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[Seanan] Irish Gaming: A step forward!

Day 1,725, 06:08 Published in Ireland Croatia by Thanatos the Magnificent
Hello everyone,

It's Seanan. Still over in the US, sending home my earnings, like a true working class hero. Anyway, today I'd like to gauge the community's opinion towards adopting a new forum .

I know what you may be thinking: That forums suck, nothing good happens on them and will have the same fate as others. However, hear me out before you dismiss this as another ill-thought out internet space waster!

I've proposed in the past we have a forum which houses multiple Irish gaming communities, for multiple reasons; 1) Recruitment by association, 2) meet new people, 3) discover other time stinks to enjoy!

Today, can announce we are one step closer to achieving an attractive forum!

The interface of the forum I am proposing! It looks good, and can be adapted to house eRepublik! Click the picture to see for yourself

This forum was created by LukeZzo, a player from another game many of us play. I've been talking to him, and he has said that we would welcome us to use the forum. However, he has said it may require him to upgrade the forums and take a bit of effort re-designing to fit us in, so he wants to know that we are serious about joining!

Important part: Please join the new forum, and comment on this thread to show support!

As I've said, this is one step closer to a forum housing multiple games and platforms. Its not got everything, but we have to start somewhere.

You may not still be convinced, and I am not advocating we shove forums down peoples throats, we have to want it! So as a community we have to discuss the pros and cons about it, to give a few;

+ no isolation of political/social groups.

+ Every forum in eIreland's history has been run by someone who someone else in the community doesn't trust not to look into private discussions, this forum is run by someone who doesn't know any of you / has no interest in erepublik stuff! (Pretty sure thats a pro :3).

- Its a forum, its not needed for game play.

-\+ Transferring erepublik threads to the new forum, if we really wanted to do that.

Well I'm sure we can think of a few more in the comments, but call it a labour of love. We get on the forum, we try to encourage each-other to use the forum, and it'll get more traffic. If its more busy, we can add features such as a section for Steam communities or whatnot. Eventually, it could become a good gaming hub for Irish gamers.

Would you invite people to eRepublik?
Likely not.

Would you suggest to a friend to check out an Irish gaming forum?
More likely.

And one last point, yesterday I did actually look at all the forum eIreland currently has... we have Kolshire's forum, Marcus's forum, and ChewChewShoes' forum (the current "official" one according to the wiki). And in all honestly, I don't think any of them look sleek or stylish. All credit for effort to maintain them, but when wasting our time browsing through a forum, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing.

@Younger-players, would you spend hours on facebook if it had a dark red theme?
@Older-players, back to the home with you!

Kolshire's looks alrite, although I always get the sense I should be sharing my favourite poetry or a good recipe for casserole. Marcus' looks a bit better but the reason we moved was the server crashing and the clashes between users vs admins. And chewchewshoes' forum looks like a men's health forum.. and you can tell its free, looks cheap.. like most free forums.

The forum I am proposing will survive everything, because we are not the only ones using it. I also think it looks more welcoming than any other forum we have had before..

But enough of my opinion, lets discuss.


T1nk3r Day 1,725, 06:09

Cracking out my monthly article so that they supply me on #IrishArmy with delicious tanks

ChewChewShoe Day 1,725, 06:17

>My forums
>It's Padraigs forums, I just had to do 90% of the work with it, as per the usual

Fuck off you lying little snakey cunt
But yeah sure why not, seems nice and easy, hit me up with a link.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,725, 06:23

Ok, so you know my view on forums. Add Michael Collins' one there too, and TopGun's.
The issue on each one was not how they looked, but who owned them, and how they used their admin powers.
Specifically, no beating around the bush, the ones I joined had three problems:
1) Opposing views and comments (to the owner's faction) were immediately deleted.
2) Passwords were used to hack both eRep accounts and RL mail accounts. Now ofc this is a wake-up call to not duplicate them. Nevertheless......

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,725, 06:26

3) IP addresses were used, distributed, and discussed in IRC, even to the point where I had idiots sending me Googlemap screenshots of where they thought I lived, together with unsavoury RL mails.

Maybe a trustworthy 3rd party would be a good option, but for me, based on past experiences, I'm just not interested in offgame. Same as IRC, wtf would I want to be stalked and harassed and sent porn everytime I log in, for?

T1nk3r Day 1,725, 06:43

Good points, Grainne. I'm not very clued in on the technical side, but for the first point, the owner doesn't play erepublik so doubt there is anything he can oppose too the point he deletes it. Aye, people should avoid using the same passwords, for everything.

Yes, heard about that harassment. I think you can trust this one, admins can see IPs addresses but noone with any reason to exploit that is an admin.

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,725, 07:21

Grainne why r you so afraid lol

Send them mail back...come at me bro...I'm in PMS last two years...I think you would rape them :😁

phooca Day 1,725, 08:00

i nvr sent any unsavory email to grainne... u cant prove it!

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,725, 09:33

Only the greatest of online losers would go that far to harass a female player. Sorry you have to deal with that b/s, Grainne.

I try my best to make everything available in-game, but Private Dail and certain topics should be offsite.

Ronisu Day 1,725, 09:35

It might also be mentioned that there is an entirely different forum currently used by the Irish Government with MoC preparing forum activities for it....
(No worries the ads will be gone soon)

castaneda Day 1,725, 10:29

We have a huge game change ingame and a forum is the "step forward" ?
Ireland is destined to be last to the race as usual

Yddub Emwolb
Yddub Emwolb Day 1,725, 11:11

I never heard about that Grainne. Sorry it happened. Not surprising though as most of eRepublik's population have never even kissed a girl. The closest they get is the one handed internet searches. I'm kind of surprised MUFC92 snagged a girl like SandraCro. I think it's actually his sister in RL. Doesn't mean they're not intimate of course.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,725, 11:45

create a google + group or just use a newspaper. I dont like forums that much. There is usually subversive groups that promote their own agendas and get rid of players with different points of view. Oh I guess like some people's newspappers 😉

Bhane Day 1,725, 12:11

Seanan article without funny comics? I was looking forward to a laugh when i clicked a [Seanan] article. Instead, I find this block of text garbage.

= P

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,725, 12:21


T1nk3r Day 1,725, 12:22

@Ronisu, ads/no ads, still looks alot like Chewchewshoes'. Also I assume changing away from chewchewshoes' due to who is the admins, Grainne's 1st point being shown.

@Castaneda, read Sweet's article. Huge game changer, which won't be used by us!

@RTK, aye, same point as Grainne's. Might not made it clear in the article enough, the forum is owned by a NON-erepublik player.

@Bhane ;_________;

oO HYBRID Xx Day 1,725, 13:18

e - s i m

: D

MrConway Day 1,725, 16:42

I spoke with Senan about this before.

There is a lot more to this than people think. If we create an Irish gaming forum hub we can improve community by use of other games. RL irish who google about Irish gaming will find our forum more easy. This can lead to a Babyboom. Not only is it a joint forum, building a larger community, it's a massive SEO tool.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,725, 17:25

Gráinne I am horrified such things happened...christ we have some dicks playing here

ChewChewShoe Day 1,725, 18:00

>Still referring to it as my forum
Ffs it's still not my forums, I just had to clean Padraig's shit up, prick

@Grainne: I seriously doubt it's that horrible, I myself have never experienced any such big of a deal with either forums or IRC, perhaps you're overreacting or you're just not dealing with idiots. Lucky for you there is a /ignore function on IRC, and on several forums there is a "block posts" function.

ChewChewShoe Day 1,725, 18:02

In the everyday banter on IRC and foreign forums that I go on I very rarely witnessed any horrible abuse, and if it occurs it's just another troll, which you deal with on here too anyway.
However, if you get bothered with specific people, just let me know, I tend to be able to teach people to shut up when they need to.

Furthermore, some peoples unwillingness is no reason for others not to enjoy a forum, it obviously wouldn't be an obligation to play the game.

Gerald Smyth
Gerald Smyth Day 1,725, 18:16

Certainly looks nice. I'd like a non-aligned government agency to govern it, though.

Ronisu Day 1,725, 18:30

Seanan, the forum I linked above uses the exact same code as the one you are demonstrating. PHPBB is kind of the standard in forum codes, and has been for the better part of the last decade. I appreciate what you are saying, but I'm not sure moving to a forum for another game is the solution to the "not trusting admins" situation.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,726, 02:10

Well Chew, you can seriously doubt whatever you like, as you aren't me. Nor are you female, afaik. Most of the people who know me here know it happens all of the time, and there are many female players that will tell you the same. Anyway, this wasn't an article about stalking, it was an invitation to discuss forums.
As for dealing with it, I do. I don't use forums or IRC. Problem solved.

T1nk3r Day 1,726, 03:51

@Ronisu, its not a forum for another game. Its a forum which can be adapted to be for both games, and the solution is in the fact its not run by a erepublik player. Why are you proposing we move away from *Padraig's forum in the first place? As long as someone in our political sphere runs a forum, you are not going to get everyone on board, and then all actions on it will be seen as invalid, like every other forum we have ever had.

@Chew, out of your league of expertise on that one ^

T1nk3r Day 1,726, 04:23

@Ronisu further. Not trying to dampen your ideas, you're certainly been putting effort into that forum but with respect, you're biased in favour of a forum you are an admin and have invested time in. I think that could cloud your judgement when it comes the goal of the forum; Bringing the community into one place.

Ingame there is only impartial playing field, in the sense none of our community can alter posts/comments/articles by others.

T1nk3r Day 1,726, 04:25

Offgame sites have been unpopular due to the lack of impartiality. You can claim you won't be bias towards different viewpoints to yourself posted on your forum, but less politically active individuals have claimed the same before.

There will be people who won't join your forum because they don't trust you. Same as those who didnt join Marcus' or Padraig's. Any "law" or Dail discussion will then be seen as invalid by those who didnt join your forum.

T1nk3r Day 1,726, 04:30

And the forum will slip into irrelevancy like every other one before it. I'm proposing a forum, which I have no sake in or anyone from our political sphere - And unlike your forum, it has reason for people to join, not just Dail members... to meet a wider community of Irish gamers, not just erepublik activities (because they don't need a forum to take part in erepublik activities, they play the game already).

ChewChewShoe Day 1,726, 05:51

I'm all with Seanan on this to be fair.

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 1,726, 18:41

I think using forums made up for another game is pretty stupid, different games have different forums. If you don't like that, then maybe you can have your own forum and we can stick to the one that is servicing us at the moment.

Big Sexy Black Man
Big Sexy Black Man Day 1,727, 01:27

If you can get a guarantee of the disputers signing up then why not approach Kolshire?
I'll only join if the cool kids sign up

Roko.Zagor Day 1,728, 01:18


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