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[SAGP] Be Free, choose Independence - Vote SAGP!

Day 2,104, 03:05 Published in South Africa South Africa by Marmaduke IV

Hello eSouth Africa,

Throughout the eWorld and here in eSouth Africa, the congress elections are approaching! It’s quite exciting! In a day’s time, on the 25th of August, citizens from all parts of eSouth Africa will go to the polls and elect their new congress and I ask that you, the voters, support the SAGP.

Here at the SAGP we had numerous players step forward for congress. They are active and will bring a lot to the table.

Here is the official list of candidates standing for congress for the SAGP:

Krijger01, Party Councilor


Athena the Great

Jd Engelbrecht

Alexander of Babylon

Onhukuntu [UNOFFICIAL]

Order subject to change

Remember that the leaders we elect on the 25th of August to represent us will make decisions that will affect your everyday eLife and will also be given the opportunity to accept new citizens into our country. This is very important. So please don’t just sit this one out. Join your friends and party members and vote for the SAGP on election day! Let your voice be heard!

Finally, I’d like to wish all of the congressional candidates good luck on election day. I would also like to give congratulations to the current ghost congress members for staying strong in such a difficult time.

The Honorable Arch Bishop Dr. Marmaduke Exilious Alphonso IV, Sr, OB/GYN
Parliament of eSouth Africa
Party President of the South African Gold Party
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs



UrosDjeneral Day 2,104, 12:07

Voted. o7

Krijger01 Day 2,104, 13:33


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