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[Saoirse] Changing location

Day 1,883, 16:19 Published in Ireland Ireland by Duarte Goncalves

Greetings, eIreland!

While being in IA I noticed that very often young players don’t know specifics of changing location. So, for instance, if they had daily order to fight for Argentina, we didn’t have MPP with, they went to Argentina to complete their DO. Of course, changing location like that is very expensive.
So, as a result, I want to help you with useful info in this article concerning changing location.

You open your DO and see the following message:

You need to fight for Malaysia, for example. First of all, you press “Change location” and select a region to move to. Important, check every possible region of the country you want to move to as a cost of the flight maybe different.

A cost of the flight may differ because of zones the world map is divided into:

A flight within your zone is the cheapest one and costs you 20 IEP.
You can count a cost of the flight due to a table:

For example, I want to move from Croatia (B4) to the region of South Australia (D5). I will have to move through B4 > C4 > C5 > D5 and as I go across 4 zones I will have to pay 80 IEP.

Attention! Before you move to Malaysia check its MPPs. As Malaysia is not the best example let’s check Greece, for example. So Ireland doesn’t have an MPP with Greece but you need to fight there, the cost of the flight is 40 IEP. So the next step is checking MPPs this country has:

There are several countries where the flight costs you 20 IEP as they are in the same zone as you are. In this case Romania would be a good country to move to as it has lots of MPPs exept some Irish allies so better to move to Sweden.

If you have to fight in a resistance war you have to move to a country where it’s happening.

Attention! Your location doesn’t have any influence upon your production. If you think moving to region with bonuses Ireland doesn’t have will add you production bonuses you are mistaken. Companies are linked to the country you are a citizen of, so it means you will get only amount of bonuses this country has.

Thank you for your attention!
Sincerely yours,
Nataliia from Galicia



Valerio Maximo
Valerio Maximo Day 1,883, 16:33


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,883, 17:21

Wow...its been years since I saw that map with the cost areas.

Voted, good article for new players.

asecondchance Day 1,883, 17:46

Great article votes

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Day 1,883, 18:15


Stilpo Day 1,883, 19:27

Nataliia reprint I presume. She always did great work.

Irasian Day 1,883, 21:18

Voted, I'm going to shout it in the boot camp shoutbox too as I have also noticed this is a common problem.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,884, 00:29

Good article


Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,884, 04:43

Voted. It was a while before I found out you could move to a country with MPPs with the country you wanted to move to at a less cost.

Bhane Day 1,884, 13:08

That last pic as adorable.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,884, 15:10


Mlickism Day 1,884, 15:13

Bhane \o/

Digitsss Day 1,885, 08:15

What does this have to do with Saoirse?

Ron eXtremix
Ron eXtremix Day 1,885, 13:01


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