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[SaM] Weekly Edition: Party President Victory!

Day 1,579, 01:11 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by abdullah australi

Greetings fellow citizens

[SaM] congratulates our new political party president PrinceofOcean, he is a real life citizen and one of the most active saudi's in this game.

The chances of winning were slim, but our team of Anti-TO multi hunters scoured the logs for hours to catch the cheaters out, and on top of that there is one person who played a big role in this political victory against the blatant PTO'ers, he/she knows who he/she is, a warm thanks from all of us to him/her.

Anti-TO multi hunter waits in ambush to 'rocket propelled report button' any suspicious robot voters that pass

A message from our Sponsor:

abdullah australi offers the high quality Q6 tanks for gold only. The only Q6 tanks manufactured right here in eSandiArabia (that we are aware of). They are offered at a very reasonable rate of 36 per gold or 370 per 10gold, and only available via direct transfer.

Private message abdullah for details, noting that due to labour shortage there is limited numbers for sale per day.

This is [SaM] reveling in ATO victory, signing out.


malazgirt01 Day 1,579, 01:23


voice Day 1,579, 01:47


Thanks to who had ever worked toward catching the cheat,
truth always prevail

Lisa Faulkner
Lisa Faulkner Day 1,579, 02:02

gratz! expecting a cabinet and media articles now 😉 hope you make us proud

Khaled Ibrahim
Khaled Ibrahim Day 1,579, 07:54


Hussan Day 1,579, 11:47


Mustafa Qadadah
Mustafa Qadadah Day 1,579, 19:47

I caught 3 cheaters 😛 Just Saying 🙂 Anyway congrats to the Nation. We really deserve it !

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