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[Save eRepublik] The Value of Community

Day 2,460, 13:22 Published in USA USA by Wild Owl

Hey America,

I enjoy eRepublik. This browser games offers hundreds of people to escape their real world stress and issues and be who they want to be. Despite the fact that the game has been severely dumbed down, we still see people trying their hand at all sort of activities in game, including politics, media, the military and the dysfunctional economy. Despite the huge amount of complaints that we get to hear about the game from citizens, it still manages to keep a large amount of us attracted to it, and I personally believe that a large part of that is because of the community.

eUSA is a medium sized country in eRepublik. We’re not a top power, despite the favourable bonus situation in our country, but we’re not someone to be trifled with either. Despite the fact that we’re divided into several sub communities largely based on parties or Military Units, whenever our nation has been under threat, we have always united under the flag of the United States and given it our best show to achieve freedom. Simply put, a country’s best asset in this game are its citizens.

Recently, a good friend of mine, Oblige has decided to contribute a portion of his vast e-wealth to enrichen the community in eUSA. Our whalelord intends to advertise a 30 second video on the interwebs focusing on eRepublik to gain more users for the game in general and our country in particular. You can read more about his initiative here and here.

For those of you who’re good at video editting, its a pretty decent way to win gold. The top entry gets 100g while numero deux who comes second gets 1000 q7 tanks. ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL EARN 50 Q7 TANKS!!!

I encourage all citizens who have the necessary skills to please participate in this competition. Not only do you win amazing prizes, you also get the chance to increase the number of users in this dying game.

Here’s hoping for more e-babies,
Wild Owl


Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,460, 13:24

First reserved for baby owls.

ASecretSource Day 2,461, 07:01

What's this shitty alliance where you are co-SG all about?

Oblige Day 2,460, 13:25

#1 eSon!

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 2,460, 13:27


Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,460, 13:27

I submitted a video :p

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 2,460, 14:26

link please

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,460, 14:52

to Oblige's thread on eUSA forum...which I cannot find now...

MazzyCat Day 2,460, 13:27

Meow! ♥

MrChow Day 2,460, 13:28


lDarkGhostl Day 2,460, 13:29

first pnp ı am baby xd

Blande Day 2,460, 13:29


Weeping Angel
Weeping Angel Day 2,460, 13:35

voted: (

Cihan. Day 2,460, 13:44


nice things

DiegoJoak Day 2,460, 13:45


TheSymbolist Day 2,460, 13:46


Ektonosiakos Day 2,460, 13:49


Uncrowned  King
Uncrowned King Day 2,460, 13:55


Henry Pfeiffer Arundel
Henry Pfeiffer Arundel Day 2,460, 14:14

It's so very nice of him to spend hold he doesn't need to get someone else to put tine in to making a video he can tie to his ref link.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 2,460, 14:22


tucan619 Day 2,460, 14:23


Superferro Day 2,460, 14:27

good luck!

Tanishq Day 2,460, 16:32


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 2,460, 16:43

Concur with everything stated here.

N.E.E.L Day 2,460, 18:37


TemujinBC Day 2,460, 21:01

game sucks don't join not voted unsubbed reported for bring RL into the game dank tebrikler zaaaa

2503830 Day 2,461, 00:28

You're an idiot.

Derphoof Day 2,461, 22:08

Temubutt is a genius

marcelbok Day 2,460, 23:29

big vote for our whale and W.O

you have my support dudes.

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 2,460, 23:34


TellUrGrlThx Day 2,461, 03:08

I approve this, yo.

Marabus Day 2,461, 05:30

vote #138

MaestroAkel Day 2,477, 23:52

Vote and comment

MaestroAkel Day 2,477, 23:53

Sub also

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