01 <Cookies_Crisp> now
22:01 <Cookies_Crisp> if we really had an interest in Albania
22:01 <Cookies_Crisp> we wouldn't do that
22:02 <Cookies_Crisp> and we need Bosnia
22:02 <Cookies_Crisp> for resources
22:02 <prophet009> also you didn't want even to go for USA with us
22:03 <Cookies_Crisp> not true really
22:03 <prophet009> true, really
22:03 <prophet009> we waited for you
22:03 <Cookies_Crisp> i was personally talking with Slovenia
22:03 <prophet009> 2 weeks
22:03 <Cookies_Crisp> about letting us pass
22:03 <Cookies_Crisp> they said after 25th
22:04 <Rhual> true story
22:04 <prophet009> o//
22:04 <Rhual> i just tell you 1 name
22:04 <prophet009> why after 25th?
22:04 <Rhual> 0rinda....
22:05 <prophet009> come on... becuse some1 wanted more regions
22:05 <prophet009> we had to ******* spent few millions of CC for campaign and over 2k gold?
22:05 <prophet009> o__o
22:05 <Cookies_Crisp> prophet009 for most of the month
22:06 <Cookies_Crisp> Serbia had prios of allies
22:06 <Cookies_Crisp> we only asked for help for the Kosovo battle
22:06 <Cookies_Crisp> the war with Bosnia wasn't even prio here
22:06 <prophet009> mate
22:06 <Cookies_Crisp> and the one with Albania only during the kosovo battle
22:07 <prophet009> losing Kosovo for 2 days is not equal to losing initiative vs USA
22:07 <Cookies_Crisp> Kosovo is the only region we never lost
22:07 <Cookies_Crisp> and has a great affect on the moral
22:07 <Cookies_Crisp> of people
22:07 <Cookies_Crisp> not to mention EDEN focused there because of some RL ****
22:08 <Cookies_Crisp> and Kosovo was not during your war with the US
22:08 <Cookies_Crisp> while you were fighting the US in France it was our prio always
22:08 <Cookies_Crisp> i can confirm that
22:08 <prophet009> you are talking about 2 totally different levels
22:08 <prophet009> it is the strongest country fighiting against Albania
22:08 <Cookies_Crisp> since we are not stupid, we know it benefit us as well
22:09 <Cookies_Crisp> we always return to the Balkan wars thing ...
22:10 <prophet009> also I exactly know how we are perceived by ONE
22:10 <prophet009> as selfish country with demands
22:10 <Cookies_Crisp> by ONE
22:10 <Cookies_Crisp> you mean HQ
22:10 <prophet009> countries*
22:10 <Cookies_Crisp> or members ?
22:10 <Cookies_Crisp> well
22:10 <Cookies_Crisp> surprised or not
22:11 <prophet009> also I do realize that the best option is having Poland in cores without RWs and bringing influ
22:11 <Cookies_Crisp> in Serbia we see Poland as the country most similar to us
22:11 <Cookies_Crisp> well i cant speak for other countries
22:12 <Cookies_Crisp> we dont want that
22:12 <Cookies_Crisp> it's better to have 1 10/10 country then 0
22:12 <Cookies_Crisp> compared to EDEN's 4-5
22:13 <prophet009> so Serbia
22:13 <prophet009> but other countries
22:13 <prophet009> let's be honest
22:13 <Cookies_Crisp> well like i said i dont know their stance
22:13 <prophet009> I know, talked to some officials
22:13 <Cookies_Crisp> Serbia is accused of being a selfish country hungry for resources
22:13 <Cookies_Crisp> mostly by Slovenian media
22:13 <Cookies_Crisp> and recently MKD
22:15 <prophet009> thats why
22:15 <prophet009> we shoould make alliance of selfish countries aka "we have 10/10, cry my a river"
22:15 <Cookies_Crisp> lol
22:15 <Cookies_Crisp> support
22:16 <prophet009> all what I want to keep us together
22:16 <prophet009> is too keep us together*
22:16 <Cookies_Crisp> yes
22:16 <Cookies_Crisp> we want that as well
22:18 <prophet009> btw I heard of some demands from Macedonia to pass them on south
22:18 <prophet009> or they gonna leave ONE
22:18 <prophet009> is this true?
22:18 <Cookies_Crisp> well
22:19 <Cookies_Crisp> the old government
22:19 <Cookies_Crisp> wanted to make a vote
22:19 <Cookies_Crisp> on kicking Poland out i think
22:19 <prophet009> ah great
22:19 <Cookies_Crisp> they called it a vote between them and Poland
22:19 <Cookies_Crisp> dont know what the new gvt. thinks about it
22:21 <prophet009> well kicking poland out of one
22:22 <prophet009> would be good for us all
22:24 <Cookies_Crisp> i suppose
22:24 <Cookies_Crisp> but the vote would never pass
22:25 <prophet009> :<
22:26 <prophet009> anyways looks like
22:26 <prophet009> it is impossible of having Macedonia as an ally
22:26 <prophet009> for Poland at least
22:27 <Rhual> i will read back soon, i have 37637469 another channel to talk
22:34 <Cookies_Crisp> well
22:34 <Cookies_Crisp> there is always the possibilty
22:34 <Cookies_Crisp> possibility *
22:34 <Cookies_Crisp> for them to cool off
22:34 <Cookies_Crisp> we had this exact same problem with them
22:35 <Cookies_Crisp> but we will see
22:39 <prophet009> hmm
22:39 <prophet009> idk if it's possible
22:39 <prophet009> we don't have Macedonian mpp
22:39 *** PierreDzoncy quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:44 <Rhual> well my thought is that, if Brusa will be convinced they need serhun, i guess we will be out of this current BS with pleasure. And if we would sign MPPs will indicate the immediate end of the ONE officially
22:45 <prophet009> yup but the thing is
22:45 <prophet009> that eden wants to get SPoland on their side
22:45 <prophet009> got few prvs from crolacks
22:46 <prophet009> and info from their govt, I'm afraid that all of this is bringing us to the moment
22:46 <prophet009> when SPoland will leave ONE
22:46 <prophet009> and sign mpps with eden
22:46 <prophet009> for protection before mad Serbia and Hungary
22:46 <prophet009> true story
22:46 <Rhual> lol
22:46 <Rhual> they are afraid a lil bit
22:47 <Rhual> cromanian propaganda
22:47 <Rhual> they dont want loose brusa
22:47 <Rhual> but win spoland for themselves
22:48 <Rhual> so
22:48 <Rhual> what we need
22:48 <Rhual> talk with brusa
22:48 <Rhual> asap
22:48 <Rhual> i mean serhun
22:49 <prophet009> yes
22:49 <prophet009> that's what i suggested you guys since long time
22:50 <Rhual> yea
22:50 <Rhual> i guess we just waited for the new gov
22:50 <Rhual> or dunno
22:50 <Rhual> personally i have had many things to do

* As I clearly mentioned in the beginning of article this log was taken from smee again's article:
He demanded that I delete this article, but I refused. With publishing it he made it public thing. And publik thing can he quoted, discussed and reposted under the condition that you state your source. I used the log from his article and I linked the original article (source) at the top of my own article.
I quoted this log from smee's article only because I belive this is too important thing for eUSA citizens to pass unnoted by majority of them.

eUSA Congressmen who claimed that allying with Poland and Spain is a terrible mistake and de facto complitely swiching sides were insulted, silenced, ridiculed and insulted and obviously the whole Congress was tricked as well.

Former President Israel Stevens was convincing us that there is no chance for simple switching sides and that we are just "bringing Poland and Spain to the light". Well it obvious now that it is exactly what we were affraid of - completely changing sides (from TEDEN to ONE).

Entering that alliance hardly passed the Congress voting even before all this was proven! And now we demand that under these new circumstances Congress vote again about this issue and suspend the previous decision about entering the alliance with Poland and Spain!

USA open your eyes and raise your voice! Stop this madness while it is not too late!

Spread the word:

[Secret ONE log] Quo vadis America!?



Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,694, 14:59


ElvenCRO Day 1,694, 15:01

Quo vadis America!?

Zelja Day 1,694, 15:01

21:17 <prophet009> we might get MPP with USA and Brazil
21:17 <prophet009> the purpose for this is to destroy bonds between teden and usa and brazil

so there it is, like many predicted , this fake "alliance" is just a way to strengthen ONE

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,694, 15:02


delete this
delete this Day 1,694, 15:02

it cost me 100g to get this log.

please send me 50g to pay for half of it.


Karlo FTW
Karlo FTW Day 1,694, 15:03

dont understand how someone can even consider to go and make alliance with loland..they are creating new alliances every few months,lamest ecountry ever..

Zelja Day 1,694, 15:05

well smee Im sure allot of ppl would/will donate to you : D as soon as I win medal ill donate something :🙂
and there is direct link to your article in this one, no need to get offended I think

delete this
delete this Day 1,694, 15:06

zelja: i dont want donation, its not for sale 😕

i had to go through alot of trouble and effort to get it and i dont appreciate people just stealing my work.

Zelja Day 1,694, 15:10

"please send me 50g to pay for half of it."
your words

delete this
delete this Day 1,694, 15:11

its called sarcasm

kostass13 Day 1,694, 15:19

good job Asklepije...just a question. Whose article did you stole to get the other 2815 subs?

TEACH me master!!!

Boyan Day 1,694, 15:21

So after all the Polish were correct that the loudest cry would come from Croatia : )

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,694, 15:27

cmon boyan lol, dont make me laugh we are not crying its really funny to make fun of u and ur allies, one lic*** : ) one of the most epic logs i read lol
actually they admited that they are bunch of selfish countries
best part was when prophet was talkin about how they are selfish and serbian fa* told him after few sentences we are so similar XD that was so poooooooowwwwwwwwneeeeeeeeed

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,694, 15:32

Mmmmm coookiessssssssss

BeDva Day 1,694, 15:33

Comment deleted

mikeofi4 Day 1,694, 15:46

when you republish an article without the original authors permission its called theft!!!
just pathetic.

SEP II Day 1,694, 15:47

Romania or Hungary... whats the worst ally ever? Im dont know... be ally of the TOvers or Traitors... We are happy alone...

Wake up EDEN! You have said "ok" to every move from the TOvers country...

ARGUS CEYX Day 1,694, 15:53

you should name your newspaper "Copy+Paste"

stop stealing other ppl articles

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 1,694, 16:08

Evry is a retard

5440 Day 1,694, 16:17

Comment deleted

Rona1d Day 1,694, 16:26

Yeah they are right , Cromania is the cryer of the game, so cry me a river and the caspian sea

JeguljaM Day 1,694, 16:28

The article is not copypasta only the logs

Ante-os Day 1,694, 16:35


GloveisLove Day 1,694, 17:00


Ante General
Ante General Day 1,694, 17:10

Were are we going my fellow Americans!?

As you can read in this article we at last have proofs for what we, many eUSA Congressmen, have claimed all the time! eUSA elite guided by USWP leading officials have pushed eUSA into "new alliance" with not only Poland and Spain, but with other ONE acountries as well.

trolls above who cries about c/p ^^ why do you expect to even take seriously your words when you can't even godamn read

Zelja Day 1,694, 17:13

"The article is not copypasta only the logs"

indeed, and smee didnt wrote those logs by himself to claim possession of them, only Cookies_Crisp, prophet009 and Rhual could claim author rights, or erepublik itself (since they probably own everything we write on this website) or if you go further probably Rizon chat where they wrote those things lol...

but that aside the contents of the logs are most important thing...

Gyurak Day 1,694, 18:00


Alex.L Day 1,694, 18:06

huhuhuhu, I see a lot of scared Croatians, but don't know why :🙁(

Oh, wait! They care for their night damage, the only thing which keeps them alive :🙁(

Your Loving Mother
Your Loving Mother Day 1,694, 18:10

Yeah, un-subbed.
If it was that important you would've shouted Smees article in game and IRC like I did instead of stealing.
Smee may be a bit of a troll but he does tons of work for his articles, you didn't do any and that's kinda low.

gbdb1678 Day 1,694, 18:41

He is the proprietary holder of the article and refused you permission, so you are doing this illegally

Maximillian Payne
Maximillian Payne Day 1,694, 20:35

I stand with our allies, not the selfish, greedy eUSA!

thestrummer Day 1,694, 23:38


Optimus JPP
Optimus JPP Day 1,695, 00:44

This is stolen article. Shame on you.

banovano magare
banovano magare Day 1,695, 01:42

Fake and gay.

Veda DaVid
Veda DaVid Day 1,695, 01:42

It's really amazing how many people are concerned whether this article was copied or not, but only a few seem to care what it says. This is between Askelpije and smee to solve and you'd better pay attention to the content and who you put your trust in from now on.

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,695, 01:43

hey this can not be stolen ! smee doesnt have autorithy rights on those logs as i know, first learn some things than start to complain optimus maybe smee stole it from prophet or one of those guys, he published it, and after that it became public thing... now this can be quoted, discussed or reposted under the condition that you state your source

Admiral Yamamoto
Admiral Yamamoto Day 1,695, 02:28

huhuhuhu, I see a lot of scared Croatians, but don't know why 🙁

Oh, wait! They care for their night damage, the only thing which keeps them alive 🙁


Veda DaVid
Veda DaVid Day 1,695, 02:45

@Lord Garfield & Alex.L - you cannot even put words scared and Croatian in the same sentence. US citizens were mislead by traitors and that's why they have to know the truth. If anyone should be scared, it's you. You should know by now that we are not really cute when pissed.

delete this
delete this Day 1,695, 03:01

go buy more votes for your stolen article.

CRIS 99 Day 1,695, 03:03

you should name your newspaper "Copy+Paste"

stop stealing other ppl articles χ2

Meddussa Day 1,695, 03:05


Kostas morf
Kostas morf Day 1,695, 03:07

οταν ο smee εγραφε αρθρα, εσυ σκαλιζες μαμουθ και δεινοσαυρους σε τοιχους σπηλεων...


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In common usage, theft is the taking of another person's property without that person's permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it.The word is also used as an informal shorthand term for some crimes against property, such as burglary, embezzlement, larceny, looting, robbery, shoplifting and fraud. In some jurisdictions, theft is considered to be synonymous with larceny; in others, theft has replaced larceny. Someone who carries out an act of or make

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s a career of theft is known as a thief. The act of theft is known by terms such as stealing, thieving, and filching.

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Authors’ rights are a part of copyright law. The term is a direct translation of the French term droit d’auteur (also German Urheberrecht), and is generally used in relation to the copyright laws of civil law countries and in European Union law. Authors' rights are internationally protected by the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and by other similar treaties. “Author” is used in a very wide sense, and includes composers, artists, sculptors and even architects:

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in general, the author is the person whose creativity led to the protected work being created, although the exact definition varies from country to country.

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gipsy monkeydonian

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ΚΛΟΠΥ ΡΑΙΤ / clopyright
Ορισμός: 24
Λήμμα: 15
Καταστρατήγηση πνευματικών δικαιωμάτων. Ο όρος προκύπτει ως εξής:

κλοπή + copyright (κατοχύρωση πνευματικής ιδιοκτησίας) =
clopy + copyright = clopyright
- Δεν έχω ξαναδεί τόσο μεγάλη συλλογή MP3! Έχεις και τα αυθεντικά CD;
- Όχι ρε, τρελός είσαι; Clopyright όλα είναι από νετ...

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HOW TO COPY AND PASTE in 15 simple steps

"Copy and paste" is a phrase that implies copying material from one page to another. Material may include text, an entire page, symbols, characters, photographs, files or folders. Here's how to do it.

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