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[SaM] announcement from the party president regarding congress election

Day 1,768, 18:57 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by abdullah australi

[SaM] is pleased to publish this message from the party president:

ayuhal muslimoon, asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

and greetings to fellow citizens

The Congress election is nearing, all real arabs and friends of arabs are encouraged to join the party and candidate for congress to limit the possibility of PTO and assist in the governance of this eNation.

Noting that it is a responsibility, everyone that seriously expects to get into congress must be prepared to pledge that they will ONLY propose laws after consulting the government, that they give CS passes to applicants ONLY when the Minister of Interior approves, and that they voluntarily donate the gold from the medal to the treasury of Arabia, for the advancement of public programs.

Link to pledge form:

(or copy and paste the below link to do the pledge form)

ma' salaam and goodbye

A message from our Sponsor:


This is [SaM], signing out.


Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,769, 01:38


napan jr
napan jr Day 1,769, 01:58

v + s

anakin987 Day 1,769, 02:16


Ahmed Am
Ahmed Am Day 1,769, 05:03


kapdjim Day 1,769, 07:03

yes , i agree with you , but how much congressman our country can have ?

Gustav IV
Gustav IV Day 1,769, 10:30


Ahmed Ahmed 2
Ahmed Ahmed 2 Day 1,769, 12:49


otyat Day 1,770, 02:49


Molinos Arabes
Molinos Arabes Day 1,770, 12:30


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